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  1. I LOVE that analogy. Good work. As we sell, others will buy in hoping to catch some profit also. It's a circle, not a dead end. Iraq will never have to pay anything all out at once. Do US banks have enough cold hard cash on hand if everyone wanted everything they have wrapped up in savings? NO WAY!
  2. Thanks for the reply... The one thing that is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN is NOTHING IS CERTAIN. LOL I always hoped holding Dinar now was liking jumping on a new stock pre IPO. The stock (new currency) comes out at a rate...... Those of us that already have the stock (old currency) will probably sell as soon as the new price hits. Then, as we sell, new buyers buy in hoping it continues to climb. That way all of the talk about Iraq needing 100 Trillion dollars to pay everyone goes out the window. the old holders will be paid by the new buyers. I'd love to see it start at a dime (or that .14 you spo
  3. Dalite, I just read the PDF you posted. GREAT READING!!! Thank you for posting it. I know it's not talking about Iraq. Venezuela and Iraq are much different. The PDF said what I have been saying. The turnover of bills will be a lengthy process. Education of the public started first. That's what I keep saying. Everyone keeps hoping to wake up to an RV and it just doesn't happen over night. The thing about Venezuela is their exchange made no difference at all with the exchange rate of their money. Iraq has stated they want their rate raised to a more even rate to the dollar. If their curr
  4. Mid July was talked about so much and was mentioned by people 'in the know' that many people got their hopes up that this was our time. Now I think some people have splashed cold water on their face and realized this isn't happening over night. I can see them wanting to sell off some to make a profit even if it is a small one. Check the 'Completed Listings' and see how many auctions actually sold and for how much. My small amount can lay in the safe until I can sell them for ANTIQUES and make a profit.. LOL I'm reading this book until I see 'The End' buds
  5. Thanks Sirius! The funny thing is most of the people he offers it to walk away thinking "HA! He's not going to fool me" I saw one where he would trade the coin for a CUP OF COFFEE. The thing is, most people would buy someone down and out a cup of coffee anyway! I see our investment just like those videos. Before you can get happy or mad about anything you have to let it play out. They'll be PLENTY of time for yelling, screaming and finger pointing after all of this plays out. But, until Iraq tells me that my investment is crap, then I'll leave the analyzing, speculating, PHDing, auctio
  6. Legolas, then to those people my heart goes out. When it comes to money and investing people need to do their due diligence. This isn't a get rich quick scheme. It's a country trying to rebuild after a dictator murdered, raped and stole anything he could from the people. It's not like buying a share of stock from a company with a good track record. No the horses don't lie, but PEOPLE DO. If some people feel 'cheated' or 'duped' then I feel for them. Going into this I knew it was a very very long shot. Anytime you have a chance of big reward you have a big risk. I did not buy 1 Dinar because
  7. I don't get the anger part of all of this. When you go bet at the race track you play trifectas, quinellas and Daily Doubles. They are a REAL LONG SHOT, but sometimes they hit and when they do it pays off well. When I sit at a poker table with 1400 other people in a tournament the odds are 1400 to 1 against me, but I play anyway because if I get lucky I WIN BIG. Poker of course involves skill also but to win a big tournament you also have to get real lucky. I 'bet' on Dinar after doing some reading, but about the COUNTRY, the resources and history. Not what OKIE or some other fool was yellin
  8. Dinarck..... yep, let's hope something good comes of it. No need to sway either way until Iraq does whatever it's going to do. Like I said. I didn't 'Bet the Farm' on this. The people saying all the negative stuff reminds me of that one guy that stands behind poker players whispering about how bad people play and how good he is. Who knows how we'll turn out on this? NO ONE YET!!!!!!!!!!! I do know you can't WIN if you don't PLAY. Time will tell buds!
  9. Man, I was just watching a TV show where a guy was standing on the sidewalk trying to sell his $50 GOLD PIECE that is an ounce of real gold worth about $1500 (at time of taping) for 50 bucks. He was telling people the cafe wouldn't take that kind of money for payment. Over TWENTY people stopped to talk to the guy, looked at the coin and passed. Every single one of them thought it must be too good to be true. We have trained ourselves to keep a wall up, be cautious and everyone is a crook. We don't take chances or go with our 'gut feeling' anymore. We actually try to talk ourselves OUT of th
  10. Someone should write to her telling her how the Dinar has already doubled. I don't know the facts and figures or I would.
