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  1. I am tired with rumor from gurus, I am already ask him who have this info he told me this is right, at least this is will give us right direction and not just rumor.
  2. Umfufu Heidi > Intel for the Iraqi Dinar RV.... I have a contact in Saudi now who has an Arabic translator. They watched Iraqi TV last night. It appears that there is continued mounting pressure to eliminate the zeros and there is a drive to increase the value of the Iraqi dinar. Thought you guys would like to know!!
  3. I don't know if this true or not, this converter currency looks good and strange if you converted from USD To IQD. try this link if you don't believe it:
  4. Sorry I can't edit it, anybody who can edit please go to link this below and posting here:
  5. It looks old article, I don't know this is the current ministry of finance. IMO this is the former MOF Iraq. But I hope this is right time for significant increase Iraqi Dinar. Go RV!
  6. What is the definition Coming days or Next Few days for Iraqis? Coming days I think not more than one week or one month. still confusing about this sentence ???.....
  7. Check this website: it's strange if convert from Vietnam Dong to Indonesia Rupiah (IDR), they show 1 to 1. As far I Know the value of Indonesia Rupiah more than Vietnam Dong.
  8. The better all of you to stop this investment
  9. The Question is WHEN? Only Talk No Action....AKA Mr. Saleh
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