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  1. Didn't this item roll into Chapter VI? There are too many articles stating Iraq met the primary requirements set forth by the UN/IMF to be removed from Chapter VII and all remaining issues to be rolled into Chapter VI. As far as owing Kuwait, Iraq has has already paid Kuwait a substantial portion of the amount owed and $11b is the remaining balance due which, Iraq and Kuwait agreed to secondary terms of repayment that are found to be acceptable to both the UN and IMF.
  2. Wow, and all this time, I believed the deletion of the 3 zeroes would affect the exchange rate; from $.0009 to $.86 or more.
  3. An idiot, really? Have you lost a child to violence? Give the man a break.
  4. Hey DV Family. I've been woking hard and unable to chat, however, I have been keeping up. Iraq's newest scenario is similar to a toddler saying, " No, I don't have to Potty" and end up wetting his/her pants! This RV is too important not to happen. Perhaps this means ;less talk and more action on their part!!! Adam, what do you think?
  5. Ok, I got negged for my opinion? Well, I know that when a person draws a weapon he or she should fully intend to use it. In this case, the shooter did exactly that. No matter what the media says, I can think for myself and the shooter created the circumstances because of his actions! And, I live in the great big world and have many relatives in law enforcement who tell me that in their expert opinion, the shooter instigated the incident, period. I mean what would anyone of us do if a person (especially a stranger) ran up to us holding a gun? My first thought is I am going to be robbed or hurt
  6. This tragedy is not about the media. The shooter went looking for a fight. I would understand if Trayvon had been lurking around someone's home or peeping into windows. He did neither of these things. He was simply walking down the street, talking on his cell to his girlfriend. I've seen many people pace back and forth while on the phone. The shooter placed himself at the scene; Trayvon did not confront the shooter. The way the shooter tells it, Trayvon was looking for a confrontation.and assaulted him! Doesn't sound llogical. Trayvon was not a long time resident of that community. The shooter
  7. I hope Moon helps Maliki get out the political blackhole he dug for himself AND support Iraq's efforts to be released from Chap VII. Come on RV!!!.
  8. Adam, you are "too cool for school". Go RVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRVRV!
  9. This might be a good sign for iraq. They have to have a tradable currency to become a member of WTO, right?
  10. Ty, Adam for being so forthright. This currency play makes more sense to me because of your insight and knowledge!
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