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  1. Sorry easy, that's not what it's all about.
  2. Things around here are just too darn dramatic lately and I've been hearing things about what our leader is doing so I'm gone! com is an awesome site and everyone is there!!!! Good bye all my friends.
  3. If you can stock up on the Sam Adams I'll be totally impressed. We blow through em as soon as we get em. This warm weather calls for some cold beer!
  4. Don't stop believin' - Hold on to the feelin' - Streetlights people ~ Journey Sorry, Just couldn't help myself. All this believing has this song popping in and out of my head. Just for the record, I really do want to believe I just know who we're dealing with (Iraq) and I think they like screwing with us.
  5. I won't believe it until I see it and have cash in hand but tomorrow being my birthday and Summer Solstice would be the perfect day for an RV.
  6. Thank you so much AoK! It's just like these poor bank tellers that get 50 calls a day when ever anyone says it's going to happen today at noon.
  7. Sorry, I didn't read this post first and started a topic with my dinar pic. Here is my pic so I can get verified. Thanks
  8. Well you're looking at my pic of dinar with my dv name so I can get verified next week. Silly, you cant verify me but I'm hoping Sara will next week. You're funny.
  9. To Adam and Munsch, All of your help with this and follow up is greatly appreciated. Dinar-ified here I come!!
  10. This doesn't necessarily mean that the letter is real or not but I confirmed the phone number on the letter head matches their contact information on their website. I called the phone number and it does say it is "Hodges and Associates Law Firm" and asks you to leave your name and number as they are closed. (obviously since it's Sat.) I was hoping like a lot of banks that are named in scam attempts I was hoping if this wasn't real that they would have a message stating that "if you're calling about such and such letter being circulated this is not from our office" or something like that. I guess we wait and see what happens.
  11. Thanks for getting this posted Psych. I was called earlier and told to read it and I have no idea what to think about it. This is a real law firm from what I can see but I don't know if this lawyer and MTT are a bunch of conspiracy theorists or if this is real. I'm confused.
  12. Thanks for your help everyone. Looks like Psych received the letter from someone and was able to post it. It's in Rumors if you'd like to see it.
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