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  1. I am sure Soleimani had no problem watching us leave. Now he criticizes our lack of troop presence....I wish other countries would ask for our help then step aside. Good for Carter telling it what it is.
  2. The list of allowed transactions is very comprehensive, and the CBI has done a good job of identifying potential issues with a RV or so-called "lop". I really don't know what way they will go, even though it seems like a RV is to good to be true, but I am confident the allowed transactions abroad is setting the playbook for changes to occur SOON. On another note, I miss Doc31. I am going to see if I can dig up some of his old posts. GLTA This is legitimately coming to an end.
  3. Correct! It has been a footnote since 2005, and what I hang my speculative hat on regarding their ability to adjust and support the value of the dinar. I remember a poster in the past arguing against a potential RV because no reputable accounting firm would "fudge" the CBI financial statements to "hide" a future RV, and my point was always that EY (and KPMG I believe) was always telling the world they don't have the full financial picture and therefore issued a qualified opinion.
  4. This is an exciting article! I have posted numerous times my opinion about CBI's financial statements being incomplete. Let's remember that Ernest and Young was the first company to audit the CBI in 2005, which resulted in a qualified opinion. The qualified opinion was EY's way of covering their tails by saying they did not have complete info. Notably, financial information from the two CBI branches in Kurdistan region. How much do they have in assets? At a minimum, I am guessing three times the assets, because they were given three new dinars for each unit of the prior currency. Alternatively, the new CBI was given one new dinar for each old saddam dinar. That information was taken from John Taylor's book, Global Financial Warriors. EY is back to finish the job? Who knows, but I believe EY will identify significant improvements.
  5. I have been saying this for years, but unfortunately I am in the moderator queue do no on reads my posts regarding what's called "qualified" financial statements. What happens if your financial statements show all liabilities (money in circulation) and what is likely to be less than half of the assets? Now what happens if you more than double the assets against the same level of liabilities? Yeah baby!!! Tine to adjust the value based on a stronger balance sheet and improved political situation. The unknown is just how much the value changes, 10% (huge by most FX standards), 100% or more. Wait and see I guess, but what do I know ;-)
  6. I did not see where Shabs was being criticized. I could be wrong because the translation is hard to read. I thought this was a great article. It is the first time I have seen it acknowledge the two KRG CBI are currently separately managed. The other two branches are audited with a qualified opinion. In other words the auditors were covering themselves saying we have not looked at the books for the two KRG branches. Folks, the KRG branches have the assets. It's boom town there. This article and mention of article 140 has me excited about dinar for the first time since 2012. Interesting times!! Glta and stay cautiously optimistic
  7. This is nothing to get excited about. Letters of credit are common in international business. A letter of credit is a guarantee provided by the bank if delivery is not made. So, they are saying the rate used to convert in the event of a failure to deliver goods will be the official rate used by the CBI.
  8. The way I read it was the Kurds were saying there was no justification for concern, but these choppy articles can be hard to read sometimes. I think this is good because we need Kurds on board before RV. I believe the Kurd-Baghdad cooperation is the political stability needed. I also think the list act like bitter bettys sometimes.
  9. Good example of the crowding out effect by government.
  10. I can see it making sense if the Cbi wants to appear transparent in their actions.My questions - Does the often quoted foreign reserves balance include foreign reserves in the two (of four) cbi branches under krg management? Past notes in the financial statements indicated the statements only included two of four branches. Does the often quoted m2 balance in the statements reflect all outstanding currency? The reasons for my questions - If the two other cbi branches report no additional outstanding currency, then good for us. If the foreign reserves includes krg foreign reserves, but current m2 balances do not reflect additional liabilities included in the not reported)
  11. Besides the part of the story where it says 180 people were killed
  12. I understand your question, which is always asked. But, if he owned a million dinar would you respect his opinion more? It is a disservice to this site not to listen to all opinions.
  13. I like Sam I Sam's site. How could you not like it. Doesn't change how I feel bout the currency, but I do like seeing the scam sites exposed. But, I never trusted the "good nature" of anyone anyways. I also like putting a face to names so I can be ready to punch a d-bag in the face if I get a chance...umm...go rv
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