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  1. Keep up the good work CSTEP! Your're going to look at it one day out pass out. Read, learn, listen, and be constructive. Negative brings you and everyone around down. Lots of experience on this site. I learn from it every day. Have a good 1!
  2. It's nice around here when it's like this. You can only deal with so much. Not much for me to bring to the site right now. Everyone else is doing such a great job, I'm just observing the news. I'm only allowed to give out so many green one's in a day. Thanks Heavy!
  3. I sent him a "Rich Uncle Mambo Mambo died need to make a deposit" letter. I guess he got. Didn't come back.
  4. Yea, they've been taking a break for quite some time now. Since 1913 or so.
  5. I have a lot of respect for BanG and I like your post as well. It's not all about "Gloom and Doom" so much. It's what's being reported. Take all into context and sort through it. Try and make sense of it all if you will. There's good and bad right now. Sad fully, you know the dominate one. It will get better! Point is, progress is being made in Iraq. It will "Pop" one day. The writing is on the wall. Have a good 1. Slay. Givenyaagreen1.
  6. Ghadafi is doing it still today! Any idea what a black government ink pen and a .05 paper pad could buy you (get you) in 82? I'm sure you do but the majority would rather not know. 30 G's per head? Believable to me!
  7. People, I'm sorry. I just wish I find something good to report. This is what I get worldwide. This date hits close to the summit even though I saw a thread today that pushes it into March. Nothing credible. Maybe a translation issue. Not sure yet. I'm thinking Mr. K left Libya early to get premium seats. Keep your spirit up.
  9. Vern, your opinion doesn't make you nasty! It make you Vern! It's all good.
  10. Thanks Doc. We all learn from you. I searched for 3 hours trying to find some good Condi stuff. Nothing eventful for me. Learned a bunch in the process! I look forward to your posts.
  11. You know the CT's are brewing as fast as they can go! Point is, when people choose to be "Governed", Governed means represented. If it's being done in the interest of the people, it's one thing. If it's being done in the interest of the "Governors", it's quite another. People around the world are tired, Including (since we're footing the bill) those of us here in the states. Remember that "Change" word. It's global now. Those few rich folks that claim to have power over the powerless, are in for a rude awaking. They thought it would go easy, guess what, young folks including myself , have had a belly full! I hope it plays out for the best. Waiting and watching. Never seen this sort of thing before. Have a good 1.
  12. All carefully planted seeds eventually bear fruit. Just like raising kids. Great advice! PS: Bet my Power Chair can out run yours! Regards, Slay.
  13. We "put him in his place", his people are "bringing him down".
  16. Sounds to me he has hope for his country, I do as well. I hope he's right!
  17. 2 for 2! Your're on a roll today Mr Q!
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