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  1. and the 23rd, and the 24th, and the 25th, and the 26th......etcetera.......etcetera
  2. I decided a long time ago to stay off the roller coaster, but it sure is fun watching the others ride.
  3. Great post smee. While garroting, drowning or beheading might be extreme, my personal opinion is that we would reduce crime and decrease justice system overload if we took less time getting to trial and made the punishment equitable with the crime. Perhaps we could be drastic and start by taking away cable tv.
  4. A lop does not make the currency stronger...thanks for the post viz.
  5. Yep. It's a repeat. I think Clint put it out and had to change usernames because of all the grief he got, but I think the new username at the time was tryinmybest as well. Clint, is that you putting out repeats?
  6. I think more importantly it is a break in the pattern. If this is not a glitch, then it is the first time that it has broken the top since at least last Oct.
  7. 05-May 1,215 1,170 14,933 4,883 - Cash portion 10,050 Doc, et al. Would love to get your 'opinion' of the auction events over the course of the last 2 weeks. Amounts have diminished but is that a true indicator of the 'sterilization' that all of the posts are bringing up? Is this a control of supply or a result of demand?
  8. Nice try! You can go to the official CBI website and view the currency there including the 250 IQD note. Plus they already have 25 and 100 denom coins. No idea if they are minted but they are not in circulation according to the website. Really, what is the point of these erroneous posts?
  9. Don't lump me in with this. You took my logo, posted something that didn't change and then insult people. You sure you are a Longhorn?
  10. Marcus. Thank you for taking the time to write a very clear and concise analysis of the current situation. Even though it is speculation, I find value in what has been a concern of mine since the beginning of this roller coaster ride, the monetization of a full value RV and the concern of how it would be funded. Your views regarding a managed ride up in value make sense and address this issue that has been nagging me. I always questioned the ability to pull off a one-time event and it is good to have some validation. I think the only item that was not addressed in your post is that of value vs. speculation. The argument against managed float up is that an RV that is too low in value will proportionately attract speculators and work to destabilize the currency. I actually see the opposite and think the more speculation the better as it distributes the IQD and brings it closer to being a world-traded currency. Additionally, I think CBI has been working fervently to manage speculation through monetary supply controls. Your post was very insightful.
  11. I think there are two different factors at play here and they can't both be lumped together. First of all, thanks for the post and the article. I think to close your eyes to opposing views or to bash based on difference of opinion is petty and detrimental to your financial health. You have to look at all sides. That said, Jagerson is arguing two different points under one umbrella. His first point is that there are scammers out there and that the Internet makes it easy to proliferate cons on the public - the IQD being one of them. There is no doubt, as you said in your response that the traders and gurus are out there to pump up the volume and they are using scammy tactics to do so. How many times have we heard "RV tomorrow"? I think that is the scam part and I think he is 100% right. There are people who have invested based on the hype and that is wrong. Now let's look at the other point he is making in his singular argument - that there is no value in the IQD investment. Herein lies the speculation, but I think he left a few things out. Things that have relevance to the argument such as the financial backing of the US, the asset base of the country that is comparable to no other (except perhaps Kuwait where they did RV), the fact that the restructure is founded in post-war environment accelerating the process and the world dependency on the country's primary asset. Those are just a few things that make this opportunity unique. One other comment that I would like to address. Jagerson said (paraphrasing) that anything that seems too good to be true probably is. I agree with that statement and have always had skepticism regarding an overnight revaluation that would make me an instant millionaire. Well if that happens, it will be a plus. A lot of us could use a shot in the arm. Discounting the probability of that scenario however, I have to look at the most realistic outcome which in my head involves an accelerated valuation increase as the country opens its doors to commerce and as the asset base is expanded due to the amount of underlying value that will drive the economy. In other words, if the value doesn't go up overnight, it will go up over time. Finally, presuming the value goes up in time or even if it stays relatively stable to where it is currently, I have only lost a little. The definition of a true scam is where I lose my entire investment which I do not see happening. So if you want to sell me your dinar for what you paid for them, let me know. Thanks for the post.
  12. Well said my friend. Well said...
  13. jphillips


    So he reads the article posted in the rumors section by, we will just call him Mr. Newbie, a reliable source with more than 1 post. The reader becomes depressed and thinks to himself, "I can't take this anymore. Why won't these people just go away?" He slowly picks up the pistol and holds it to his head. He truly can't take it anymore. He closes his eyes and he is about to pull the trigger. Suddenly, his eyes pop open and he thinks to himself, "What in the heck am I doing? It isn't worth killing myself over these silly rumors. After all, they are posted in the correct forum. Life is way too short and sweet." Understanding now what he had to do, he slowly takes the gun from his own head and points it at the purveyor of false and inaccurate information and pulls the trigger. Feeling a great burden lifted from his shoulders, the reader saves the day. The forum is temporarily safe once again (for at least 30 seconds or so).
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