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  1. LOL, yea, I think that is a trend. People like to accuse me of being someone else for some reason. I have recently been accused of that in several arenas. Therefore, it does so much damage to my reputation. People don't understand the damage this place can cause to someone in the public eye. I hope you can prove who you are, because if you don't...the drama will never end. I will make sure I take myself out of the loop. I only shared what I had because it seemed I was welcomed to this community. Which I honestly think for the most part,..I was. The bad part is it only takes a handful of people to destroy you. If you stay here, I would advise you to absorb as much as you can, talk as little as you can, and make friends with people like texas, doc, audi, vanessa, gas can, and there are so many others, who just want to learn, help, listen, and try to make sense of all this. I won't talk about my career or identity here,..due to my so-called hidden agendas, but, I will tell you there are some fine christian people here, that are a true breath of fresh air. I never left, I just stepped back, and removed my personal info. Sorry, but I definitely will not be posting on here, as it just has had such a negative impact. I am not worried though, I am sure every time you post it will be said to be me,lol. so, don't post anything bad, or asking for anything please!! Next it will be in google search that I am impersonating someone on Dinar vets for some sort of gain,lol! Hang in there buddy, I hope your investment pays off, and this place doesn't drive you crazy! Thanks again everyone! God bless! And go RV!
  2. You guys are hilarious! First of all, thanks Texas, cruiser,Audi, Vanessa, Doc, and all you other nice people that I have connected with over the past few months. Secondly, You guys will never get any real intel, because the repercussions are far too volatile. You guys constantly listen to the gurus who tell you the same exact garbage in vicious cycles, yet bash anyone who tries to give you some fact based opinions from someone in the position to do that. Hidden agenda? I heard that one too. WOW! People were saying my hidden agenda was to get sponsors here. First of all, I am a professional golfer. Everyone knows I need sponsors, every golfer needs sponsors/investors. I think that is probably the most UN-hidden thing about me in the whole world! I never once asked anyone here to sponsor me, or invest in me. I just asked that you don't cause me to lose the ones that have!(lol) Well, I have no sponsors now, and I have had post about me turn up on the internet. I have heard everything from "I am a fraud", "Using dinar site for selling my golf equipment" Which is my favorite,...I have no golf equipment for sale,lol. Listen people. I think this could be a blessing from GOD. This investment could change so many people's lives for the good. GOD doesn't like hate, ridicule, and unrest! So, maybe you should spend a little more time helping each other. Educate one another, except one another for who they are. The pumpers are easy to identify, so just bypass the non-sense. I just had to stop by in an attempt to clear my name. I will not post here, I do not want anything from anyone here. I will never ask for anything from any of you. I hope GOD blesses everyone in this investment. I hope he blesses you with the financial gain you seek, but more importantly the wisdom to use it in his name, and change some lives, and secure your future! I wish everyone the best! I miss talking with so many of you guys, and I hope everyone is well! Thanks again for thinking of me, and I will be praying for all of you guys!
  3. HA! That was never my intent. Actually we saw that the first time around,lol. But, I guess that would be ironic, getting a couple sponsors the same way I lost a couple,lol. The LORD works in mysterious ways! I think for the most part, most people here aren't in the position to invest in a golfer, that's why I think we all are so interested in this paying off! I have no ulterior motives here, just once again trying to contribute a little info to the community.
  4. Well, I have since removed all my info, the people who know it, already know it, and the damage is pretty much done. There is not really anything left for me to lose,LOL. I also got a tremendous amount of positive feedback, as well as alot of people here helping with my charities, foundations, and just supporting me in general through other avenues. I made alot of friends from this community, and have been overwhelmed with positive actions, and messages. Like I said the 98% of good people should not be judged by the actions of the 2%. I guess the way I look at it is, everything happens for a reason. GOD wont give me more than I can handle, and if I let a few bad apples stop me from doing what I think is right, then somethings wrong! Hey, like my screen name says i'm just...tryinmybest.
