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  1. The stolen funds being recovered (or most of the stolen funds) is one of the pieces I am looking for before the RV. So, this is extremely good news. I wonder what stink will be stirred with the foreign countries where the Iraqi stolen funds reside? I suspect there will be lots of help from other countries (US probably a major help) to return these funds to Iraq very soon. Maybe some follow up articles in this regard soon? We shall see. Iraq working collaboratively with other countries in atfectively addresing Iraqi government representative corruption could support a change in Iraq's credit ratings by S&P's, Moody's, and Fitch's. This is another significant piece I am looking for before the RV. I may have missed it in the article but there did not appear to be language regarding Crimes Against Humanity charges. In a sense this is good news if the ICC is taking up the case to charge and prosecute Maliki (and affiliates). If the ICC prosecutes Maliki (and affiliates) while the Iraqi people as a whole support the ICC actions and keep on a trajectory to stability, I believe this will further support the perception that Iraq is a unified country which is another piece I am looking for before the RV. The financial corruption being adressed by Iraq could be a warm up for the real ICC action. The Iraqi Judiiary proceedings could provide useful information not already confirmed by the ICC for use later by the ICC. I haven't seen the Iraq Judiciary Reforms voted on and implemented to give me confidence this will go smoothly. Hopefully I am wrong and there are no internal or external influences or breaches in the judiciary process. I suspect the general delay in taking Maliki into custody is the judiciaries (Iraq and ICC) where collaborating on who prosecutes what and they were getting the iIs dotted and Ts crossed before the action gets started. I fully expect there will be lots of good news supporting other things necessary for the RV at a shocking rate. For example, I am looking for a vey, very short time period between when the formal charges are made and justice is duly rendered on Maliki and affiliates with the approval of the Iraqi people.
  2. GM Yota, this is excellent news! Looks like another major step into the 21st century for Iraq! Hopefully, the ISX will go international soon. I suspect the IQD RV would have to occur before the IQD is international.
  3. Largely Unsubstantiated Information Given Indiscriminately First (and Foremost).
  4. SG7 - I agree. With all the news pouring out of Iraq, I think the RV will occur in the not to distant future. I think the first quarter of 2016 will be a very interesting quarter. I fully expect to hear some interesting and shocking Iraq and world news. I suspect the PTB want a few things I will never know for sure about before we are headed for a rewarding future. Hopefully no US or coalition service personnel will be in harms way. I greatly appreciate our US service personnel and would like to Thank Them for their service to our Country. I would also like to Thank the service personnel of the coalition. You are appreciated. My humble request is to take a moment of silence to pray for these folks -their safety, well being, great success in their missions, and just to know they are appreciated - especially during this Christmas season. For the Vietnam and other veterans, I would like to say, "Welcome Back, Welcome Home!" Whether you were on the battlefield or in the Hanoi Hilton, I was praying for you.
  5. DWitte - I had/have a similar thought as you mentioned at the start of your post. Seems like Iraq is so FUBAR (Fouled Up Beyond Any Repair) that an Iraqi Dinar revalue is out of the question. My opinion is they only have to keep doing things that are beyond belief and understanding that is so backwards that they can postpone an Iraqi Dinar revalue indefinitely. I got into the investment a few years after the WMD rationale for going into Iraq was publicly proved false. The US and UK knew that. So why the EOs like 13303, etc.? I once heard all wars are Banker's wars. So, something (or somethings) else is in play. In my opinion, this something (or somethings) are pushing Iraq to get their business in order and get the RV on the books.
  6. One part of me says, "After roughly a decade of this issue/practice, they are just now waking up to this? How incredible and idiotic!" Another part of me says, "Public statements like this indicates the trend is drastically and dramatically changing in the very near future to a stable and policy oriented operation - what we need and want to hear." My opinion is better news is some form of corruption is identified and is being prosecuted based on the allegations and not just fired. Thanks, Yota, for this and all the other articles!
  7. Yota - I would like to Thank You, too, for all the relevant articles you post. This is one of my key venues to keep up to date on current events in Iraq.
  8. The US ratifying the 2010 IMF reforms has been held by some as one of the major hold ups for the Iraqi Dinar RV. I can't imagine this to be the case. Thanks, Yota, for posting the article.
