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  1. Anybody else catch the Trump interview with Laura Ingram on Fox News tonight where he said we have millions of Dollars of their money sitting in a account. (Was talking about Iraq and repayment for all we have done there.) very interesting.
  2. I Traveled to China about 5 years ago, the same then, banks wouldn’t take any older or worn bills, new security feature ones only.
  3. Adam, I have a major complaint, I can't see any girls in little bikinis..... That's not fair that some get too.... LOL.....JK, thanks for the updates.
  4. I think the Gurus are 0 for 100000000000000000 to date, so dont get caught up on all the guess work, stay grounded, it will happen when it happens.
  5. As always thanks Adam.....
  6. I have cliff notes from this chat...only 25 dinar each.....LOL.....
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