  5. I must be crazy for posting this, after what happened to me last time. But the 98% of you that supported me, joined my website, facebook, and became friends, deserve it! This is a call with John, (works for securities-currency trading). Yes it is actual, yes it is recorded, yes he is aware. It starts a few seconds in to the call(obviously I didn't record til I knew it was him) I ask the knuckleheads to please refrain from any non sense, I suffered extreme consequences from sharing with you last time. I have since removed all my info, but please remember that is what we are here for. We need to share reliable info, and try to help each other determine where we are. John~ "You there?" Clint ~"Yep, sorry. So is he trying to go to the Honda? That's like the first week in March, I am sure I can get a couple of the all access, but the rest will have to be regular grounds passes." John~ "Yea, well I guess beggars can't be choosers. I'll run that by him, see what he thinks." Clint~ " Just let me know, you know I'll do what I can. So, when am I going to be rich?(laughing) I know you can't go in to details J-Byrd, but throw me a bone man!" John~" You are killing me, you guys are like a cult(laughing). As I told you before, and you know it's not personal, I just can't go in to but so much detail. And also remember, my speculation isn't much more than yours, just alot more educated, and privy to alot more info. Without understanding all the pieces of the puzzle, and the organizations, and the politics of the currency, it would be hard to explain. I can tell you this, most people are confused about who makes this whole thing happen. Most people also have no clue on the time frame, and what really needs to occur for this to unfold. I think you, as well as many others that I come across are waiting on things to happen, that ultimately have no effect on the RV, or at least the fact of an RV happening immediately after, as a result. All the nonsense you hear everyday about those a**holes fighting everyday, and can't figure out a resolution, or do the damn budget, or the readings, that's just Iraq. That's just what they do. Those guys couldn't throw a damn birthday party on time. But see, all that s*it has nothing to do with the overall finality of the currency. Those guys will always be their own worst enemy, that's just do to a long history of disorganization, distrust, and greed. But trust me little buddy, Iraq isn't driving the RV train! They might be sitting in the engineer's seat, but this train is Red, White, and Blue! I gave you the best info i could before, when I told you it won't go to 2012, and that my friend is a fact! Good or bad, it will be resolved!! So, what are you gonna do about your sponsor situation?" Clint~" I was hoping you were gonna tell me not to worry about it,(laughing) or at least give me a time frame. I really don't know. I have Ranking School next week, leaving tomorrow. But I don't know what I am gonna do. I go down there and qualify, then can't afford to play, then I can't earn money, could be a vicious cycle! That is really why I have been asking you so much about this RV, I know it kinda puts you on the spot, I just am really concerned about things!" John~" Why don't you just get some investors? Get like 8 guys to give you 5 grand, and give them all a return! You are proven, you have the credentials, references, and financial history to provide an attractive return! Hell buddy, you could go that route make some investors some money, not have to be owned by those sponsors, and keep the rest. I figured what you made last year if you would have paid 10% on a 10 grand investment, I would have made 9,834 bucks profit,..something to think about!" Clint~" Well, that sounds like no RV in the next few weeks,lol. John~(laughing) Little buddy, never let your bills, livelihood, or responsibilities depend on an investment! Make that your golden rule! When you invest in something it's like taking money to vegas, just better odds, but always plan on losing it! You won't lose this one, but don't put your life on hold waiting for it. I have a meeting Feb 7th at 10 in the morning, and I will know pretty much more than anyone on the fuc**ng planet about the fate of the dinar. Maybe then, I can drop you a hint or two, right now, go play golf, get some investors, and the rest will fall in to place! Trust me, you are a far better bet than the s**t I see these clowns trading everyday(laughing). Gotta run pro, I'll give Mark your email address, and you guys work it out! Don't over-extend yourself, just do what you can for him. He's a nice guy, and will understand. Thanks again buddy!" Clint~"You got it man, I will get him taken care of, you just remember me!(laughing) Alright J, thanks man! John~"Alright buddy, bye" Sorry there is so much other stuff in there, and still not juicy as I am sure everyone would like, but it is what it is. Hope you guys get something from this, and I hope it makes you feel a little better about your investment, good luck!
  6. Thank you so much guys! I could really use some friends to lean on! I do have some ideas that my friends and fans suggested. Anyone interested can email me at everyone who sends an email there, will receive a message explaining. Thanks guys, I am overwhelmed by the goodness of people here(98%)..LOL
  7. Thank you so much! I sincerely have been moved by the positive responses, and the overall genuine concern for my situation. I guess ultimately, I did this to myself, but, it is quite unfortunate. This has cost me significantly, but I will try to remain in good spirits. Losing these 2 key sponsors could ultimately cost me being able to afford this year on tour. This news has spread rather rapidly, and my friends and fans have reached out to me, and supported me. So, I have to realize how blessed I am, and know that this too will pass. Maybe people will see the true person I am, and reach out to me through my website, and join my fan club. Maybe people outside the golf community will make an effort to see who I am as a person, and all the efforts I make in charities, and in the Cancer community. Maybe, somehow, this all could be a blessing in disguise. Who knows? Either way, I will just try to remember how blessed I am, and hope I will get through this. I can not let those 2% of people drag me anywhere close to their depths. I have to believe that my efforts, and goodwill are to be rewarded. I hope that I will not be punished for my actions, that(as most things I try to do) are for the benefit of others. I wish the DV community all the best. I hope everyone gets a speedy RV, and everyone's hearts are filled with joy and good fortune. Remember to make an effort to change others lives, and do something positive when that great day comes! Thanks so much everyone, I have been overwhelmed by the good people here! Have a great day! God Bless!...............anybody looking to sponsor a golfer,lol!
  8. Great Post Adam! They negate the reasonable, logical, and REALISTIC posts, because it is not what they want to hear. Then get upset when someone says "Hey, it just RV'd at my house and it's 6.48, and you can cash out tomorrow" AND IT DOESN'T HAPPEN! Remember guys,..listen to Adam, do your homework, and PLEASE....Let's help each other! I'M EXHAUSTED! GO RV!