  9. Seems like more and more good news is pouring out of the Iraqi news sources every day. This is pure speculation on my part but I am thinking most of the following could/should occur prior to the RV (in no particular priority): Currency auctions stop. Judiciary laws are updated. Corrupt judges replaced and, possibly, indicted. Maliki and associates are in custody and on a one way ticket to who knows where. Shabibi is announced as cleared of all previous charges and exonerated. Shabibi is announced as CBI Governor. The absconded funds (or most of the funds) of Maliki and associates has been confiscated and returned. Necessary reforms are in place to prevent Maliki and associates repeated behaviors by others. Full blown amnesty achieved. Full blown national reconciliation actively in place. National Guard provisions announced and Iraqis implementing the provisions. ISIS is no longer any significance. Turkish troops have returned and are completely out of Iraq. Iranian troops have returned and are completely out of Iraq. Coalition forces presence announced as winding down (and actually winding down) with local Iraqi National Guard seen as preeminent in enforcing Iraqi policy. Tariffs and Trade Laws fully implemented and active. Lower denominations are on the streets. Standard and Poors, Moody, and/or Fitch announces a significant Iraq credit rating improvement. The list is long but the Iraqi news articles over the last few months, especially the last two months, seem to point to where these items could be a tangible reality in the not to distant future. My opinion is Iraq needs to demonstrate, in various ways, Iraq is a National Sovereignty over Iraqi territory and prosecutes injustices effectively without another countries help or interference before the RV is announced. With the very recent positive HCL related news items and the Iraq 2016 budget approved, I can't imagine a lot of the above listed items not being in the news soon. Some of the items listed above may have already been announced. Your opinions are appreciated as well as any other items you may be looking for.
  10. Adam - Merry Christmas to you and your family as well as all the folks here at DV.
  11. I agree with things not being ready previously. As more GOI laws are being passed by Parliament, the ISIL issue winding down (although not completely over), and the Iranian influence abated to a necessary level, the RV could transpire once all the needed laws are passed. I suspect there are various banking system tests that need to be completed, too, to ensure the exchange rate is sustainably maintained for Iraq.
  12. What???? I am neither a liberal or a moron! Well, OK, just pokin' atcha for the typo. Every law abiding citizen should have one or more guns of their choosing. How ever many they want and whatever type and magazine capacity. These same individuals should use them regularly to maintain safety and proficiency in their use. I once heard Deadwood, South Dakota has the highest US per capita concealed carry permits and is the politest place in America. Well, crime, is really, really low there, too.
  13. I hear Black Jack Pershing had a very effective way of dealing with the terrorist imbeciles similar to your idea.
  14. Hear! Hear! Especially the last statement. I wonder the significance of the "10 days." Seems like any pressure to get the remaining reforms passed and implemented helps. Hopefully, we will be pleasantly surprised in the near future.
  15. I wonder if these articles are a misinformation campaign to prep folks for another phase - whatever that may be. We probably won't like the SURPRISE!
  16. You may remember the '70s Iran Hostage Crisis and folks were keen on "just push the button" idea. Amazing what happens when a potential button pusher gets into office! Thank You to the Canadian friends who risked their lives to save the six American hostages! Too bad they had to show their friendship by risking their lives for business we blundered.
  17. Unfortunately, stupid can't be fixed no matter where you find it. The glass idea may just be the ticket!
  18. Yota - Thanks for great article. I think ending the currency auctions is a main key to the event signifying the removal of corruption needed for the economic reforms to be fully implemented.
  19. Adam - Thanks for the explanation on CBI rate move. Thanks also for your commitment to provide solid and accurate information - it is worth the wait.
  20. GM Yota, Thanks for all the great news articles and keeping us updated.
  21. For your entertainment, I have some alternate lyrics to an old Holiday Season Song to, possibly, the bane and chagrin of the original artist and all the song lovers. Here it is.................. Rudolf the red neck reindeer had a very shiny neck. And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows like heck. All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names (like red neck). They never let poor Rudolf join in any red neck games. Then one cultured Christmas Eve, Santa came to say, "Rudolf with your neck so bright, won't you go and start a fight?' Then all the other reindeer joined in the raucous brawl. They all shouted out for you all: RUDOLF, YOU'RE THE REDDEST RECK NECK OF ALL!!!!! Rudolf - My Hero - you are the finest this world has to offer! (Said no reindeer - EVER!) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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