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  1. His time is coming to end and that will change just be patient the new president can change that too thank God 22 months to go.
  2. I got to see more his videos he pertty good I like it.
  3. I've been whatching for the last week it is pretty cool.
  4. Thanks Yota this makes me feel a lot better I had a feeling this was case for removing the 50's your Awesome Yota.
  5. Thanks Thuggie I like it when you bring BL over she has away of putting it understandable your a sweetie Thug.
  6. Sgt things are okay life is taking me down little bit but I'll be okay.DV helps me alot in manys I can't explain.
  7. Thug you are Awesome Cool Sweet Best Rad Great Greatest Better The Man WOW Haaay Everything that I miss Thanks Thug!♥♥♥♥♥
  8. I hate it when some neg Nelly neg Sandfly for saingThanks well I even up higher Thanks Yoga. Sorry shaddow ment to plus you I'll even out later.
  9. At least not blaming Bush but if he could he would.
  10. No country is in prefect shape just RV and will see how far Iraq will go.
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