  9. Thank you USMC! I didn't take many breaks in that one. Sorry, if it was hard to understand. Was written with alot of emotion! Have a great day!
  10. Hello Everyone! I just want to clear a few things up, and throw out one more post. Let me start by saying THANK YOU to all of you who gave me an overwhelming positive response on my post"RV NEWS",I was told, it was the most +'s ever, it was from the heart, it was 100% legit, and so many of you took it as such, and I appreciate it! I am posting again to clear a few things up. I did record the call. I did this to protect my friend, and to pass along accurate information. I put myself and my info out there so you guys could verify my identity, and have the peace of mind this was direct info, from someone identifiable, and real. I also made the call directly, so it would be straight from the source. I did all these things for you, my fellow investors! I did all these things because I believe in this site, and what it's purpose is.I did all these things because of all the new people who needs a little assurance. I did these things so people who have took risks, could feel a little better. I did all these things because it was the right thing to do! So, in return, I get people hammering my website, sending obscene, profane, harmful, and reckless feedback through my agency. I get fabricated stories sent to my agent. This whole thing spirals out of control. Now, I have ultimately suffered a blow, in which could affect my whole life, future, and livelihood. I lost 2 major sponsors over the negative feed back, and vicious acts of a few bad eggs. I will begin by saying,..that was my fault. I shouldn't have put myself out there(lesson learned). But, remember the next time you are bashing someone for saying my friend's uncle's cousin, or posting anonymously, or not mentioning any details, THIS IS WHY. You want details, sources, accurate info, but you can't handle it! This is why you get the intel you do! I have since removed my info, pictures, and contact info from the site, in hopes of recovering from trying to help,lol,but im still with all you great people, and still rooting for the RV, and all your success. The bottom line, and main reason for this post is this. These people here, are ALL here, just like you, for the exact same reason! Adam has created a great site, for you guys to teach, learn, share, and encourage one another. This is a community of friends, and investors, who should always be respectful of each other, and their life. Rumors are rumors, and we all have the option to form our own opinion. We all have the option to even disagree, challenge, and inquire. But NO ONE has the right to attack someone personally outside of this site, causing unimaginable harm to family, career, reputation, and even faith in others!! It's a shame that 98% appreciated my post and info, and 2% of you have taken all that away. 98% of you are remarkable, kind and sincere. and I thank you for your support, kind words, emails, messages, etc. The other 2% are cowards, you are full of hate, and discontent. Misery will prevail in your life, and harmony will always evade you. Even when the RV comes you will be in a dark lonely place. Karma has a way of seeking ones like you out! GOD will walk with me down my path, as he has set it for me. But for you, loneliness and despair will hold your hands and lead you astray. The only hope of righting your course is to allow joy, and praise in your heart. GOD will forgive you as will I, but until then, Sadness and the Devil are looking for you!
  11. YES I agree. Unfortunately, I revealed myself, and wanted people to know who I was, so they wouldn't think I was just some pumper, etc. Now my website has been flooded with negative emails, and comments. This thread on my site goes through my agency, and my agent is furious I put myself out there! That I let myself get involved in this. I thought I was in a safe place,..among friends. Well, lesson learned. I better just keep to myself from now on. Thanks sincerely from my heart for all the positive responses!! I just cant afford the backlash of being active on here. Thanks everyone, you were, for the most part very positive and welcoming. I just didn't expect the repercussion I would feel from this. GOD BLESS, GO RV!!
  12. Seriously?.........The post that we are subjected to on a daily basis, and I come here, and pass something with some substance, and get ridiculed? What is the purpose of the forum? Aren't we all in this together? It would seem that the measures I took to ensure this post was accurate, and not 3rd, 4th, so on generation "hear say" it would be received without prejudice. Look guys, I am invested just like you. I just wanted to see if I could get something with a little "backbone" to it. I wanted to contribute to this great community, make friends, contacts, and take this journey together. It seems we should be passing on any halfway reliable info, news, etc. Help educate and inform each other, so we all get a better idea of where we stand. I will refrain from further posts. I'll just sit back, and read the post, check the news, and hope for an RV! I am still with you guys! GO RV! GOD BLESS, and GOOD LUCK!
  13. MP- I am a public figure. I play professional golf. I can be googled, found at XXXXXXX my name is XXXXXXX. My reputation with my sponsors, fans, and community far exceeds misrepresenting myself here!! I did this to try to help my fellow investors here!! So, that's who I am. Who are you?
  14. Him not discussing it had nothing to do with him being at work. It had to do with ethics and professionalism. I think he was very generous to share what he did. You are just used to people coming on here saying" I just got news from my friend's co-worker's dad's cousin, its tomorrow at 3.22" Sorry, but this isn't one of those post. This is real info, with real people, with 1 connection.
  15. Thanks so much everyone!! I am very happy to be so well received with you guys, and you taking my post for what it was! Please feel free to check me out on facebook, and my website I think this is the best site, best people, and Adam and his guys do a great job! Glad to be part of this!
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