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  1. Maybe I can sell them to the people that voted for him. Don't mind the hack job mspaint work lol
  2. I don't trust the counting of votes for even a second. Wonder how many death threats or deals were made to make this possible...
  3. If that's in Dinar, wouldn't that be around 3.4 billion? Doesn't sound like much considering they made $7-8 billion in oil profits last month. 400 trillion USA is insane for a 4 year period.
  4. lol, I think Okie, Tony and the rest of them are using your pinwheel.
  5. Hello and welcome! A great outcome would be nice and yes, let's hope it's soon
  6. I don't know what you are dealing with but I am curious if you have seeked out alternative forms of treatment. I have seen so much information out there and people who have overcome things with natural methods. I fear this may one day happen to me or a family member and I want to do all that I can to help, even those that I don't personally know.. Take care and prayers to you my friend. Feel free to message me.
  7. I found an updated article, he is now demanding that citizens wear his propaganda hat he created for his campaign. I am sure his hair club for men appointment is "soon" but a hat works for the meantime.
  8. That's what it sounds like, no surprise coming from ol M... Just hope we get a compentent PM in the next round of elections that will take the reigns for Iraq.
  9. Those are awesome, I was thinking of the texture though Yes, it has been awhile but I am still here. I was spending so much time on here and had to back away for awhile. I am so friggin ready for an RV! lol
  10. I'd rather eat a gummy bear, might be about the same consistency but tasier!
  11. Hi Greg Ranson is on the far east of WV. Cool to see you have some family here. If your still interested, would you be able to use PayPal? If so, I can ship them out tomorrow. I tried to send you a PM but I don't think you have enough posts. Email me at
  12. Selling 1 million uncirculated 5K denoms that I purchased from DT with certificate of authenticity. I will take care of standard UPS/Fedex shipping. I accept PayPal and open to money order.
  13. Hey DV family, I need to sell 1 million uncirculated 5K denoms. I will take care of standard UPS/Fedex shipping, if you need overnight, we can work that out. I accept PayPal and open to money order. Thanks!
  14. "Goo-Roo's" are going to have a field day with this! lol
  15. According to the subject... sounds like Maliki would do just about anything for more support and votes lol
  16. This is a positive sign... it shows that there will be large amounts of revenue generated and that the tax will be considered chump change. This speaks volumes for where they are headed. It also opens eyes of anyone else looking to take action in Iraq by offering a powerful incentive.
  17. Can they squeeze in dinar investors to be tax free too??? lol
  18. They are being persistent, now if they can just follow through. Things look hopeful this time that it will be done no later than Monday.
  19. I thought Sadr has quiet for too long, guess now that Chapter 7 is over that he will start crying again.
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