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  1. REPORT: Democrats Leak New Info On Hacked DNC Server Accidentally (VIDEO) September 26, 2017 by Carter 68 Comments 2.0KShare 160Tweet Email After Roger Stone Jr. appeared before the House Intelligence Committee today, he stumbled upon a revelation that came in the form of an internal mixup between Congresspeople Schiff and Speier, both from California. The revelation essentially revolves around the fact that Schiff and Speier both claim that the FBI was able to look at the DNC’s servers, which of course contradicts what both former-FBI Director James Comey and Homeland Security Secretary Johnson both asserted under oath. Stones statement via Infowars can be read in full below: “When I made the case that I did not believe that the DNC had been hacked by the Russians, in fact, that I believed that it had not been hacked at all, and made the point that the Democratic National Committee had refused to allow the FBI to inspect is servers, instead using a paid-for IT firm called CloudStrike, I was corrected by Congress[woman] Jackie Speier of California, who informed me that she now knew that the DNC had, in fact, turn over their servers to the FBI. This was, essentially, seconded by Congressman Adam Schiff of California, this came to an extraordinary surprise to Trey Gowdy, the Republican from South Carolina. Mr. Gowdy pointed out, to his Democratic colleagues, that FBI Director James Comey and Homeland Security Secretary Johnson, had both testified – under oath – to the House Intelligence Committee, that the FBI had not been allowed to examine the DNC servers. This is a bombshell revelation, somebody is lying. It is either Congressman Schiff and Congress[woman] Speier, or, of course, it is Mr. Comey and Secretary Johnson.”
  2. Glad you caught it when you did Shabs ... would hate to lose you this early in the game!!
  3. Ha ha ha ... Trump originally backed Strange to get the Rhinos to think he was on their side ... Did you not hear his speech on Friday night when he was 'supposedly' there to back Strange .. he said both candidates are good ... and THEN quickly changed the subject to call out those cry baby multi-millionaire nflers and their globalist puppetmasters for disrespecting their National Flag and Anthem!! Even though the fact they are to honor the flag IS ACTUALLY WRITTEN INTO THE NFL RULES!!! Strange was NOT Trump's man - Moore IS - he supports Trump's agenda!!!
  4. Leaked Descriptions Of Infamous "Russia Ads" Derail Collusion Narrative "They Showed Support For Clinton" by Tyler Durden Sep 25, 2017 6:31 PM 0 SHARES That was quick. Less than a week after Facebook agreed to turn over to Congressional investigators copies of the 3,000-odd political advertisements that the company said it had inadvertently sold to a Russia-linked group intent on meddling in the 2016 presidential election, the contents of the ads have – unsurprisingly – leaked, just as we had expected them to. Congressional investigators shared the information with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, which has repeatedly allowed information about its investigation into whether members of the Trump campaign actively colluded with Russian operatives to leak to the press. Once this happened, we knew it was only a matter of time before the ads became part of the public record. And, shockingly, descriptions of the ads provided to the Washington Post hardly fit the narrative that Democratic lawmakers have spun in recent weeks, claiming the ads – which didn’t advocate on behalf of a specific candidate, but rather hewed to political issues like abortion rights – were instrumental in securing Trump’s victory. After initially denying the story this spring, Facebook came clean earlier this month, saying its investigators had discovered that the company sold at least $100,000 worth of ads – and possibly as much as $150,000 – to Russia-linked group that bought the ads through 470 phony Facebook pages and accounts. WaPo reports that the ads represented issues on both sides of the ideological spectrum, which would suggest that the buyers didn’t intend to support a specific candidate, but rather their own unique agenda. The batch of more than 3,000 Russian-bought ads that Facebook is preparing to turn over to Congress shows a deep understanding of social divides in American society, with some ads promoting African-American rights groups including Black Lives Matter and others suggesting that these same groups pose a rising political threat, say people familiar with the covert influence campaign. The Russian campaign — taking advantage of Facebook’s ability to simultaneously send contrary messages to different groups of users based on their political and demographic characteristics - also sought to sow discord among religious groups. Other ads highlighted support for Democrat Hillarious Clinton among Muslim women. Of course, support for Hillarious Clinton among minority groups was less enthusiastic than it was for Barack Obama, suggesting that the ads perhaps weren’t as effective as some Democratic lawmakers would have voters believe. Despite the innocuous description, WaPo insisted on reporting that the ads were meant to “sow dischord” among different voting blocs that supported Clinton. The paper of record also reported that the targeted messages “highlight the sophistication of an influence campaign slickly crafted to mimic and infiltrate US political discourse”…again without explaining exactly how they accomplished this. These targeted messages, along with others that have surfaced in recent days, highlight the sophistication of an influence campaign slickly crafted to mimic and infiltrate U.S. political discourse while also seeking to heighten tensions between groups already wary of one another. Yet, WaPo reports that the “nature and detail” of the ads has bothered investigators at Facebook and the Justice Department, as well as those working on behalf of the Congressional committees that are conducting independent investigations. The House and Senate Intelligence committees plan to begin reviewing the Facebook ads in the coming weeks. Furthermore, the paper ran quotes from Sen. Mark Warner and Rep. Adam Schiff, two of the most vocal proponents of the Russia election-hacking conspiracy theory (it is only a theory, after all), describing the ads as part of a sinister effort to undermine the democratic process. “Their aim was to sow chaos,” said Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.), vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. “In many cases, it