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  1. So why does Dinar Recaps continue to print all the garbage Tony still puts out every day?
  2. What else can you expect from Okie or one of his followers?
  3. Even more pathetic is all those who drink the koolaid and believe all that @#$%
  4. Any post that has the word okie in it I immediately delete.
  5. Anytime I see a post with the names okie, bullcrapdog or jonnywg I just keep on going without reading since everthing they have posted in the past has always been nonsense and without any redeeming value.
  7. It is amazing that so many of this group fall all over themselves and swallow someones opinion hook line and sinker, and then thank them like they were some kind of special source of info. Anyone can have an opinion but get real, it is just their opinion not a direct message from on high.
  8. Anything even REMOTELY conencted with okie has absolutely zero credability.
  9. The "guru's" whose posts we have been reading are the result of an overflowing toilet.
  10. Yeah, a super secret source, but I can't tell you anything. WHEN are we going to stop believing this kind of crap?
  11. Or, "we are closer than we were yesterday"
  12. Sounds to me like the same old stuff. "Super secret, I can't tell you when or where but it is "closer than ever". BS.
  13. I have finally come to the point that if I see the names Okie or bullcrapdog or jonnywg associated with an article I just delete it without reading since I already know it is nothing but nonsense.
  14. FINALLY a logical article that makes sense. Thanks for posting.
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