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  1. Pardon my ignorance - I know what "Go RV" means but the "then BV" just lost me. What the heck does that mean? This speaking and writing in initials for the words is a really pitiful form of communications. The Dinar websites seem to run rampant with this sort of communication. So, could someone please explain to me what is the meaning of the above post?
  2. For those that choose to read this post, Thank you in advance for reading my "rant." First off, I am not giving up on the investment, but this so called "intel" is just getting beyond ridiculous. As I recall, Rv was certain to happen by June 30th. No if's ands or buts, June 30th was our day. NOT! Let's see - wasn't it on July 16th that numerous IRS and UST offices were opening up for "Cash-in." Well, we all know that was bogus. I disputed the info when it was first offered but was told by those that want to "grasp at straws" when it comes to "intel" about the rate and date the straw graspers justified this "intel" up the yeng-yang. Well, how did that info work out for you. Did we get to cash in at one of those IRS/UST offices? Huummmm???? Oh, don't forget, we were also going to have to pay 15% taxes up front at those IRS/UST offices also. LMAO!!!! And tell me, how many times has Obama "signed off" on the Rv, how many times have you heard this? Oh, and let's not forget that the US Debt Ceiling debacle was also holding up the Rv and now people are trying to tie the S&P down-grading of our bond ratings to the Rv hold up, not to mention the decline in the stock market. And now I read somewhere that Hillarious Clinton is in charge of the Rv. Hillarious Clinton can't control her own husband, let alone the currency reval of a foreign country. Remember, it was Hillarious Clinton that described Syria, Libya and Egypt in glowing terms of civility. Aren't those the countries that are now embrolied in civil war and the gov't is killing their own citizens??? Give me a break. The only thing Hillarious Clinton is accomplishing is aging at an accelerated pace from all the travel and lack of sleep and gaining so much weight that Bill wants to send her to a "fat farm." Iraq is now a SOVEREIGN Nation. SOVEREIGN????? - It means independent, self governing. I know this is probably a way out assumption on my part, God forbid, but Barack Obama can't govern the US let alone have any authority over the government of Iraq at this time. IMO, Obama is NOT IN CONTROL of the Rv. Shabibbi and the CBI and GOI are in control of the Rv. If Obama is in control of this, give up - the man cannot make a decision. Most of his votes when he was in Congress was "present" not yea or nay. He doesn't want to have to take responsibility for anything. Cannot make a straight up yes or no decision. Cannot articulate a plan. Can you say Dumb-A$$???? Oh, let's not forget that we were told over and over "Obama is delaying the Rv cause he wants a higher tax rate." That is the biggest load of BS that has come out during all these Rv predictions and rhetoric. Obama , nor Tim Geithner, are empowered to enact tax revenue increases without the Congress passing the bills and then the President either vetos or signs the bills making them laws. It is that cut and dried. The President can enact executive orders, but those orders cannot be "money bills." The House of Representatives is the only body of legislators that can write bills that have to do with money and then the Senate has to approve it and then and only then does it go to the President's office. There will be the "straw graspers" that will want to debate this, go ahead - it won't change the facts as to how our Gov't operates. If Obama could "willy-nilly" increase taxes he would have done it by now. Obama is on TV daily whining and crying about how the Congress needs to raise taxes on the millionaires and billionaires and corporate jet owners, who in his opinion, do not pay their fair share. Obama is powerless to raise taxes. As much as he hates and despises successful people, he would have raised taxes in a heart beat if he had that kind of power. Good news - folks - when it comes to taxes - the House of Representatives is currently controlled by the GOP - there will not be any tax increases as long as the GOP controls the House. So when you read about O holding out for a higher rate and higher taxes - please take it with a grain of salt and move on - it is bogus info. I could go on and on exploding the myths of "intel" we have suffered through, especially the past 8 months. I don't know how it was prior to Dec. 2010, when I got invested, but seems to me we have heard every week that the Rv is a sure thing in the "Tuesday-Thursday" window. Where do they get this info??? Thanks for reading my rant. I pay a fee to access several of these websites and I expect a little more accurate "intel" then what is being put out there. Obama, Hillarious Clinton, Tim Geithner nor the financial troubles of the US have anything to do with the Rv and I am astonished at the statements being made by the "gurus' who I believe to be intelligent and educated individuals, when they make these claims that somehow members of the US Gov't is in control of this thing. IMO Shabibbi and the GOI members are in charge of the Rv and none other. I. along with two of my dinarian friends joke now about the Rv being a sure thing on such and such a date - AGAIN! Surely I am not the only one that is weary from all this "gonna happen by 2pm, etc., etc., etc. info. I strongly believe the Rv will happen and have tucked my IQD away in my home safe. I have made the decision today to stop reading the "intel" and listening to the CC's and chats. It is a waste of time. I am basng my decsion on 8 months of false info that has been offered. No one knows the date or the rate. The Rv will happen when it happens without my reading the blogs and boards. I will know about it when I get that text from PTR and from Adam Montana. As I said, thanks for reading my rant. I appreciate Adam and DV cause he let's us "vent" without censorship and he is not on the chat or the phone every day giving out "intel" that unfortunately never comes to fruition. The Rv will happen, just don't bet the farm on the info that is being put out on a daily basis by all the known "gurus." They have no track record to back up their claims. I am going to start paying closer attention to Shabbs and his crowd over in the sandbox. Not O, Geithner, the FED or Hilliary. Blessings to All.
