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  1. I haven't posted on DV for a long time but I still find it funny how many people actually take Possum the slightest bit serious, to the point where some will even get downright offended.... haha ridiculous....
  2. Tiff- Gave you a plus to try and offset the ignorant negs (ignorance and fear are the only two reasons I can think of for giving a negative to your post, but then again history has proven organized religion to provide both of those things in droves). From one minority member to another, nice research.
  3. When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he already had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris.....
  4. Poking fun at conspiracy theorists who claim conjecture and heresay as undeniable truth; they say "here's what the experts say" or "here's what this one guy claims" but then disregard what many more experts and eye witnesses claim that opposes the conspiracy theory. Understandable that you wouldn't agree, most people don't find it entertaining when they're the one being made fun of.
  5. Haha so are you suggesting that in order for a tower to collapse the steel needs to be fully melted? Ever consider the fact that steel, or really any material for that matter, does not need to melt in order for it to lose much of it's strength and structural integrity? Ask any firefighter or anyone that has seen a building with steel pillars post-collapse from a fire: You will see plenty of bent and twisted up steel, you will almost never see steel that has been melted. Case in point: the roughly 1100 degrees (rough estimate since jet fuel burns anywhere from 800 degrees to 1500 degrees) would be more than enough to weaken steel enough to collapse massive buildings like the WTC towers.
  6. That is amazing... you should win.
  7. When Alexander Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris....
  8. As for protecting you. I did my time in the military protecting YOU I now assume you are a big boy and can protect yourself. No longer my job. Would also appreciate a thank you for past protection. Better yet how about you join and protect me. Will not happen because you are a typical LEG Hmmm well the obvious arrogance can't really be misunderstood.... the disturbing factor is the suggestion that service was given in order to be able to solicit thank you's from all the "lesser beings" out there....
  9. Appreciate your posts easy, despite what some of these clowns might say... nothing wrong with passing along information, but it does show a definite lack of intelligence when people take out their own misguided frustrations on you for doing it; keep doing what you do man.
  10. I agree with you on that one keep! It looks (at least to me) like both randalln and poseidon are offering great examples of what is wrong with both schools of thought here on DV. It's irresponsible to make claims on this kind of site without something substantial to back it up. I'm not going to say that evidence for a lop isn't out there for all to see, but I have to question the motives of someone who comes on and seems antagonistic from the first post without giving any tangible food for thought. At the same time, any joe shmo can come on here and say his mothers husbands brothers nephew holds blah blah blah position at the CBI and he has proof of an RV, we've seen it so many times it's not even funny. It's all becoming very childish it seems. + for you Legolas, that's what I'm talking about!
  11. See this is what I mean. It's people like Poseidon that are giving rational, well spoken, respectful people like Jim1cor13 a bad name.
  12. Great post, gotta say I agree with pretty much the whole thing. One perspective I would put out there, and I think is a possible reason why those more "realistic" sounding posts are seen as negative, is sometimes the way in which the message is delivered. For example, when someone is being condescending about it, or when they jump on simply to say something like "not gonna happen!" or something pointless like "nuff said" (though I have to admit half the time I'm not even sure what someone means when they say that) without giving reasons or facts. In a way I think there are sort of two camps on the "realistic" side of the fence; the ones who do their research and present their opinion in an adult and informed manner, and those who seem to just like stirring the pot or feel the need to convey their message in a pretentious, sometimes even rude manner. It's a shame because one side is presenting a well thought out perspective while the other... well sometimes it's hard to really even define the intent of that side of the coin. The unfortunate part is I think people sometimes lump the two together which is neither fair nor accurate. Do I hold out hope for an RV? Yes. Am I humble enough to realize and admit when I'm dealing with things that are beyond my current knowledge and research? Yes. Can I therefore accept the fact that RV is only one possibility and things could just as easily take a completely different road? Absolutely, but that's why I made sure to NOT spend a painful amount on this so that I can hold onto my hope, yet not be crushed if it doesn't go my way. Either way, great post Jim1cor13, thanks for bringing it out Legolas.
  13. Got mine almost the same, from old school counterstrike from years back though.... Mr. Miyagi, wax on wax off, methodical, purposeful, tricky, strategic, zen, that whole thing.... that and I am an advocate for making the mantis kick an in-game manuever on first person shooters
  14. Hey Adam, I'm not the sharpest when it comes to understanding everything going on with this law and how it will affect me... I have 300k IQD, if the RV comes out and it does not push this above $1,000,000 what kind of problems will I have to deal with in order to cash in?
  15. I read all sorts of entertaining stuff on this site on a daily basis, but if I want solid, factual information laid out in a sensible manner there's really only two people I look to (used to be 3, but haven't seen a DOC post in a while) and that's Adam and Scooter. It makes me very sad to see you go Scooter, but knowing you I'm sure it's a well thought out decision. I wish you nothing but happiness and love with your family, and I wish all of us a swift RV! Who knows, maybe I'll run into you while cashing in sometime soon. Nothing but the best Scoot, you will be sorely missed!
  16. Wow it's unbelievable how many people take Possum so seriously, it should be obvious he's just having some fun! I for one know that when I click on a possum post I'm not doing it to glean any legit info about the dinar, I'm doing it for a quick laugh and for a reminder that taking ANYTHING too seriously is a bad thing, especially an investment that none of us have control over. Even months ago when his posts would contain the dreaded word "intel" among other popular guru phrases it was still obvious by reading it that he couldn't possibly be serious. For those who still see a possum post, think "oh boy maybe this is some serious info!" only to open it and be consumed by anger at being duped (really just duping yourself), I truly feel sorry for you. Maybe it's time to turn off the DV, turn on Comedy Central, and brush up on what's a joke and what isn't. Lighten up, if for no other reason than your own health.
  17. IMO you are both right and wrong. No, I don't believe our government cares about our soldiers in any sort of sentimental kind of way, and yes they are a bunch of greedy bastard politicians. Our military, our troops, and our people, however, are all the most powerful tools for them to achieve said power, so yes they actually care about us very much. Not on a personal care level, but more like the way you care for a tool that helps you accomplish something; you don't necessarily care if the hammer feels pain when you smash a nail, but you do care that it is whole and working otherwise it makes the overall goal more difficult. The fact of the matter is, in this country at least, more military losses, higher soldier casualties, and more social unrest make things more difficult for the political wolves to maintain their power over us; it's not that they give 2 shits about us, it's that we're more useful to them whole rather than dead or disgruntled, and that's why they do in fact care. said the guy who's mental capacity kept him from saying anything of substance so he then chose to make fun of a screenname.... hahaha oh man
  18. Oh ya for sure, makes total sense.... really, our government would totally benefit from starting world war 3..... ass....
  19. Indeed life is far too short, however I just want to make sure I'm following you properly... are you suggesting that the pursuit of knowledge, education, and the expanding of our mental capacities along with a sharpened ability to communicate both through written word and verbally are meaningless things?! Because if that is the case, then I believe you are the last person who should be weighing in on such a topic and I pity you.
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