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  1. Rick (the hair doo) Perry is a Builderberg member, things wou't be much better with him because he will sell us out to the globalist just like most leaders before.
  2. THERE ARE RICHES HEADED YOUR WAY! Hey Brian........ I got a similar fortune cookie last week, it must mean something right? I have to say kudos Amigo for your post! After-all you are spot on about one thing, "nothing is as it seems" infact you sir have as much if not more credibility than all the other parrots aka gurus on this site and all the others that spew all there TODAY, TONIGHT, TOMORROW, 24-72 HRS AWAY, ITS ALREADY HAPPENED, WE ARE THERE, BOOTS ON THE GROUND SAY!, LOWER DEN-OMS SPOTTED, ........ all of them proven to have BAD INTEL, BTW these people have given the word intelligence a bad rep. Point being......... none of these sources have any thing better than our fortune cookies brother, and there intel sucks so bad I am going with the cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lastly all you that gave this guy bad marks, shame on you! His post make more cents than most of the mindless no credible garbage I see on all these sights. Bash on if you must.............. There are other threads you can read if you don't like this on Amigo!
  3. Ahhhh StarShip, like were your coming from but would like to point out that we no longer have a legitimate government. Washington has been infiltrated with criminals and gangster politics. Did that FRAUD PUPPET Obama consult the congress before invading yet another country, NO he calibrated with that criminal element called the UN. So the likelyhood of these criminals pulling some new unconstitutional rabbit out of the hat is VERY HIGH! just sayin Amigo O yea link, try...... completely illegitimate unconstitutional treasonist gov. com hahahahah!
  4. articulate why they dislike her. Hey Psych........... Wake up! she is by the way partly responsible for Obama-care, all the Wall street/Banker bailouts TRILLIONS that were stolen from us THAT INCLUDES YOU! clearly articulate why they dislike her. On national TV she said and I am quoting.... " well we have to just pass the bill ( the unconstitutional Obama Care bill ) so the American public can see whats in it.
  5. KUDOS to U Aferriss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Have you been living under a rock? You dont realize how much damage her a the white collar criminal cabal have done to this country. FWI we have no legitimate government any more. They have gang raped the American public, she is by the way partly responsible for Obama-care, all the Wall street/Banker bailouts TRILLIONS that were stolen from us THAT INCLUDES YOU Molasses! But you love it don't you, loss of your liberties & freedom to these criminals, BTW Romans 13 was one of Hitlers favorite bible verse ( LOOK IT UP ! ). If your buddy Obama told you to drive off a cliff, or rat out your neighbor because there are loyal to our Constitution not this gangster government would you do it? WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I saw what I believe to be ether the same post or one that's very similar about Rhodium weeks back. I did spent some time researching this metal, found out that it's been as high as $10k oz. to as low as $720. oz. However the amount of data out there was very limited. I am already invested in other metals and would like to know more if you could advise. Thanks in advance!
  8. Yes you are spot on with that, even when you posses the deed / it's paid off you think you own it? YOU DON'T!!! Get behind on any tax your want to name, and if you can't settle up with the controllers buy the ultamite deadline your given see how fast your are escorted off what you thought was yours. Something that's truly yours cant be taken away! You have a piece of paper that says what it's yours? A piece of paper kinda like all fiat currency including USD. :lol:
  9. Ah not sure why any one would try to cash in at a bank when the currency is not recognized on an international level or it has not RI/RV as of yet. Please advise, does this make any sense?
  10. Well Kenneth, now that you have emerged from under the rock you live under, I did not write my post based on those b--- s--- posts you threw up there. You still don't get it and you never will, those FAUX claims were a form of media, propaganda, what I posted about the FAUX network had nothing to to with your uninformed comments, you & FAUX deserve each other!
  11. 1) Any one not familiar with the fact that All Mainstream Media including FAUX NEWS is corporate/globalist/government afilleated and or owned therefor it's controlled by the same! GET IT!!! 2) FAUX network, Glen Beck, Shawn Hannity, are whats called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, it's a big smoke screen that many buy into because these guys make you think they are on your side buy exposing some of the corruption (as to falsely gain your confidence) but they never go for the juggler because they cant! They are told what they can and can't say. 3) Just the other day the FAUX network were exposed for over-dubing a Ron Paul clip that the audio had people booing him when in fact he has gotten a standing ovation every time he speaks, all of his appearances are on record at C-SPAN and no such thing ever happened! 4) Governments have used media to control people every since there has been media, it's a fact! Just google the term! The forces at work that control the government wrote about this long before there was television, it's in there own documents that would influence people through media. It all started with print, then radio, and now television! 5) FAUX network = CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, It's a stategic term used for a long time now!
  12. Thank you cknbreck, we need TTBP or SLLJ aircraft to seat less than 10, thanks so much for trying to help! Thank you all for the help here @ D/V !!! I need small jet or K/Q Air round trip, (dinar holder)
  13. path1 thanks for your reply, I have people wanting to fly out of Hooks in Spring, and Arlington to Nashville! Would like to discuss all possibilities. Pleas gentlemen, I hope you took a second to look at the title of the post (dinar holders only) I wish to secure private jet service from Texas to Tennessee with a like minded / Dinar holder, I thank you all for the awesome response!!!