  3. Well, Delta from Frank 26's Site and a couple of others have maintained that the IQD would Rv at a rate of .86 cents and there it is in the gold equasion. Maybe they are right. I am hoping for a little higher rate, but would be happy with an Rv of any sort, can always wait for it to increase.
  4. I am with you on that opinion. It is Iraq's decision, no one else. All this hype is getting way out of control and "over the top." All this CRAP about Obama is the hold-up - IMO is CRAP - all this stuff about IRS/UST Offices opening for cash-in is delusional. IRS offices are opening to assist tax payers that can't get there on a weekday. There are NO NEW UST offices opening anywhere. They do have Regional Offices in some larger cities, but thats it. No new UST offices. Taxes on Rv profits, if realized in 2011 won't be due till April 15, 2012. There has been no hiring of 16,000 new IRS Agents. That was a hypothetical situation put forward by some GOP Members of Congress in response to Obama-Care. They said that is would take at least 16K new IRS Agents to monitor and fact check the returns of Americans to make sure they were compliant with Obama-Care regulations. Of course "the grasping at straws crowd" who want to tie everything that happens to a sign of the Rv" refuse to use any common sense in these matters. They really don't give a hoot about fact checking anything. I really don't care what they think - they have become as comical as cartoons, yet pitiful. I have been listening to the "guru's constantly saying week after week for months on end that "tomorrow is probably the day" till I now take it all with a grain of salt. Most all the material that is put forth is mostly extraneous having nothing to do with the Rv in delaying or expediting. Of course when one says anything that "rains on the parade" of those that refuse to believe there are daily events that actually have nothing to do with the Rv - well we get bashed and verbally bludgeoned to a pulp - but it doesn't change the facts. So, bash away, or else post a picture of the receipt you got from cashing in at one of the phantom UST offices that are opening tomorrow and I will apologize for being wrong. Am anxiously awaiting a picture of that cash-in receipt!!!!
  5. New IRS offices are not setting up. Existing IRS Offices are just having extended hours on Saturday 7/16/11. Has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RV. But if you refuse to believe this - then go to your local IRS Office on Sat with your dinars and tell them you are there to cash in and have your millions wired to your bank account and you want to pay the taxes due on your profits right then and there so you can be added to "the No Audit list." Please be sure and post for all the rest of us your positive experience and be sure and tell us the rate you got. We will be waiting in great anticipation to hear about this rewarding experience you are going to have. Take pictures, too. and upload for us to see. Oh, BTW - the IRS did have Saturday hours earlier in the year prior to April 15th.
  6. I think that maybe they were really trying to say is triple the amount of dinar they are holding - like if they have 1 mil dinar - that the rate come out at $3+ would give them 3 million USD. I could be wrong, but sometimes people get mixed up when trying to explain exactly what they mean as far as a reval. I would be happy with a $3+ rate - I would be delirious with a $5+ rate.
  7. I just googled the topic "IRS/UST Offices Opening In Iraq" to help with the Rv and cash-in Americans and Military personnel and the only references that came up in the search were those that had mentioned it on IQD Websites. This info has been posted by a few "gurus' but I can find no supporting evidence of such from any other source other than all the websites that have repeated the "intel." Just wondering why that is?
  8. In another thread authored by "1extardinar" he writes a long narrative about his experience at a B of A - don't waste your time reading it - it is completely false and he made it up as a "joke." He is a JOKE, IMO.
