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  1. LOL, yea, I think that is a trend. People like to accuse me of being someone else for some reason. I have recently been accused of that in several arenas. Therefore, it does so much damage to my reputation. People don't understand the damage this place can cause to someone in the public eye. I hope you can prove who you are, because if you don't...the drama will never end. I will make sure I take myself out of the loop. I only shared what I had because it seemed I was welcomed to this community. Which I honestly think for the most part,..I was. The bad part is it only takes a handful of people
  2. You guys are hilarious! First of all, thanks Texas, cruiser,Audi, Vanessa, Doc, and all you other nice people that I have connected with over the past few months. Secondly, You guys will never get any real intel, because the repercussions are far too volatile. You guys constantly listen to the gurus who tell you the same exact garbage in vicious cycles, yet bash anyone who tries to give you some fact based opinions from someone in the position to do that. Hidden agenda? I heard that one too. WOW! People were saying my hidden agenda was to get sponsors here. First of all, I am a professional
  3. HA! That was never my intent. Actually we saw that the first time around,lol. But, I guess that would be ironic, getting a couple sponsors the same way I lost a couple,lol. The LORD works in mysterious ways! I think for the most part, most people here aren't in the position to invest in a golfer, that's why I think we all are so interested in this paying off! I have no ulterior motives here, just once again trying to contribute a little info to the community.
  4. Well, I have since removed all my info, the people who know it, already know it, and the damage is pretty much done. There is not really anything left for me to lose,LOL. I also got a tremendous amount of positive feedback, as well as alot of people here helping with my charities, foundations, and just supporting me in general through other avenues. I made alot of friends from this community, and have been overwhelmed with positive actions, and messages. Like I said the 98% of good people should not be judged by the actions of the 2%. I guess the way I look at it is, everything happens for a r
  5. I must be crazy for posting this, after what happened to me last time. But the 98% of you that supported me, joined my website, facebook, and became friends, deserve it! This is a call with John, (works for securities-currency trading). Yes it is actual, yes it is recorded, yes he is aware. It starts a few seconds in to the call(obviously I didn't record til I knew it was him) I ask the knuckleheads to please refrain from any non sense, I suffered extreme consequences from sharing with you last time. I have since removed all my info, but please remember that is what we are here for. We nee
  6. Thank you so much guys! I could really use some friends to lean on! I do have some ideas that my friends and fans suggested. Anyone interested can email me at everyone who sends an email there, will receive a message explaining. Thanks guys, I am overwhelmed by the goodness of people here(98%)..LOL
  7. Thank you so much! I sincerely have been moved by the positive responses, and the overall genuine concern for my situation. I guess ultimately, I did this to myself, but, it is quite unfortunate. This has cost me significantly, but I will try to remain in good spirits. Losing these 2 key sponsors could ultimately cost me being able to afford this year on tour. This news has spread rather rapidly, and my friends and fans have reached out to me, and supported me. So, I have to realize how blessed I am, and know that this too will pass. Maybe people will see the true person I am, and reach out
  8. Great Post Adam! They negate the reasonable, logical, and REALISTIC posts, because it is not what they want to hear. Then get upset when someone says "Hey, it just RV'd at my house and it's 6.48, and you can cash out tomorrow" AND IT DOESN'T HAPPEN! Remember guys,..listen to Adam, do your homework, and PLEASE....Let's help each other! I'M EXHAUSTED! GO RV!
  9. Thank you USMC! I didn't take many breaks in that one. Sorry, if it was hard to understand. Was written with alot of emotion! Have a great day!
  10. Hello Everyone! I just want to clear a few things up, and throw out one more post. Let me start by saying THANK YOU to all of you who gave me an overwhelming positive response on my post"RV NEWS",I was told, it was the most +'s ever, it was from the heart, it was 100% legit, and so many of you took it as such, and I appreciate it! I am posting again to clear a few things up. I did record the call. I did this to protect my friend, and to pass along accurate information. I put myself and my info out there so you guys could verify my identity, and have the peace of mind this was direct info, from
  11. YES I agree. Unfortunately, I revealed myself, and wanted people to know who I was, so they wouldn't think I was just some pumper, etc. Now my website has been flooded with negative emails, and comments. This thread on my site goes through my agency, and my agent is furious I put myself out there! That I let myself get involved in this. I thought I was in a safe place,..among friends. Well, lesson learned. I better just keep to myself from now on. Thanks sincerely from my heart for all the positive responses!! I just cant afford the backlash of being active on here. Thanks everyone, you were,
  12. Seriously?.........The post that we are subjected to on a daily basis, and I come here, and pass something with some substance, and get ridiculed? What is the purpose of the forum? Aren't we all in this together? It would seem that the measures I took to ensure this post was accurate, and not 3rd, 4th, so on generation "hear say" it would be received without prejudice. Look guys, I am invested just like you. I just wanted to see if I could get something with a little "backbone" to it. I wanted to contribute to this great community, make friends, contacts, and take this journey together. It see
  13. MP- I am a public figure. I play professional golf. I can be googled, found at XXXXXXX my name is XXXXXXX. My reputation with my sponsors, fans, and community far exceeds misrepresenting myself here!! I did this to try to help my fellow investors here!! So, that's who I am. Who are you?
  14. Him not discussing it had nothing to do with him being at work. It had to do with ethics and professionalism. I think he was very generous to share what he did. You are just used to people coming on here saying" I just got news from my friend's co-worker's dad's cousin, its tomorrow at 3.22" Sorry, but this isn't one of those post. This is real info, with real people, with 1 connection.
  15. Thanks so much everyone!! I am very happy to be so well received with you guys, and you taking my post for what it was! Please feel free to check me out on facebook, and my website I think this is the best site, best people, and Adam and his guys do a great job! Glad to be part of this!
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