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  1. What do you think Biden will do to the US now that he has the keys to the bank ? JMHO . I do not trust either, the same way .
  2. rvmydinar : What I am hearing is frustration. Perhaps a little mild covid confined cabin fever depression . If I am correct, I am there with you. You were smart, along with others, and invested what you could afford to loose. I bought in 2006, and joined this site in 2010 I believe . I will work till I am dead now, unless The Good Lord returns before then . Hang in there, good stuff will happen again. Be blest . Hope remains free .
  3. This kind of says it ALL about you Utah Rock . You ain't no expert. You probably believe Cops do not ever frame up anyone and put a innocent person on death row.
  4. That feeling may be due to the fact that we are long time long term pro's at this game. News flash here and there. Yeah; but absent the RV, nothing worthy of comment here/there. In other words, the RV is the only there there that is cared about. Big whoops that the goi met to agree to discuss getting together to discuss getting together, to discuss the RV .
  5. Ahh, I see, I see. Makes sense now on a lot of things. Ha, ha, ha and a ho,ho,ho. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, yours, and all in the D.V Family . Amen.
  6. I thoroughly appreciate that re-statement of Breitling's latest. When I bought 15 years ago, that understanding of paying off debt and building infrastructure and all on the cheap, well that was understood back then.
  7. I just hope that the solar and wind technology will be at a capacity and cost to serve the American need for electricity.
  8. 1. I hope that the GOI is smart enough not to approve a budget with a loan to a known thief, that does not require the loan to be paid back. Or with the fore knowledge that the loan recipient will default on it. 2. If they go ahead and pegged the value of the IQD at 1450 IQD to 1 USD, would the IQD then be a internationally recognized currency ? 3. If the answer to #2 is YES, it would be a internationally recognized currency , would they allow it to float ?
  9. I agree hopefully he isn't that way. I would say that Christians are preparing to defend our constitution and American way of life from Socialist taking over in the US . This requires us to be proficient with the very weapons the socialist fascist communists would use. This is the American way.
  10. Caddie, this man was trying to "intimate" you ? So he is lgbtq and a Christian ?
  11. So a Q hat wearing guy, with a rifle, and a sign saying " love a group in house like that" or something like that in the background. These things got you and your "friend" started down this bigoted anti Christian bunny trail of yours. Not very unifying Shabi-cad . If you want unification we have to get back to being able to agree to disagree with those who hold different opinions from yours/ours . Y'all could be reported for that one. Jmho.
  12. If your numbers are so high that they cannot tabulate them, I was like that ... well try the statin Crestor just to get your numbers down. It has the least side effects on your joints, and take Qunol Mega CoQ10 (Costco, ebay, amazon) while you do the statin, any statin. CoQ10 is naturally produced by the body, age lowers the amount produced, statins drain your body of it. CoQ10 is vital for cell growth and maintenance . Also do everything Pitcher said; if you can. Particularly the no sugar , (processed sugar. I still use honey in my tea - which I am also cutting down on), no chips, cookies, c
  13. Why can't Christians own weapons ? The bible is full of Christians fighting their enemies; thieves that come to kill, steal, and destroy in the night. My Christian son was in the Marine Corp for 5 years, and got his Marksman in Boot. Why are you intimidated by a man pictured with a weapon? If others defund the police, the stupidest thing ever to support, we will have to protect ourselves. Stupido .
  14. Sir, your purple comments have me about as excited as a purple pill on a Saturday night.
  15. I am not naïve, as you know. How is your scenario going to take place ? What is the legality aspects of this option? Are you suggesting POTUS Trump is going to declare Martial Law before Inauguration Day 2021 ? Can you break it down for me?
  16. Caddie, caddie caddie. What Synopsis said ... in your face. Sniveling you say , says the sniveling man ! Plus I might add to Synopsis splendor ; if the SCOTUS does find sufficient evidence of crimes to voting irregularities on a treasonous criminal scale , corrupted Dominion Voting Systems, dead people voting twice, state governors and or secretary of states changing election laws illegally by E.O. so close to the election slanting in favor.of one candidate , when the state and federal law require changes to be made in the state legislature. Presenting proof via testimony, hard evidence an
  17. My friend you have your answer. Pray ! Pray that God will over come what crimes have been done in darkness, as they regard this campaign and election.
  18. You kidded yourself when you and the Socialists Nazi Dems thought the Republicans would just roll over like before , the good gentleman and gentle women we are that make up our ranks. NO, NOT ANY MORE. The fact that we are using your tried tactics must really piss you off. Texas will be the center of our 21st century resistance . Still cannot see how that Florida county got 107% of its registered voters to vote ? Did you hear that Pennsylvania is joining the Texas SCOTUS law suit . They are. You may not have heard that since the Vice Fuhrers at youtube, google, pmsnbc, abc, cbs, are banning
  19. Why did this State Representative call upon soldiers, let anyone, to attack Trump voters. This is how deeply entrenched the Dems are that they openly call for and employ (in previous riots) Brown Shirt Nazi tactics. Which is also exactly why Trump Supporters and POTUS Trump are fighting tooth and nail till the last option fails. Or as I believe, until the last option wins Trump his second term. It is also why I believe NO SOCIALISM IN THE USA . We broke away from that stupidity. We fought wars that were not ours , to deny that Nasi, Stalinism, Xi mentality a foot hold on our soil.
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