was more about voter suppression rather than increasing turnout.” The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, said he hoped the public would be able to review the ad campaign. “I think the American people should see a representative sample of these ads to see how cynical the Russian were using these ads to sow division within our society,” he said, noting that he had not yet seen the ads but had been briefed on them, including the ones mentioning “things like Black Lives Matter.” For a story that’s supposed to be about the content of political advertisements that are now at the center of a widely followed investigation (much like Don Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer and her entourage in Trump Tower was just a month ago), the WaPo story includes scant details about their contents. For whatever reason, the paper neglected to publish photos of the ads. We imagine that whoever leaked the story probably figured that once readers see the ads and realize they’re indistinguishable from the rest of the political ad copy running on Facebook, voters will quickly lose interest. However, that didn’t stop one expert from offering some helpful “context” meant to feed the hysteria without saying anything conclusive. As the paper notes, the expert quoted hasn’t even seen the ads. While Facebook has downplayed the impact of the Russian ads on the election, Dennis Yu, chief technology officer for BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company that focuses on Facebook ads, said that $100,000 worth of Facebook ads could have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. “$100,000 worth of very concentrated posts is very, very powerful,” he said. “When you have a really hot post, you often get this viral multiplier. So when you buy this one ad impression, you can get an extra 20- to 40-times multiplier because those people comment and share it.” Watts, the Foreign Policy Research Institute fellow, has not seen the Facebook ads promised to Congress, but he and his team saw similar tactics playing out on Twitter and other platforms during the campaign. With little else to cling to, it appears that investigators – not to mention Trump’s critics - have invested so much in the Facebook interference narrative (not to mention Paul Manafort’s dealings with pro-Russian oligarchs), that admitting they were wrong would just be too damaging.
  5. Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the American Red Cross Establishment charities have criminal history of stealing disaster funds Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | Updated September 3 2005 As the aftermath of hurricane Katrina continues to wreak mayhem and havoc amid reports of mass looting, shooting at rescue helicopters, rapes and murders, establishment media organs are promoting the Red Cross as a worthy organization to give donations to. The biggest website in the world,, displays a Red Cross donation link prominently on its front page. Every time there is a major catastrophe the Red Cross and similar organizations like United Way are given all the media attention while other charities are left in the shadows. This is not to say that the vast majority of Red Cross workers are not decent people who simply want to help those in need. But what the media fails consistently to remember in their promotion of the organization is that the American Red Cross have been caught time and time again withholding money in the wake of horrible disasters that require immediate release of funds. The Red Cross, under the Liberty Fund, collected $564 million in donations after 9/11. Months after the event, the Red Cross had distributed only $154 million. The Red Cross' explanation for keeping the majority of the money was that it would be used to help 'fight the war on terror'. To the victims, this meant that the money was going towards bombing broken backed third world countries like Afghanistan and setting up surveillance cameras and expanding the police state in US cities, and not towards helping them rebuild their lives. Then Red Cross President Dr. Bernadine Healy arrogantly responded when questioned about the withholding of funds by stating, "The Liberty Fund is a war fund. It has evolved into a war fund." Despite the family members of victims of 9/11 complaining bitterly to a House Energy and Commerce Committee's oversight panel, the issue seemed to be brushed under the carpet and the mud didn't stick. The Red Cross' scandalous activities reach back far before 9/11. After the devastating San Francisco earthquake in 1989, the Red Cross passed on only $10 million of the $50 million that had been raised, and banked the rest. Similar donations after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the Red River flooding in 1997 were also greedily withheld. Insight Magazine reported, “The first days after the bombing,” says one family member, “people from all over the country were sending checks in lieu of flowers and we were getting a lot of checks and cash every day — hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. Then the Red Cross went down to the post office and made arrangements to collect the mail and they would deliver it to us in bulk. All the mail had been opened, and from that point on there never was a dime, even in letters that said money was enclosed.” The Red Cross has been caught engaging in rampant corruption on an all too regular basis. 3,000 people died after thousands of Canadians were infected with HIV and hepatitis C from tainted blood supplies.The Canadian Red Cross pleaded guilty to the charges earlier this year after they had been directly caught knowlingly shipping out the infected blood. Smaller charities that were involved with the 2004 Tsunami relief project went public to say that large charities like Red Cross and United Way were engaged in secret backroom negotiations with each other that meant a large portion of the donation money was purposefully restricted from reaching the most needy areas affected by the disaster. The history is clear, the Red Cross and other large so-called charities are in actual fact front group collection agencies for the military industrial complex. Many informed historians have even alleged that the Red Cross was used as a Skull and Bones cover to overthrow The Russian Czar and pave the way for the rise of the Bolsheviks. Do not give any money to the Red Cross unless you support the expansion of empire abroad and police state at home. Find a smaller trustworthy organization in the local area of New Orleans and make your donation to them.
