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  1. EC that’s works for me. If I live long enough to enjoy it. I plan to cash in enough or maybe half , then get with enough Dv”s to rent a private jet to put the rest in a safer place. 👍
  2. Hmmm this makes me think of when the dems were at the time meant when they were touting “share the wealth. “ only time can tell how much longer will the good part of America will survive. I’m hoping the govt. doesn’t send dems to Mars. There would be mass mayhem if they do. An sure enough when they go , guns will go too even tho they say no there won’t any be going. The military drivers called commanders will be sure they will retain control over the colony , in the end once humans leave earth , they will control their own destiny, and all on earth can hoot an Hollar all they want , while we
  3. If M is in Iran flapping his gums, the feds better throw the cuffs on him or he’s gonna run back to Iran, then he can say he ran to Iran to self exile. “Yea Right!” For the life or me I couldn’t find face plant or a sinking ship in emogi,s if I spelled it right.
  4. At 30 dollars per barrel , I think it would be best to revalue up against the dollar an when the oil rises then they imo would be in better shape.👍
  5. This how the dems in past elections said “share the wealth” this is how they get their families involved with other countries we sent tax payer dollars to.👎
  6. They have to steal as much as they can before anyone gets nothing but leftovers.🙄
  7. The us is or maybe staging out of country . That’s why it will take 4 weeks.
  8. I don't those guys going anytime they like, and on our dime too!No wonder congress can't get nothing right.Oh that's right they are all corrupt bad!
  9. Which float at the Christmas parade will they be looking for? Oh Yea ,the bs dinar float.That will be very colorful.
  10. Man!, I had to sign in just to give L. His ration of red. Oh well, back to lurking, heheh.
  11. Raise interest rates in time for Christmas? Yea,right! They're gonna shoot themselves in the foot too. Oh that's right, they want a big Christmas present for themselves with raises for congress and the rest of their cronies.Nice timing.
  12. Plywood over the existing glass to help prevent shatter, or possible breakage.then removed after the threat has passed.
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