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  1. Thanks Adam. As always, we appreciate all of your hard work!
  2. Adam, please badge me. My dinar are in a safe location, but not with me. Thank you! I appreciate all of your hard work on this site.
  3. Please badge me. We have our dinar safely locked up.
  4. None of us would need the RV is we all had $1 for everytime we heard...that Friend or Banker or Brother or whatever....DREAM ON...yeah...Bashing sick of it thr hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Things have been falling in place for a long time...gues we will wait and see
  6. I really don't think that will happen
  7. I think a bunch of us who have waited so long for this to happen are frustrated as well but as for us...sell our Dinar? We have waited too long to bail now...
  8. I hope the little section that talks about May doesn't mean we have to wait until May for an RV
  9. I have no problem pouring it forward IF it ever happens...We all hope you are right
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