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  1. normal trades are T+2. Trade day+2 days.....
  2. @Adam Info provided in support ticket. Thank You !!!!
  3. WOW! I want to thank you Kevin and Adam for this upgrade. I am truly grateful for this. I have learned much from this site. What with IQD, Crypto and now AMC. Odds are getting better and better something will hit it big. Again, Thank You!
  4. yep, just more proof of why we have a second amendment and the TRUE reason for it. And it ain't for hunting deer.....🤣
  5. Have you been on Franks couch....? 🤣 Seriously, if and when it RV's, .10-.50 would be a windfall
  6. I've never been one to believe that proof of the jab was the mark of the beast. BUT, if they are not allowing you to buy food without it, well, that's pretty damn close....
  7. yeah, i got the hookup...
  8. strange. I just tried to signup for the Investor Connect and it won't take my info....
  9. I don't get anything from amc. Never have. Makes me wonder. All my stock is on Merrill and never get anything from amc.
  10. ok, now Lou is saying use market sell, not limit... WTH...
  11. how do you apply to get one of these?
  12. ok, A little help here please. Not asking financial advice. I'm asking for financial procedure. When we go to sell. I understand we should do it on a limit sell, not market sell. So, for example: lets just say it was showing it is $500.00@share, for example purposes. You see it on your brokers page at $500.00@share. You hit the sell button and then the options come up, market or limit. Choosing limit, do you put in the amount you see or higher or lower? This is getting close and I want to be sure. Thanks in advance!!!!!
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