  6. Do something about fixing all the corruption then, instead of constantly whining about Trump!!
  7. Of course it IS !!! The fact is Mueller couldn't find anything against Trump - because there was NO Russian collusion. So now they are seeking to find something, anything to 'prove' their lie is true ... and obviously Fuckerberg is willing to do whatever his CIA handlers want him to do. So I'm sure they've been working on creating these ads and artificially creating the accounts and everything else they needed to back them up - when the true Russian collusion was with the Podesta brothers and the Clintons ... NOT to mention that news article that came out saying the Saudis donated $25 million to the Clinton campaign But where's the investigation of that? Oh that's right - Mueller and every other Democrat on that investigation is in the Clinton's pocket!!!
  8. Hurricanes have been forming and devastating this land since the beginning of time - wasn't any human-generated carbon in the air back then to blame them on - just like humans aren't the cause of these recent ones .. unless they were the direct result of weather modification - yup - it's a real thing!! And up in Alberta Weather Modification is being used to control storms ...
  9. That wimpy little Trudeau isn't going to do anything to stop the USA - he'll try to threaten whomever he wants, because he's a full grown red-blooded globalist bought and paid for by big banks, George Soros, and the democratic party BUT he's dealing with an American President trying to do what's best for Americans, NOT Canadians or Mexicans ... and if this country had given a crap back when Mulroney signed the deal - Canadians wouldn't have given up their manufacturing capabilities to Mexico, and every other third-world country.
  10. Talk about Nazi socialism ... the individual countries don't want it Jean-Claude Hitler ...
  11. Or maybe they're afraid Kaspersky will actually prevent the US government from spying on its own employees ...
  12. What about all the poor older people that fainted waiting for this whiny law-breaker to finally show up for her book signing cuz Barnes and Noble wouldn't let them in? And the journalist who asked her about the missing emails and Seth Rich and then was bodily removed from the store? Americans want answers and this old bat only wants money ... too bad her book had to be marked down 40 - 50% right out of the gate!!! NOT much profits left for you, you lying witch!!!
  13. Breaking Laws ... you talking about your hero Obummer? Because I have no idea which law you seem to think Trump has broken. And there you go deflecting your anger back at someone pointing out facts that fly in the face of your your anti-Trump bias again ... As you may have noticed (or perhaps you really are that zombified by the lame stream media that you can't see facts when they are presented to you), the left are the whiners and snowflakes ... You're trying to make people believe that they can't lose their country? As long as the Rhinos and Democrats keep blocking Trump at every turn, or the CIA removes him a la JFK then that is a very real premise because as the Media is telling you - you have to stop free speech because it's a hate crime ... and then they'll need to take away your guns and other freedoms and then ... boom!! you're in a FEMA camp wondering how you got there, and why is the government controlling every aspect of your life!
  14. Facebook also said they were posting FAKE News during the election cycle ... GEE - without evidence except Facebook's say so - I find the Russian connection very suspicious ... Zuckerpig!!!
