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  1. It will RV at some point soon. I may be the longest holder of dinar on this site,(April 2004) These are smart people (Persian not Arab). They gave us the geodesic dome, ceramic brick and tile plus many other things. People that smart are not going to let this go on for much longer. I keep telling myself that they are different in the way they think than we are and have a lot of issues to confront before an RV can occur, plus an 8 year set back.
  2. HappyDays

    Adam Montana Weekly 28 December 2017

    GMDV I received a call from a friend asking if there is any basis for being arrested when the RV occurs and we try to cash in. He was told by someone who works at an exchange that anyone trying to cash in dinars would be arrested. This must have something to do with 13303. It is my understanding that we have a legal transaction and that this is a false rumor. Has anyone heard the same thing and where its coming from and from who Waiting on an RV date soon I hope.
  3. Looks like this thing may pop before summer ends
  4. HappyDays

    New CBI Announcement 05/25/2017

    Afternoon DV Will uncirculated work as good as new bills have a chance to buy uncirc. from a friend this weekend just asking. thanks
  5. Anyone notice the fair skinned blonde with no head cover in a bright red jacket sitting in the meeting 13:17 time line, and another woman to the right uncovered. MUST BE A SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. HappyDays

    Adam Montana THURSDAY 2 March 2017

    Adam or anybody, I have 25k notes bought in Kuwait in 2004 am I good to go? Also where is the safest places to get more ID and what denom.? We have the lifetime VIP (1)will there be a problem with the one or do we need two? This thing is getting close, somebody must have a fixed uncertain date, any guesses?
  7. No way to completely avoid fed taxes but some states have no income tax be nice to have a list here to know where to move lol
  8. what does all that mean? Isnt that the current exchange rate value
  9. Hi BG and DVs I'm one that's been waiting since 04. bought mine while in Kuwait. Put them away knowing it would be a long haul. My wife found this site and joined a few years back. I haven't been excited about things until the last couple of months. Having been in Iraq twice I know uncertainty is certain with these people. Something must happen for them to evolve into the 21 century and it may be now that they realize this if they want to play with the big boys.
  10. Trump makes em mad enough they wont wait on HCL I wish
  11. speaking of breaks where is a good safe source to buy more ID? I'm in Ga. Last week someone posted that they bought some from one of Adams suggested sights and they were counterfeit. Anyone know that source and recommend a safe way to aquire more
  12. Looks like maybe intel has found members of isis leaving individually with fake paperwork before its too late. The Saudi gov. bans under 40 men for a reason and it seems as if a funnel is being developed through Syria. Curios about why Saudi nationals cant buy ID and with Trump freezing assets something big might be close at hand
  13. hi jcfrag, no they have the horse head hologram, look like the real thing, just a little paranoid I guess about the 06 thing with Trump referring to the new dinar
  14. thanks ten years later, just being overly careful, this is a chance of a life time and don't want to blow it. Sounds like we visited the same places. amazing so much currency just lying around, would not see that here. Just need 2 mil more if I can find it. we are near the end of a long wait.

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