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  1. Dems can't change what a recession is. 2 quarters of negative GDP growth. PERIOD. The evil putrid dems will change whatever don't suit them. They can all straight to HE@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. so they are diluting the amc shares with another stock, is what it appears to me....
  3. Been busy with other stuff. What is this new APE thing? Is it a whole new stock? If so, is it listed yet and under what full name?
  4. I'm sure we all have a friend or family member and a story to tell. Some just hits a little closer than others. With Rick, he was a Polk Co. Florida Fire Fighter. He was also a heavy smoker. I too was a smoker in those days. I finally quit after seeing both my parents die from smoking related causes. I told him I'd quit and he said Not Me. I enjoy it too much and if it gets me, it gets me. Well one day in September 2011, he called me. Well, It Got Me. He fought hard and lost. Saw him go from a good looking 215lbs to 130lb emaciated shell of his former self. My apologies if this upsets or offends anyone. I just felt like I needed to say it. Rick had such huge dreams for he and his wife. Big big plans for the RV. We just never know......
  5. I am not so much here anymore for Dinar RV but for the crypto and stock(AMC) offerings and advice. I sold all my Dinar except for a couple million back in 2018. I still have some Dong and Rial. I am still hopeful for the RV. Just don't fret or get excited about it anymore..... I do really miss the group chats we use to have. You still couldn't see anyone but you felt like you could and that they were sitting across the table from you. I still remember the day my best friend told me about the Dinar. How excited he was. We were having lunch on the river at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. He's already picked out his new Well, he is gone now to lung cancer but I will hang on to my bit of Dinar till the end. Ok, enough. I have now depressed myself. I really miss my buddy Rick.
  6. so, should the USA send a thank you note, flowers, gold and silver, what, as a thank you gesture......😂 seriously, this would unfortunately be an act of war and not good for the whole world as it would involve other countries. This would be a true world wide apocalypse
  7. saw one of these in Millinocket Maine. Quite majestic...
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