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  1. Sorry. He doesn't have a clue. At alllllllllll
  2. Thanks For The Update?? What Update??? JP
  3. *Note - our offshore banks are only available to VIP members that are also in my OSI program. If you're not in the offshore group, you will not be using those banks. I tried to use an offshore bank the other day and they said " Are you a VIP?" I said oh my no, but I have money! They said come as you are! Ha Ha JP
  4. He can't prove anything. Never ask a mechanic anything other than auto related questions. Period
  5. I call BULL. You don't care about him/her or his/her family. JP
  6. Adam doesn't have a clue how this will play out. And nobody else does either. JP
  7. I'm sure it will remain open till it looks like an RV is around the corner. Then it will close for a week, then back open to who ever has a credit card. JP
  8. And where do you go for actual news and believable rumors? JP
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