  9. I am confused by this posting - if you read the entire thing closely - please note the line that I have highlighted in bold print above - seems Tummybed is saying that the bank wanted to give a total of $3.37 for the 5K note. I sent a PM asking for clarification - did the bank mean $3.37 rate per dinar = $1 USD making this 5K note worth more than $16K+ or was it just $3.37 total for the note? Have not had a reply yet - but I am curious as to what Tummybed's response will be. So, this post by Tummybed that has been interpreted as a HOT RUMOR saying the rate is over $3.00 may be just an error in not reading and understanding the full context of the info and there is NO HOT RUMOR with a stated rate of $3+.
  10. THANK YOU - TOWN CRIER! Could nave NEVER EVER found this info without you! NOT!
  11. Most of us serious investors really don't care what you think. Frank26 has been one of the MOST CONSERVATIVE people out there. You don't know what you are talking about. Frank has never given a date. Has only brought intel that indicted that progress was being made toward an Rv. He is only saying now that according to all the skuttlebutt out there - there is strong indication that the Rv rate may show by Tuesday, Wed or Thurs.
  12. You missed my point entirely. Yes, Iraq is there if you look at the chart without the filter. There were people stating yesterday that Iraq was not there but that Iran was listed twice and it was because they were looking at the chart with the June 1, 2011 filter applied, which left Iraq off the chart and thus they jumped to conclusions and stated that Iran was listed twice because the second listing was acting as a "place holder" for Iraq till the IQD was Rved. If you did not hear the CC's or read this in print, then you would not be aware of what I am referring too. I did not say that Iraq was not on the listing at all. I impled that it was not on the listing when the June 1, 2011 filter was applied. Sorry, did not mean to confuse anyone - but the "place holder" premise was stated on several cc's and I read it a couple of times in chats and other postings but that info about "place-holder" is just plain wrong. I am not posting this info to argue or debate it - it is just to correct erroneous info that was all over the boards on Wednesday 6/29/11.
  13. Yesterday, 6/29/11 there were statements floating around by more than one source both written and on CC's that Iran was listed twice on the UN Operational Rates Chart and the reason Iran was listed twice was that it was a "place-holder" for Iraq, as the GOI and CBI did not want to tip their hand as to the Rv rate. This info does not seem to be true. I viewd the UN OP CHART myself and this is what I found: There are 2 types of info that one can bring up on the UN Op Rate Chart. The first one is NO FILTER and lists all currencies and a date beside them that seems to indicate the last date they had a revalue . But if you APPLY THE FILTER that is available which is at the top of the chart - you can filter the listing so that is only shows the currencies that have had an Rv of some sort since June 1, 2011. When you apply that filter, Iran is listed twice because it had an Rv on the 15th and now the 30th. Iraq has had no Rv during that time frame so they don't appear in the June 1st - June 30th filtered listing. So, those persons that made the wild proclamation that Iran was listed twice and the second listing was a "place-holder" for Iraq should have taken a closer look at the chart and it's filters before jumping to the conclusion they came to and thus putting out grossly erroneous information. I also counted the number of curriences that shows an Rv of some sort and there are about 155. Could this be the "basket of currencies" that were to Rv the same time as the IQD that has been mentioned time and time again over the past few weeks? - If this link does not work then just google "UN Treasury Operational Charts."
  14. DO NOT, Absolutely DO NOT give up on the dinar. It will revalue and the wait is not as long now as it used to be. You have probably spent around 3.5K or a little less on Dinar. It is an investment - just sit tight. If it only comes in at a buck you will have made 2.5 mil on a $3500 investment. If it comes in at let's say 3.22 - that is an EIGHT MILLION DOLLAR return and just think about this - what if it does come in at 5.25 or higher - at 5.25 - that is over 13 million us dollars - keep focused on the return on investment - you have already spent the money to buy the dinars - just let it ride. Don't throw this opportunity away - it is closer than ever. This is not a pipe-dream. You will have the money to follow your dream of a shelter for troubled teens. Don't give up on it. There are people that have been in this investment since 2003 - Please, hang in there - the enemy of your soul would like for you to throw in the towel because your dream is to do something good which will result in rescuing people that might not ever have a chance. You are in their future. Please don't give up.
  15. First of all you need a bar of soap to wash out your mouth. There is no need for your implied expletives. Secondly, I did not see anywhere in the post you are referring to that Steve in Tennessee said that the banker called him. Steve placed the call to his banker friend. So, what are you trying to say???? As far as your banker never calling you to offer help or advice - well based on your attitude in your retort to Steve, well.......
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