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  1. MANNY99

    USD IQD 1: 1 On Forex..

    USD to IQD Group Converter Results Order US Dollar Iraqi Dinar Notation 1 0.99 0.99 0.99 US Dollar = 0.99 Iraqi Dinar 2 1.99 1.99 1.99 US Dollar = 1.99 Iraqi Dinar 3 2.99 2.99 2.99 US Dollar = 2.99 Iraqi Dinar 4 3.99 3.99 3.99 US Dollar = 3.99 Iraqi Dinar 5 4.99 4.99 4.99 US Dollar = 4.99 Iraqi Dinar 6 5.99 5.99 5.99 US Dollar = 5.99 Iraqi Dinar
  2. MANNY99

    Warka Bank Interest

    Finally interest paid😀
  3. MANNY99

    Warka Bank Interest

    Very strange No interest paid .
  4. MANNY99

    Go Iraq

    Yes wrong math
  5. MANNY99

    Go Iraq

    Ok Let me ask you how much is 1 billion dinar worth now?
  6. MANNY99

    Go Iraq

    290 billion dinar =240 millions dollars =1208
  7. MANNY99

    Go Iraq

    I dont see any tearing lol Sorry wrong math
  8. MANNY99

    Go Iraq

    290000000000/240000000=$1208 Where are you getting 1.2 from?
  9. MANNY99

    Go Iraq

    They are moving from Syria to Iraq. Trump knows what he is doing. He is not stupid He is brilliant man, we care about Iraq only It is all about money.GO TRUMP!!!
  10. MANNY99

    Go Iraq

    Taxes will make prices higher and that will cause higher inflation so power of purchase has to increase
  11. MANNY99

    Great news, if true

    It's true Abadi: I will not insist on a specific site and insist to serve the country PM 2:56:49 8/28/2018 Baghdad / Al-Masala: Summary of the weekly conference of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, :Tuesday, August 28, 2018. The work of the government continues to raise the Iraqi economy to advanced levels and laid the - foundations for solid building, and we have established this despite the lack of resources and low oil .prices, and we are optimistic about the rise in oil prices We worked to take advantage of oil to strengthen the economy and not only for the purpose of - spending, and we are working to benefit from the private sector and rely on small and medium-sized .enterprises to support the economy and not only large enterprises. We have agreed with Siemens International and within the framework of an integrated plan on the -complete reform of the electricity system in Iraq and the purpose is to provide electricity to the citizen continuously and to benefit from this production in creating a good economy for the country .and provide great employment opportunities for citizens We assigned a high-level government team to know the level of water needs and the level of -.pollution in Basra and made important decisions on this Next Monday is the date of the first meeting of the House of Representatives, and call the blocks -and deputies to the agreement and quickly on a clear government program adopts the achievement achieved and meet the needs of citizens of services and improve the reality of living and job creation, and must culminate in the understandings of blocs to form a national government provides services and construction and reconstruction and maintain Security and economic stability and .ensure the building of a solid for all joints of the state. I call on all political blocs to abide by constitutional times and not to enter into a dispute on - positions and I call myself and my brothers in the other political blocs to pay attention to the interest .of the country because it is the most important and must be an introduction to all considerations We have formed an investigative committee on the reduction of chlorine in the waters of Basra and - .its causes and are ready to meet any important need for the province of Basra and spending on them We directed the removal of excesses, especially the excesses of the influential on the waters of -.Basra to reach the water to all citizens of the province. The Council of Ministers decided that the provisions of the law enacted by the Council of - Representatives, which provides for the suspension of the work of the members of the Independent High Commission for Elections until the conclusion of the investigation of fraud crimes referred to .by the Council of Ministers, should be suspended The Council of Ministers decided to allocate a residential plot of young athletes with gold, silver -.or bronze medals. Mayhemna is the public service and we can exercise in any location, and I call the political blocs - .not to enter into a conflict on positions they come and go I call for non-adoption of illegal and immoral means such as pressure on candidates or threat or - .extortion and payment of money is over the electoral process and citizens who buys money is not worth anything, we do not want it and has no value to us, we do not accept -.the candidate who is afraid .I will not insist on a particular site, and my insistence is on the service of the country - The supreme reference Mr. Sistani put in 2014 three goals achieved by the Prime Minister, who is - responsible for the time, is the elimination of terrorism and the elimination of sectarianism and prevent the division of the country, and the important part of all this has been achieved and who .wants to complete the march welcomed by the condition that does not back us back The liberation of our cities was not free but it came with sacrifices and sacrifices need to be taken - .care of. .Are serious about appointments to jobs within the movement of owners - .Electricity, water scarcity and salinity are old and not new - When we visited our dear provinces, we reviewed the electricity supply and we saw an increase in - .electricity, but the problem is in the distribution and bypass and these need to be tuned When we held the responsibility they said that we can not, and announced the elimination of a - preacher and said we can not, and we did and defeated and liberated our cities The country has large deposits and for many years, but we are capable because we prepared him - .strong and gave us hope. - We have to deal with our differences, and I call on the political blocs to put their hands in the hands of some in order to serve the people.- We have set up a committee to consider the economic sanctions against Iran and how to deal with them and we have a vision to deal with them, and we are not part of Sanctions against countries because the blockade harms the citizen. - We are committed to the protection of our country and our people and do not want to harm our people and benefit others. - We welcome the existence of any cooperation between us and neighboring countries in the field of local currencies, and we do not want global domination that controls the economies of countries We are not against a particular State, but we are looking for theinterests of our peoples.
  12. Send them to me I will check for you😁
  13. Not true I don't see Kuwait Dinar , UAE, Jordan

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