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  1. Well at least it was not Iraqi dinar !!!
  2. I like reading all these posts and when i came home from Iraq i could not believe that people were really thinking that they will have an RV soon ,,, sorry but i had to laugh because i knew it would not do anything soon and i still believe were years away from anything to RV !!! The country is a mess and it will get way worse ,,, mark my words !!!! Remember back in 2003 we were all told this was not going to be another Vietnam ??? Just like Vietnam we lost lives and again spent a lot of money for what ???? Vietnam went back to there ways and so will Iraq !!!! It will happen and all ready we see this !!! I bought my dinar in Iraq for $854 and some change for one million and i knew to sell out and yes made money but if you people think for just one second why is all the dinar sights selling for $1100 plus and even have lay-away for you to buy if this is even close ???? The only people making money is the people selling it or something about it !!!!
  3. Sorry to say but this is only the begining of things to come !!!!! We all need to worry about our jobs !!!! Its not all because of China either,,, Its our own GOVERNMENT !!!!!!
  5. BULLDOG ,,,, PUMP IT UP HOME BOY,,,,,,,,,, PUMP IT UP !!!!!
  6. When did they ever come back from VACATION ??????????????????????????????
  7. WOW !!!! Its only middle of the week and already i got to clean out the BARN !!!!!!
  8. Storm1 I agree with you because we all have watched 2010,2011 go by so quick and a big nothing and i will bet we all will see 2012 go out the same way !!!! Just way to many problems and more coming in the middle east which means no RV !!!!!!
  9. Hate to burst your bubble but gas prices will never go down as long there is greed in this world and also Iraqs oil is already being sold,, you just dont know it !!!!
  10. So many people think that when the military leave they will see an RV which sorry to say i think it will be the other way around plus i have said many times that there is way to many problems in Iraq which is made up mostly shite which that is what Iran is also and there is no reason for Iraq to RV there money when they have so many companies coming in to build and what ever to even care what the world wants for any RV now or in the near future !! Now you all know that Iraq wants us out of there country ,,, Ask your self the real question ,,WHY ?????
  11. For all of you who voted him into office just to prove your not a racist ,,, Just vote him out to prove your not an idiot !!!!!
  12. Again i ask you people why do you post anything that comes from this camp.... ITS A WASTE OF TIME !!!!
  13. do not worry,,, capital hill and fox news just said on TV that he was told not to run in 2012 and placing H. Clinton in his spot to run because he has lost 75% of the peoples vote for him as it stands !!!!
  14. A job so i can support my family !!! And my country to have everbody working with no hardships !!!
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