  14. Blue sounds like we may need to talk, I am in Spring Tx. near Hooks airport, lets talk!!! Thanks Jet, I know some of those guys already, looking for some one in the DINAR as in possibly to consider negotiation with Dinar post R/V THANK YOU AGAIN JET!!!
  15. Well fellas not exactly what I was hoping to find, BTW phone books are nothing more that glorified door stops now for most folks, we would like to hook up with some one with access to private aircraft that is DINAR SAVY and discuss air transportation arrangements
  16. I am with a group from Texas looking to do business with a like minded air charter service post R/V
  17. Wow Maynard, do you have a dumbed down version of what you posted, ala - no diploma / GED, thanks in advance!
  18. Outstanding observation TRUTH, boy something we could use more of is Facts & Truth, not fantasies & speculation
  19. Since April of last year I have been waiting for the GOI to stop hiding behind skirts. I have been waiting for them to evolve into brass. What has been the delay? Please note the word “what”…….not “who”. IMO the delay is………the formation of the GOI. As we have said before…….nothing and I mean nothing will happen to our RI until the GOI is official. Reminds me of a little kid that puts their hands in the cookie jar and we ask them……..what’s in your hand? They reply……nothing. It’s too obvious that the GOI doesn’t want to be seated because it would reveal too much. Stop and think Family……..M is not only in control of the GOI (visible or not) but he is now in control of the CBI. Nobody complained in the past weeks and nobody is really complaining right now. Iraqi TV could care less about what M did because Iraqi TV is the GOI and M is sending a message to the Iraqi citizens via TV ……….I am in control of everything. If the GOI has been the hold up then M has removed them from the equation of delays. IMO things are going to move faster now. Example: the lifting of the 000’s and the approval of the new rate once the LD’s are introduced require GOI approval. Not any longer. The LD’s and fils have Kurd language on them. Committees are required to approve this through the GOI. Not any more. Lawsuits are pending and waiting for the GOI to act upon them ……….but not any more. You see M now has the power to INSTANTLY approve anything. He doesn’t need committees………he doesn’t need CBI approval to raise the value of the IQD. If you remember………this is one of M’s goals ……….to improve their currency’s value and strength. Could it be that M is increasing the GOVERNENCY of the CBI so that he can expedite Shabibi’s goal of introducing the LD’s as quickly as possible now? Is M creating FILTERS that will protect the IQD from future bad guys? No one really seems to be complaining about what M did………almost as if it’s part of ………The Plan. Not sure about that but I am left feeling uncomfortable because M’s move makes me feel ……….comfortable. The BAD with the GOOD regardless of how UGLY it looks. Has M bypassed parliament procedures to speed up the RI? Patterns point in that direction. M can approve a new law now and not have to go to parliament. The Supreme Court might have done the right thing to also help the Kurds with their 19 or 20 demands that are still on the board. A wave of his hand could wipe out a lot of decay. Oops my bad…….I mean a lot of delay. Oil contracts may actually have a chance now if M is in the mood to make some serious money. Many things are none of our business and this chess game that is constantly played in the ME ……….M knows how to play this game! Let’s see what the attitude about M’s power play sounds like tomorrow in Iraq. Let’s see what the GOI articles pump out. Remember ……..we study Iraqi TV because it is the GOI and even the CBI now bows to them. You see …….the GOI is the last place where the buck will stop for the IQD. Hence our desire to follow Iraqi TV very closely. Speaking of Iraqi TV……..just one thing DELTA and I wish to share with you. TV said that a large delegation representing the GOI has left today for Geneva. They will be meeting with the WTO to discuss membership. Family………this is big. My Team and I looked in three places to find something negative about what M did last Sunday. We went to the World Bank then we went to the US Treasury and finally to the IMF. The UN is not part of what we were researching. These three sources have demanded that Iraq raise the value of their currency. Not one of them exploded over what M did. Then ………we see Iraqi TV saying that the GOI is meeting with the WTO. Why waste time? Why meet? Why all the silence about meetings and their topics? If I was the WTO I would tell the GOI at this meeting to stop LYING about the value of their currency. M wants to improve private sector investments……..then stop lying about your currency and join the WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION !!! Banks need to accept and recognize your currency so they can exchange it. You Maliki need to accept the true value of what you have now taken 100% control over. Oooooooh ………now I get it. You did something supernatural this past Sunday …….for this coming meeting. Hmmm……..good for you M. Madness or genius…….not for me to say.
  20. If there is no change on the CBI My link sell 1,170 & buy 1,168 then go back to sleep or go to work! Don't quit your job yet!
  21. Reverse pumping???? funny hahahaha! (aka deflate-rs) Thanks for the post-just havin fun!
  22. A-men Brother, common thread between the post & the poster! YIKES!
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