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  1. This how the dems in past elections said “share the wealth” this is how they get their families involved with other countries we sent tax payer dollars to.👎
  2. They have to steal as much as they can before anyone gets nothing but leftovers.🙄
  3. The us is or maybe staging out of country . That’s why it will take 4 weeks.
  4. I don't those guys going anytime they like, and on our dime too!No wonder congress can't get nothing right.Oh that's right they are all corrupt bad!
  5. Which float at the Christmas parade will they be looking for? Oh Yea ,the bs dinar float.That will be very colorful.
  6. Man!, I had to sign in just to give L. His ration of red. Oh well, back to lurking, heheh.
  7. Raise interest rates in time for Christmas? Yea,right! They're gonna shoot themselves in the foot too. Oh that's right, they want a big Christmas present for themselves with raises for congress and the rest of their cronies.Nice timing.
  8. Plywood over the existing glass to help prevent shatter, or possible breakage.then removed after the threat has passed.
  9. Before long my guess the drones will be trying to shoot each other down. If we have an air launched guided emp weapon,that would be a better deal, then self distruct if need be.
  10. Truly awesome. Got to go someday I can hope.
  11. These had me laughing more than once. Loved one well earned.
  12. Machine, that was good. Just had to plus you for this! Isn't that the truth.
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