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    Beach, sk8, investing/capitalizing, fellowship, food, beer, friends, collecting, (coins in particular) waiting for that almighty life changing news, doing my best to spread some positivity, and striving to be a better man than i was the day before. Looking forward to a happy ending, (not that kind...well...HA!), IN DINAR LAND.
  1. I can't get over that some peeps would even entertain the thought of $75 +/- of VN Dong (1 million) turning into $390,000 overnight! On second thought, why not spend $900 more and gitya some deeenar!!! WooHoo! Isn't that a general "life" rule to stay away from Fast Eddies?
  2. Sounds to me like the family may have a case. I mean, what have they got to lose? Furthermore, FDA doesn't regulate nutritional supplements. Maybe I'm jumping the gun by not reading the WHOLE story, but it just seems that any lament could add it up and see that the raid/investigation is baseless. Unless the "victim" has "other things" going on, I just can't wrap my head around it. Two sides to every story.
  3. Search results are based on what KEYWORDS are used. The more definitive the KEYWORD PHRASE, the more specific the results are. Search engines have "spiders" that "crawl" websites logging keywords and keyword phrases that optimize search results. But I wholeheartedly agree with you on the collection of information. An old rule of thumb is... 1. Post 2. Reread 3. Decide 4. Send/Erase :twocents:src="">
  4. I believe you are correct, sir. Perhaps what Breitling was getting at is that it's not necessary, but a necessity if Iraq wants to play ball in the world markets. They could RV for Iraq and Iraq only, but little good that would do them w/ CH. 7 sanctions still applicable. ---side note--- Been a while since I've posted, so i'm trying to grease up the old 'RV intel' gears. And Yes! It would NOT be a good idea to travel w/ that much currency even w/ a ch7 lift, let alone w/o.... Bad news IMO.
  5. Self explanatory topic...... My answer? Show me the F---ing E T's!!!!
  6. Maybe you're right cos there weren't ANY atrocities throughout history committed in the name of christianity. Just sayin. MONEY! Put some other moniker on it, and people will take it hook line and sinker, as I see you have. I'll get heat for this one, but I really don't care. 9/11 was the cost of doing business. After all, that Soviet skyscraper that burned for 20+ hours after a plane hit it must be due to exceptional Soviet architecture. And that building #7 that was "pulled" in the owners own words must have been on its way down too? Anyway. Don't ask questions. You might not like the
  7. Exactly. Keep watching the news. They tell it like it is. Riiiiiiight. They just wag the dog, my friend. Who in their right mind would attack the strongest military complex in the world? That's suicide. Follow the money, honey. If it don't make money, it don't make sense (cents). Doesn't sound too far from being threatened with an afterlife of torture, fire, and misery for non compliance/belief. I guess some extremists want to give a taste of hell while religious dissenters are still alive and breathing.
  8. Brother/Sister... You need to wake up and see whats really going on. John Ashcroft instructed not to fly commercial months before the attacks. A passport, A PASSPORT! from one of the flying terrorists was discovered at ground zero, UNSCATHED! And our lovely 1000 page 'patriot act' was ushered in just days after this heinous act. These are just documented incidents that speak volumes, I'm sure there are MANY more points that can be made, such as a bomb blast in the basement/lower level of one of the WTC's PRIOR to a plane hitting it, but if you wanna wake up, you gotta do it on your own, or jus
  9. Doesn't take a mental heavyweight to figure out which wolf these profound native Americans inevitably had to deal with.
  10. Not my words. From Archibald Tuttle- Skater, scholar, and thinker. Take an object and split it in half. Next, take that half and split it in half. Now continue doing this until you have divided it down to it's smallest unit of matter: the atom. It is known that the cellular machinery our bodies are comprised of is charged with electricity but science is still unclear on how that charge was initiated to begin with. It is also known that if you take this most basic unit of matter and split THAT in half it creates an enormously powerful and gigantic release of energy. The reverse of this proces
  11. Selena. Sad that weak, jealous, envious people let that overcome them. Selena's death is a worst case scenario end result.
  13. Something just occurred to me. Many will think that I'm a nut, cos they still think 'big player' decisions are abrupt and by chance. But Bondlady mentions gold and oil towns. Look at the price of oil. Look at the recent spike in gold ($1600-up 100% from '08), or the combination of the two since the U.S. led invasion. Iraq is getting filthy rich off of the earth, and I HARDLY BELIEVE THEY'RE ACCOMPLISHING THIS BY CHANCE! Reciprocate the love already!
  14. Andrew Wood Most will recognize Pearl Jam as the surviving members pressed on with Eddie Vedder on vocals. I gotta admit, the studio version is MUCH better.
  15. She said "Walkin". AAAAAAAAhahahahahahaaaaaa!
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