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  1. Well after 4 years I'm finally tired of waiting for this to flower. I know I'll kick myself later down the line, but I need money to move to Florida soon. I have 44 bills. All 25,000 circulated notes . All were bought in 2010 from Fifth Third Bank. I take PayPal or you can pick them up if you are local to Columbus, Ohio. I'll ship FREE priority mail with signature confirmation. You can trust me. I've been on here a good while. No worries. Plus I'm known in almost every country so I'm not hard to find. LOL Email me at or PM me if you'd like to talk by
  2. It would be fine with me to see it take very small steps. I can't wait another year to see it at 1 to 1. That way people can buy in and sell at will just like a stock. No 'instant millionaires' just patience paying off. Go baby go.
  3. Yep, let's just hope for a slow, steady climb. Nothing too fast or drastic. Man, it's been a long hard ride on this investment. I sure hope it comes to fruition.
  4. ***I don't know if this has been posted yet, but here's some good news**** WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2013 18:20 Iraqi government said Wednesday that the UN Security Council will meet later this month and issue a decision as Iraq moves from the provisions of Chapter VII to Chapter VI. He said Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said in a joint press conference with his Kuwaiti counterpart Sabah Al-Sabah in Baghdad attended by “Twilight News” that Iraq has all international Altazamth towards Kuwait in preparation for the exit from the provisions of Chapter VII. The Kuwaiti Prime Minister Jabe
  5. The Iraqi Government formed a Committee to set the value of the Iraqi dinar 2013-06-10 The Iraqi Government announced on Monday, 10 June, the formation of a Joint Committee of the ministries of finance, planning and the Central Bank to adjust the value of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies and prevent slumping. He said the Economic Adviser to the Government of Iraq Salam Al-Quraishi, the Committee will develop several regulations aimed at keeping the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar in the acceptabl
  6. I thought you guys were gone. I finally tried Explorer (I usualy use Firefox) and saw you'd changed formats. I had to disable AdBlock to see you guys again. All fixed now, but with AdBlock on you only see the top and bottom.
  7. When an important article like this comes out, can't some of you guys put each other on BLOCK! Why do we have to read 3 pages of something that an be discussed in one or two? The other pages are the usual pissing contest. Please argue in PM's OK? Oh wait, then the entire forum wouldn't see you would they? My Bad.
  8. You could have come to this site a year ago and seen the EXACT same arguments going on then as you do now. At least back then you weren't degraded and talked like you were sub-human to have a thought that differs from some of the people with over a 1000 posts. Here, have some fun. Take 30 minutes and find the people with over 1000 comments and look through them. You'll see a pattern of exactly the same old stuff, but sometimes just slightly reworded. Of course then you'll also have to read on through the comment where they call names like an 8 year old at recess. We know almost NOTHING MOR
  9. Any rate above a penny will be OK with me. I'm just ready to see where this is going to end up. Personally, I thought it was going to happen 2 years ago. Let's hope for a good ending.
  10. My luck it will make us all rich on Dec. 20th And then the Mayan prophecy comes true!!
  11. I just don't see how a LOP can make the 'money stronger'. If you take off the zeros and make a 25K worth a 25 note then it's just adjusting prices. There's no GAIN. It's a lateral move. UNLESS they whack off the zeros and then change the value, but I think that would be too confusing. I'm thinking a low RV to let all of us turn our money in and then a slow measured, calculated rise until it equals US dollar rates. It might take 3 or more years to get totally equal. Just me thinking out loud. I've been quiet for a couple of months letting the mean spirited people run. buds chuck
  12. I wrote this almost a YEAR AGO - I hope Adam doesn't get a bad grade on his thesis for copying----hahahaha Just kidding You are not just 'cashing in' bro. You are selling your Dinar to another investor who will be hoping it climbs even more. Once all of this starts it will be a constant ebb and flow just like every other currency traded. We just happen to be in on the ground floor for Iraq's "IPO" That's where many people get confused. When we are selling, others will be buying by the millions hoping it goes up a dime, a quarter and make them cash also. Some people on here has been waiti
  13. I say start a "Hard to Believe" forum right under Rumors and put all of these outrageous ones in it. That way we can still read the rumors section and skip over the blatant lie threads. Once I start reading the forum, I just click down from one to the next. Maybe Adam will see this and put all of the "IT'S DONE" and "COMING MONDAY" threads by the biggest liars together so we can avoid them. just a though buds
  14. I heard some of these guys got A** Hole Transplants and the new A** HOLEs rejected THEM! LOL
  15. I spent all of that time writing my "This could also be big news' post and 10 minutes later you do the same thing? LOL Copy Cat........................just kiddin'..... don't ban me Best to us all
  16. It could be the new lower denoms being introduced. It could be a tv infomercial on new currency exchange rules and regs It could be the official ANNOUNCEMENT about how it will come down We haven't seen where Parliament has OK'ed this, even though that might be the "3 day" secret thing All of that and MORE would be "big news" and the beginning of our last lap on this investment So, just to be the voice of reason, Don't get all hyped up and quit your job in 8 days. Let's see how this all play out. I'm sure in the next week we'll see more news article. buds chuck
  17. Bump for the Tuesday morning LIARS!.......... Maybe they'll read this while checking out how many people are wasting time reading their lies.
  18. I know.... I tried.... I knew it would fall on deaf eyes. It just gets frickin' old day after day -- week after week. buds
  19. jmw,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I really don't know much about all of the math involved here, but I don't think they could pull off a straight 1 on 1 at the drop of a hat. I could see something along the lines of a DIME to let people sell off while letting others to buy in (like a stock pre-IPO) and the a steady climb up even past 1 to 1. That to me sounds like it could work. At least common sense wise. That way the country doesn't have to pay for all of the returned money. Other investors would. buds chuck
  20. jmw..... I read a great PDF that Dalite posted yesterday. Search his post to find it. The way Valenzuela did it was list both currencies with all prices and used that until all of the old currency was gone. Say, you went for pizza. The parlor would have a sign saying "Camel toe and sausage ....... 5000 IQD 5 NID" NID- New Iraqi Dinar Both would inter mingle. You could use a 10NID and a 10,000 IQD for a 20 NID purchase. Now personally I hope it DOESN'T do that. I would rather them call in all old notes, pay us in new notes and go that way. I'm just showing you how other countries d
  21. I know it's useless asking this, but I will anyway. Will you guys PLEASE quit posting threads that say "It's RVed". First, it shows real investors from the very first sentence that you are a pumper or a fool. (You can pick which one) Second, Iraq will have press releases when it happens. When it RV's don't you think they would want to tell the population of their country? Third, even after it does RV, RD, LOP or whatever it will takes days or more to get everything in place for us to cash out. Fourth, Do you really think anyone at this late stage of the game believes you? Use some common
  22. Wow! Monday! That's a new one around here. NOT! hahahahaha
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