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  1. Wassaap

    Genetic 'Adam' and 'Eve' Uncovered

    Good grief. I'm ashamed to say I'm a Christian after reading the vile replies to this article. Wouldn't Jesus be proud of your fine attitude? You people make me want to hurl.
  2. As usual, english interpretations are sadly lacking in the actual flavor of the native speaker, but with phrases like: "...The Session emergency called by Najafi to remedy the situation semen low in recent days..." We can begin to understand the minds behind the news.
  3. They have more faith in our government than I do, sadly. I'm not sure anybody in Washington is even paying much attention.
  4. Lord forgive me for saying so...but right here is a situation that could be carefully studied and solved with perhaps a single assassination.
  5. THIS is precisely how they manage to get their agenda past the majority of the sleeping public. Could have said "drugs" also, but with marijuana being legalized lately, the words "mental illness" will work just fine. The point the time the political correctness crowd gets around to "defining" mental issues...tens of thousands of people could have been removed from the general population under the authority of this badly-defined act. Maybe you've not kept up with the number of people criminalized by the "war on drugs" who have had their lives ruined, disrupted, and blighted...without cause. Very few people paid attention because drugs are an unwanted part of any decent society...but notice that the criteria are getting a little closer to home. How many of us, particularly those of us over 50...have not had a doctor prescribe medications that some other people might find questionable? Personally, I find the cute little asian chef at the Benihaha Restaurant to be a little on the scary side, flicking knives around like they are made of pasta. He could slit the throats on a party of six without even alarming the patrons at the next table. I wonder what kind of mental screening these young cutthroats receive? THERE SHOULD BE A LAW...
  6. Wow. I'm flabbergasted...
  7. I beg everyone to consider: Think about what will happen when they decide to start rounding up dissidents and confiscating guns. There will be a knock on the door by tactically-dressed ninja law enforcement, and once inside they will kill your dogs and rip you and your family from your beds. If your neighbors even know or learn about what is happening to is very unlikely that they will grab their guns and step out to defend you and yours, for a variety of reasons. Once the ninja LEOs put the word around about drug operations, little will be said. This could be going on right now for all we know, based on the deaths of particular persons involved in particular activities. At some point they will embrace the chaos and accelerate the process. We live in interesting times!
  8. Greetings! I've noticed that when I click on a topic, the page that comes up is always the last post on the last page...even if I've not read any of the thread before. Is this something I can fix somehow?
  9. Look at the things they do under the guise of "The War On Drugs". Lately they've managed to kill some innocent people, but very few people stand up in protest. It's against the DRUGS, so people are scared to oppose such things. The gestapo is knocking down doors in the middle of the night...but it's OK, it's just the DEA!
  10. I brood about things like this quite a bit lately. I have a question: At what point, do you think...will the American people resolve to stand up and USE their weapons? What level of atrocity will be required before we all rise up as a people and put down the rabid government? I worry about this, because we Americans are notorious for being in denial...and the thieves continue to loot the wealth of the country and it's citizens. How bad will it have to be?
  11. Marijuana use is far more widespread, across the total spectrum of society, than you will ever find revealed. Regardless of what you might hear, it is far less harmful than the public is lead to believe. There is far more money to be made in keeping cannabis illegal, and keeping the law enforcement and corrections industries in business. This is no big news...just google around and see what companies make campaign donations. Who gets upset about job security when marijuana laws go soft. Who gets the bribe money. Some folks might be appalled to learn the truth about drug laws in America, and how they are manipulated because they want others to believe them good. Meantime, while there's a whole lot of self-righteous people honking their horns...they are blind to the billion-dollar underground economy that they encourage. The gangs and cartels they support. The destruction of families, lives, and reputations. The basic reason for drug control is good on it's face, but is sadly lacking in common sense.
  12. Wassaap

    Texas Annexation

    "Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States..." This is all I need to know, learned this in 1971 in Texas History from Mr. esteemed black faculty member of grace and wisdom - with a great booming deep voice that reached for blocks when the windows were open. Back in those days we still had windows that opened. Being Texas, I can say that we Texans have no problem leaving the rest of the country behind, politically. Texas has something like the 15th (?) largest economy in the world already, and even if it took awhile to negotiate treaties and re-establish international commerce...I have no doubt that these could be arranged while the people waited in a patient, self-reliant manner. Imagine! A peaceful transition! What a concept! But I also know that the "Call girls" in Washington would not stand for it. How much violence would they pour upon the heads of Texans? We would all be ready at the boundary lines when the troops came, with deer rifles and shotguns and those handguns they've tried to take for years now...but it would literally be a battle of brother against brother all over again. Would it be worth it? Time to stop arguing semantics, and make some decisions. Do we think we could convince Washington to let us go peacefully? Could we take steps to DISTANCE ourselves from Washington's laws? Are we going to start negotiating our own trade agreements, treaties, and alliances? Develop a military? Could we stop a federal incursion? How much blood do we want to spill? Anybody got a link to this petition? I agree that if nothing else, we need to let our leaders know that we are not happy. There needs to be something for the history books.
  13. Wassaap

    The REAL Danger to America

    Thanks for the quote. Been singing this song myself for many years now, but denial can in fact possess an entire nation. I seem to run into a lot of folks who say: "Well, that's not a world I would want to live in"...which suggests that many Americans are either suicidal, or are counting their blessings to not live long enough to have to suffer with it. I suspect it's the latter. This is the mentality that caused young people to travel to the new world so many years ago. Where can WE go?
  14. Ah...they just HAD to monkey around with Shabibi's carefully crafted economic policies, and now they are ticking off the very people who stand to benefit the most. I WANT to say "Raise hell and throw the bums out!" but then...I look at our own recent election. Who are we to talk? Why are we humans so hesitant to stand up for change? Where is the gene for slavery? Why are people so willing to relinquish control of their lives to a government/religion/family/region/language/etc. etc. etc. ??? Does slavery in humans equate to domestication in animals? We will suffer pain, ignorance, starvation, murder, disarmament...all manner of atrocities - complain about it mightily...and do nothing about it.
  15. Folks can say what they want about Shabibi...but I'm glad he has spoken up!

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