  15. Funny ... That's not the way others who had the book were saying ... she's blaming everyone except herself!!! Democrats Clinton blasts Bernie Sanders for inspiring 'Crooked Hillarious' attacks By Alex Pappas Published September 05, 2017 Fox News Former Secretary of State Hillarious Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. (Reuters) Hillarious Clinton takes aim at former Democratic presidential rival Bernie Sanders in her soon-to-be-released campaign memoir, accusing him of “paving the way” for the relentless “Crooked Hillarious” attacks she endured from Donald Trump in the general election. According to excerpts that have surfaced online, Clinton accused Sanders of resorting to “innuendo and impugning my character” during the contentious primary because the Democratic socialist “couldn’t make” a policy argument against her. “Nonetheless, his attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election and paving the way for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillarious’ campaign,” Clinton wrote. Clinton’s book -- "What Happened” – isn’t set for release until Sept. 12. But several supporters who obtained the book have published early purported excerpts on social media. In the book, the former Democratic presidential nominee compared Sanders to the “deranged hitchhiker” in the 1998 Ben Stiller movie “There’s Something About Mary.” “A deranged hitchhiker says he’s come up with a brilliant plan,” Clinton wrote, describing a scene in the movie. “Instead of the famous ‘eight-minute abs’ exercise routine, he’s going to market ‘seven minute abs.’ It’s the same, just quicker. Then the driver, played by Ben Stiller, says, ‘Well, why not six-minute abs?’” Clinton added: “That’s what it was like in policy debates with Bernie. We would propose a bold infrastructure plan or an ambitious new apprenticeship program for young people, and then Bernie would announce basically the same thing, but bigger. On issue after issue, it was like he kept proposing four-minute abs, or even no-minute abs. Magic abs!” SWEET JESUS Hillarious HAS NO MERCY! God I love this. — Adam (@itsAdamJSmith) September 4, 2017 Clinton lamented in the book how she was pressured – including by President Obama – not to “hit back against Bernie’s attacks.” “My team kept reminding me that we didn’t want to alienate Bernie’s supporters,” Clinton wrote. “President Obama urged me to grit my teeth and lay off Bernie as much as I could. I felt I was in a straitjacket.” "President Obama urged me to grit my teeth and lay off Bernie as much as I could. I felt like I was in a straitjacket." - HRC — Hillarious Warned Us (@HillaryWarnedUs) September 4, 2017 She also accused some of Sanders’ supporters – “the so-called Bernie Bros” – of harassing her supporters online and being “more than a little sexist.” “I don’t know if that bothered Bernie or not,” Clinton writes. “He certainly shared my horror at the thought of Donald Trump becoming president, and I appreciated that he campaigned for me in the general election. But he isn’t a Democrat—that’s not a smear, that’s what he says. He didn’t get into the race to make sure a Democrat won the White House, he got in to disrupt the Democratic Party.” She added, “I am proud to be a Democrat and I wish Bernie were, too.” "(Bernie) got in to disrupt the Democratic Party." - HRC — Hillarious Warned Us (@HillaryWarnedUs) September 4, 2017 Hillarious CLINTON CHARGING BIG BUCKS FOR BOOK TOUR EVENTS Clinton is planning to embark on a tour across the United States and Canada to promote “What Happened.” The steep ticket prices for these live events have not gone unnoticed in the publishing industry. For $2,375.95 (or $3,000 in Canadian dollars), Clinton fans in Toronto can obtain a “VIP platinum ticket” for her Sept. 28 talk, for example. That ticket includes two front-row seats, a photo with Clinton backstage and a signed book.
  16. Back bleachers ... oh no Karsten ... On the ice!!! Or bench
  17. NO they don't control the House. The Globalist do!! And Trump will never get anything done until the Paul Ryans John McCains and Mitch McConells of the Rebublican party and all the other corrupt politicians whose interest in their pocketbooks comes before the people the represent, are ousted from office and replaced by Libertarians. And the Democrats have basically shot themselves in the foot by their backing of violent Antifa groups and are scrambling to pretend they never stood for them in the first place. The Dems will pick up seats anyway because they've had some time to perfect their illegal voting schemes. And as long as there is NO Voter ID law instituted in California and other key states - they'll use the influx of illegal aliens to bolster their support at the ballot box.
  18. You posted the votes - but didn't answer the underlying question: How long have they been in the Senate? A few months, a few years ... or I suspect - a few terms which does make them holdovers ... And these are ONLY mentions on Obummer Care's Screw the People Act Murkowski ... I see mentions back to 2009 McCain (the war-mongering Globalist who told his constituents he would vote it down to get elected) ... 2009 Lyin' Feinstein ... 2009 Harris ... Newly elected to the Senate Bennet ... 2009 Blumenthal ... 2011 Murphy ... 2009 Carper ... 2009 Coons ... 2011 Nelson ... 2009 Hirono ... 2009 Schatz ... 2015 Duckworth ... 2013 I guess I could go on - but I think you get my point!!!!
  19. It would be a lot easier to get that healthcare promise done without all these Clinton, Obummer holdovers still in power in the government - think about that. Get rid of all these criminals and their crony underlings and let the nation heal itself!!!
  20. Hate has NO place in this world - and I would NEVER support the hate groups (on all sides) being funded and organized by the Democrats and George Soros to overthrow your elected President. But you wouldn't know that because your news won't cover that angle - you only believe what you're being told!!! And your anti-Trump bias seems to have a selective understanding level when it comes to him denouncing hate groups (just like the Lame stream media is telling you). He denounced all hate groups from all sides - what part of that couldn't you wrap your brain around?
  21. How nice that you CAN`T find anything to argue with there so you have to make it an all-inclusive argument. But you still miss the point that the sheeple are the brain-dead snowflakes following the herd mentality ... NOT the people fed up with their corrupt government and its globalist minions - the PEOPLE that put Trump in office.
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