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  1. Adam, Are there any international banks that are currently buying & selling Iraq dinar?
  2. Treasury Reporting Rates of Exchange Please Note: The Financial Management Service provides current and historical exchange rate information. We cannot provide advice on, or assistance with, investing in foreign currencies. Get Present RatesPrevious Rate for March 31, 2013 Report Previous Rate for December 31, 2012 Report Previous Rate for September 30, 2012 Report Previous Rate for June 30, 2012 Report Subscribe to E-Mail Notification Service to receive e-mail when new rates or amendments are posted. For historical exchange rates please call: Andrea Pearson (202) 874-8001 E-mail: Andrea Pearson or Lauren Gant (202) 874-8004 E-mail: Lauren Gant For additional information please see the "Foreign Currency Positions" tables in the Treasury Bulletin. This report promulgates exchange rate information pursuant to Section 613 of Public Law 87-195 dated September 4, 1961 (22 USC 2363 ( ) which grants the Secretary of the Treasury sole authority to establish for all foreign currencies or credits the exchange rates at which such currencies are to be reported by all agencies of the government. The primary purpose is to ensure that foreign currency reports prepared by agencies shall be consistent with regularly published Treasury foreign currency reports as to amounts stated in foreign currency units and U.S. dollar equivalents. This covers all foreign currencies in which the U.S. government has an interest, including receipts and disbursements, accrued revenues and expenditures, authorizations, obligations, receivables and payables, refunds, and similar reverse transaction items. Exceptions to using the reporting rates as shown in the report are collections and refunds to be valued at specified rates set by international agreements, conversions of one foreign currency into another, foreign currencies sold for dollars, and other types of transactions affecting dollar appropriations. (See Volume I Treasury Financial Manual 2-3200 for further details.) This quarterly report reflects exchange rates at which the U.S. government can acquire foreign currencies for official expenditures as reported by disbursing officers for each post on the last business day of the month prior to the date of the published report. Example: The quarterly report as of December 31, will reflect exchange rates reported by disbursing officers as of November 30. If current rates deviate from the rates in this report by 10 percent or more, Treasury will issue amendments to this quarterly report. Amendments will also be issued to reflect the establishment of new foreign currencies. To ensure all reports are translated at uniform exchange rates, all U.S. government agencies should use these rates, except as noted above, to convert foreign currency balances and accomplished reported transactions to U.S. dollar equivalents as of the date of this report and for the ensuing three months. Since the exchange rates in this report are not current rates of exchange, they should not be used to value transactions affecting dollar appropriations. IRAQ-DINAR 1166.0000 Department of the Treasury Financial Management Service Financial Accounting and Services Division (202) 874-7994 Last Updated: July 18,
  3. In your travels have you heard anything about Iraq's desire to nationalize their banks one day?
  4. JG1, Why aren't you smiling?
  5. Lot of usual postings that RV is imminent, but Iraq is still not secure in most oil regions. What are they doing about securing the oil? Wont this effect the economy?
  6. How about Ideas.......Bid Ideas! If I had an unlimited amount of money and time, this is how I would make a difference in the world_____________________ Like, I would purchase North Korea & set everyone free :-) See how much we can do to make a difference in the world "for others".
  7. I don't know, that's why I am asking. Let's see what happens on the first! Thank you for your reply.
  8. What is the difference between UN Operational Rates & CBI bank rates. Why doesn't the UN rate change? Does the UN only update this once a year? See UN Ops Rate above is still 1170 The US Treasury Rates have not changed either.... I know the forex rates are changing, but was told that what matters is the cbi rate change. Would like to learn a little about the differences, expecially when it's time to cash in. GOOO RRRRR VVVVVVV
  9. Doc, I hardly ever sign in & post. But, I have to say you are missed! For those that have only invested a little in this "roller coaster ride called the dinar" such as myself, I appreciate your honest opinion and factual updates. Thank you
  10. Read DEUTERONOMY 26 about First Fruits Blessed to be a Blessing, for all of us real soon! GO RV
  11. Really nice post you guys & gals. This is the great side of dinarvets
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