  11. I read a news article a couple of weeks back about the 50K and 100K notes. It talked about doing this in two steps. First step was to make the 100K and 50K notes for large purchases ie: cars, homes, Then exchange all money and end up without any 3 zero bills. I can't remember the whole thing but it sounded good for us. At least I thought it sounded good. buds
  12. Well, I hope they like ice cream then. (putting on my boxing glove)
  13. What's lacking now that is different from a year ago is RESPECT towards others. I use to love posting and having discussions about different aspects of this investment. I also enjoyed all sides and options that we had open whether it be LOP, NO-LOP, RD, RV and even the people saying "not for months". Personally I don't believe in the 'light switch' theory when it comes to dates and rates. I don't think we'll know ANYTHING until we SEE the new currency, the government informs the citizens on how to use the new money and show sellers how to set prices accordingly. Why bring out new money and no
  14. I can tell you when it will RV. It will RV soon after we see lower denomination bills being circulated and information passed along to the people how to change their buying practices and pricing mark ups with the new currency. It's not going to be a 'button push'. I think we will ALL KNOW a couple of days before it RV's. I think they'll be an announcement, a hold on money transfers and the the info to the population and the world. If it would RV right now the entire country would be in chaos and the people 'in the know' would make millions from the guys living outside of the main suburban ar
  15. It's typical. He over bought. Thought he was going to be rich over night. Now the electric bill needs paid and he wants to try to get as much back as possible. Reminds me of the people doing 30 day hold orders around Christmas. They felt good that they just lost 10% LOL. smartvest, you shouldn't have bet the farm (or trailer) on something you heard about at the livestock auction. I hope you get enough back that your wife can still afford that new rolling pin to hit you with for spending all of the check for money that didn't make you rich over night.
  16. I know it hasn't been overnight. All I'm saying is we should start to see some news articles on how pricing structures will change and some education on what's going on to the people. JMO and that's worth about a 50 Dinar note
  17. Do you guys really think they are going to "flip a switch" and it will done? Come on now. Have some common sense. Before they give a rate (or even a date when to begin) there will be TV shows, news articles and other ways of teaching the population how to use the new currency. This isn't an overnight thing. We'll know way in advance. At LEAST a couple of days but more like a couple of weeks. buds
  18. Man, this place is getting brutal......... You want to know why people are mass exiting? Look above this post. Why post at all if it's just to belittle or bash? Networth, best to ya............. buds
  19. I still don't see this investment as an 'overnight millionaire' thing. I don't imagine Iraq just all of the sudden going "POP" and telling the entire country that their money is worth more. I think chaos would ensure. Price gouging and theft by the millions of people that doesn't have Internet access would also happen. I still believe we will start to see ways for the government to teach the people how to use this new money and it will be a slow, methodical process. I also think if it RV's then it will start low and climb just like a stock would so early investors can cash out while new on
  20. Fearless Four is so true. If I could afford to buy houses in Florida right now, I would be on a buying spree. 1500 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath houses with pools are going anywhere from 50K to 80K within 2 miles of the gulf or ocean. It's crazy some of the houses my wife and I have looked at to retire next year. (We're retiring whether we RV or not) We even check 'Property History' and see where the house sold for DOUBLE the asking price just 4 to 6 years earlier. It will be a slow climb, but real estate will bounce back and home prices will rise again. It's just, the days are over where y
  21. If this sites closes, I'll stat a new one called DinarScamMillionaire DOT COM hahahahahahaha
  22. I know LOGIC and COMMON SENSE doesn't play well with the Iraqi government, but here is what I think will happen now that we FINALLY ARE SURE something WILL happen. Now, remember we have all been on edge HOPING ANYTHING would be announced about our investment. Well with all of the new news and reports coming out we have LEAPED that hurdle. Our money IS GOING TO CHANGE. In my opinion, the people that were crowing "End of June" were CORRECT. Things like this CANNOT happen overnight. That's why I don't rush every night to check Forex or CBI. This process will take MANY, MANY steps to complete.
  23. Well, I hope we RV any day now, but to be honest.............NEVERMIND... I'm going to start a new topic about what I think. I don't want to hijack. I'll post what I think in rumors. buds
  24. I own Sonny & Cher's contract to be on TV for the VERY FIRST TIME dated May 30, 1965. They sang on American Bandstand June 12, 1965. That was the first time America got to see them. They got $427.50 for the performance. Not the same Sonny, but I just wanted to share. buds
  25. I thought I read that Parliament had to vote on it didn't I? If so, why are people rushing around saying "Not Today".....and stuff like that? We'll know when they vote won't we? Until then just sit and wait. buds
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