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  1. Yeah but they make more on the smaller orders. Seems to me as a business trying to make money, the more smaller orders I take, the better off I am... especially if I charge top dollar for those orders. I don't really get it other than trying to sell more volume. Wires are so much easier and seems to me they would be less work as well. Who knows!
  2. I just think its funny that one of the biggest **** 's on the planet , can't write his own name in chat forums because it's too offensive! What a ****!
  3. Not the best choice of April fools jokes but ... Yeah ok I get it. Now let's have the real thing please!
  4. Good read. Especially since every objection has been rectified and is now clear! Were there baby
  5. Thanks carrello. Hope they dont wait til after like some articles mention!
  6. Do we know a date for this yet? ... Or the Arab summit?
  7. Congratulations! I am an Eagle Scout myself. What a great accomplishment for your son. You ought to be proud of yourself as well for helping encourage him to get where he is. Best wishes mate! Gooooo RV
  8. It depends what day of the week it's said. In this instance... I believe it does refer to this week meaning the next 7 days. Do it baby!
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