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  1. The DV venom and negativity flows like water.... its all yours you can have it.... If you can't believe when you are on the cusp..then we pity you.....
  2. DV your site is so slow tonight.... Anyway....reading these posts makes me smile.... No one trusts anyone on this site. Believe it or not, there are people out there who know government officials, who know people in Iraq, who know people who run banks, and own banks...and on and on... Why is it so hard to believe that intel can come in without disclosure of the source? Could it be a lie? Sure...could it be 35 lies from 35 separate sources? ...probably not. Looks like there might be a giant bowl of hats and crows for those who trust no guess is that's because you can't be trust
  3. Done Deal...multiple confirms. Should show at Bank Tomorrow.
  4. A little harsh.... About that 15%, unless you know for a fact how this is going to be taxed (I think the XXX person in chat typed fee and meant tax)...come on people you read the Arabic translations from Google that read like a madman wrote them and you can't interpret a chat ?? Anyway, I have read many very detail explanations from CPAs that justify paying long term capital gains on this commodity investment. Until the IRS publishes a ruling, no one including all of you will know, but 15% could very well be the FLAT TAX even though the proper term would be Long Term Cap Gains. If I was
  5. the 6+ rate is based on the GBP....think people.
  6. Oh the drama...I .feel like I am back in high school. Grow up, be cool, think and enjoy the ride. I do believe most sites are trying to provide intel that is real....if we ever found out this was not the case that could be real bad news for whoever would be sending that out. I just think this is a dynamic volatile situation and things are changing quickly and so intel that was valid yesterday could be totally wrong or invalid today....not so hard to imagine right. Think of it more through the prism of are sitting on our yacht or your veranda overlooking some incredible sunset o
  7. This is actually a fairly funny post, its the: "Welfare Theory" So let me get this straight, most people on this thread think that this is a well thought out thread because you are comparing welfare rates between Iraq and the US? wow. I will grant you that certainly you can throw about some of these numbers for reference but when it comes down to what the country of Iraq is going to do with the revalue, they can very easily change the amount that they give out in welfare and one little ditty you forgot to include in your analysis is the HCL, which is additional money paid to the citizens
  8. I think the only prerequisite for Iraq to be in the WTO is that they have to have an internationally recognizable currency. There is no stipulation as to the value. That being would be ridiculous to keep the IQD at 1170. So where does it go to???? I believe that answer should be clear very shortly...and we'll all know if the Keepster is full of Krapster.
  9. emmet if you read (between the lines), the Tier 2 groups that have been allowed to cash in cashed in over 3. Read the title of the thread then you hopefully will see the relevance. Also if you read the title of this section of the board its called Rumors.....this was a rumor I thought even some on DV would enjoy. I could care less what you think about my posting, you should probably remember to treat people a little better, when the RV happens you're likely will have many enemies....
  10. Thought this was applicable. Intel from PD Call 3.17...... Intel: Ray. Two Points 3 Ministers have been picked, I know their names, they are working not officially announced yet. Working on the oil and gas law (HCL), person from UN working with them, worked out some sticking points, just needs Parliaments approval now. There is nothing left for Iraq to do....we are sitting on top of the RV. Joe P. Summary of What we Know. An article has been published that Kuwait has been paid in full (Final debt due from Iraq) HCL is done waiting on signatures Budget is done. The big three issues are
  11. Keep is like an angry dog that just keeps coming back.... If you took the time to read some of his gobbled logic you quickly realize that Keep has a fairly one dimensional mind. 27T 27T 27T Ok, we all get what you "think" is going on, dDoesn't make it a fact. In a multi-dimensional situation like Iraq, to over simplify something of this magnitude is basically just being ignorant and I know you think this because you stated it numerous times, how simple this really all is... Its not simple, its not predictable and you do not know what is going to happen....period. And how in the hell do
  12. I thought you might be interested in the fact that I posted a question to the Kreepster in "The Other" thread, here it is: Prove there is 27 Trillion physical Dinar in circulation and who is holding it? I bet you guessed that Keep did not answer the question. Obviously no one can prove this and that is why the premise for that entire thread is flawed. Just thought we would get that straight over here in the real world.... Read more:
  13. Now this is more like it.... extending on the previous post.... Thus concluding my previous calculations, the new estimate is, still neglecting other Iraqi assets and any higher oil prices than 1 bbl = $75. (350 bbl x $75) : 25 trillion IQD = $1.05/IQD With Oil now over $100 a barrel. (350 bbl x $100) : 25 trillion IQD = $1.40/IQD Hopefully we will see this being realized in the coming days/weeks. This would be a conservative estimate in that it is based on the estimated oil (Likely much more yet to be discovered) Plus all their other natural resources plus the total IQD outstanding cou
  14. keepmwlknfny You did not answer my question...anyone else notice this? If you cannot answer simple questions you are NOT viable. We are subjected to politicians who do not answer the questions they are asked.....Keep, you aren't a politician are you?
  15. Wow what a thread....... I have only been on DV for a while but over that time I always remembered KEEP.... Keep was always negative, always pessimistic. Never really had much positive to say and always fairly condescending. Was never much of a fan of the boy. Now he has this epiphany.....based on some data that he has read, he now can proclaim to the Dinar Vets investors.... "No way can the Dinar RV at 3+"...Keep be that ego-centric....must be awesome to be you, so much more observant and smarter than the rest of us. I knew someone else who worshiped the ground he walked on..
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