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  1. Because the current CBI governor is only there by proxy...….. He was NOT brought there with a vote in parliament...….. Articles said over two months ago that ALL proxy positions should be filled by June.....Platinum
  2. The post above is NOT from Oakie. This entire post was hacked. Sorry guys....Oakie posted about midnight last night denouncing this
  3. I just read on two other sites that rumor has it O signed off on the RV for Thursday.....however, it might not be announced until Saturday.......Sorry everyone, I am clueless how to copy andf paste or send links.....Where's Easyrider or Dinarthug when you need them???? I'm sure you will see the written proof soon.....Hopefully...............GO RV PLEASE!!!!!!
  4. Mark, thanks for all of your continuing work on this subject. Do you also have anyone in K.C. area who understands dinar and who you can suggest?
  5. Dexter, It was a community resource fair in Overland Park Kansas, to answer your question....But the amusing part of my story is the "Psychic" is a minister in a Unity church here in our metro area... I knew of him, so chose to get a "Reading" The gentleman knew nothing of me before I sat down....VERY SPIRITUAL PERSON!!!! He told me I had an investment that I had gotten involved with in order to build a "Shelter" (He was very cloise on that..... I actually am praying for the financial ability to open a transitional living facility for a minimum of twelve families and maintain it.).Goverment funding is hard to come by, and we have families every day who are falling through the cracks and unable to get on their feet.. Just yesterday we found out one of our clients was now living in her car with her three children in order to keep them safe and away from her abuser!!!!.Our organization is called Through Our Childrten's Lives. ... If you are ever in the Kansas City area drop in and say Hello. I would love to see a face of some of the wonderful people on this site and others.....
  6. Well. Well Well....I attended a fair in January and was told "I would be a extremely wealthy woman in several months...The gentleman also expressed what God's path had taken me down...I am Chair of a non-profit that helps women and children get on their feet when coming out of domestic abuse. I have spent my last seven years doing GOD'S work....I assure you dear, no matter what religion you are, .....There are "dark".. but more importantly....... .There are thise who are EXTREMELY SPIRITUAL and have GOD GIVEN ABILITIES!!!!..In my past I have been an ordained minister with a religion that was extremely narrow minded...but after three years of research and agonizing over the bible I now belong to an uplifting and open minded church......Please do not let anyone put you down for your choices...Bravo! GO RV!!!!! " He that is without sin."..and all that!
  7. With all the pressure that the majority of dinar holders seem to be under, I respectfully would like to hear what some of your dreams and plans are to do with your Blessing when it arrives? I believe we have a great responsibility coming to ourselves, our families, our communities, our God. So I would love to hear what you are planning, and dreaming? I got into this investment two years ago in hopes of having enough money to build and operate a shelter/transitional living facility in Overland Park Kansas for women and children coming out of domestic abuse....I dream it with house at least 12 families at all times, and enable them to to go from crisis to stability. Without having the Dream money, we have chosen to move forward by providing clothes, shoes, furniture, and programs for our struggling families by going ahead and becoming a Non-profit. We have chosen to move forward despite the re-valuation having not occured YET. Go RV! I pray everyone out there struggling can open their hearts and minds to make a difference now, today in any small and random way for someone else. Once you begin to look outside your own life, you begin to see how truly blessed you are now before the RV. I, like all of you, am excited beyond comprehension over this months news and movements in Iraq hoping today, tomorrow, this week will be THE week to make all my wishes begin to come true. That is my dream.....Whats your? When this happens I hope to meet many of the fine people who I have listened to these last two years. You can find us at a place called Through Our Children's Lives..........Mods, if thats not OK to say, please remove. my last sentence GO RV!!!!!!! Thank you God!
  8. EasyRider, Where did you find this and what was the date on it?.... I believe this is a replay of an article from at least five to six months ago...Correct me if I'm wrong anyone?
  9. Can someone please give me the attorney's name, and or lawfirm ,who seems to be so knowledgeable on Dinar in Kansas? I believe he may be in Witicha.....However I'm outside of Kansas City....I believe he makes posts quite a bit.. Thank you so much....GO DINAR RV!!!
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