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  1. I have never gave you any red Ruby's. And if...IF did happen it was fat fingered.
  2. Thanks for the red ruby @ladyGrace'sDaddy. Not sure why but thanks!
  3. Thanks for the red Ruby's @ladyGrace'sDaddy on the two posts. Not sure why I got them... But ok
  4. Thanks! It'll defiantly be a change of life style and the hard work will be cut down as well. I don't know what this means for my job though. I'm a plasma sprayer (like a spray welder) for aerospace and refurbish jet engines so it's not the lightest of work.
  5. I read that on FB... for the families. We're also getting ready to get hit with another storm in Southeastern Indiana...ugh this Sunday/Monday. Next Sunday I'll be flying to Texas for my back surgery. I was hoping for better weather... I don't miss the cold spells and chopping ice for our farm animals. Hope all goes well for you. I've heard people having troubles this year around home keeping babies. Whether it be calves, goats, pigs.
  6. I am also trying to think that. I have osteopenia in my spine and hips so I can have 3 discs replaces but fused. ALIF fusion. My doctor said Tiger woods had it done and won the Masters so let hope I get blessed as well...
  7. I so... I was blessed with another birthday here this past week and surgery's the 23rd. Would love to be able to not have to go back to work with a big bank account 😏Not knowing how back surgery will be (outcome).
  8. Yes...forward. OUR birthdays are coming up and is back surgery (scheduled for Feb 23rd) we need to celebrate and retire. πŸ₯³
  9. Thanks for the update time let us know...🀑
  10. He's been on a very long break... we just miss him. 😏
  11. @Adam Montana Morning... We're ALL wondering about our Thug. Have you heard anything? Or anybody else for that matter?
  12. @ChuckFinley YESSSSS!! πŸ™
  13. 4th of Feb my b-day...would be the bestest present ever ...and 3 new discs for my back to boot! Come on RV!!!
  14. @DinarThug we all miss you...hoping all is well and just taking a break
  15. @DoD Rmc10 is a female πŸ˜‰ Rmc10, I'm not dogging you sir, @Rmc10 it's great to see you back on here!
  16. @ChuckFinley I watched this last night...😑 people make me sick anymore... it's one great big **** show anymore.
  17. @coorslite21 and @Theseus and @ladyGrace'sDaddy LOVE READING YOUR COMMENTS...Been missing Thugs and King. I can only read so fast...catching up! Damn...πŸ’₯ πŸ’ž
  18. @presence don't know how I sent 2 but noticed there's a Warka and Iraqi Banking section IF...that helps. 😊
  19. @ChuckFinleyand @cabbage My dad still has a flip phone and as long as someone doesn't send him emoji he still gets texts but just doesn't reply. He has his wife do everything...LOL But I did send him a number and just so happens I went over for his birthday (71) and had to save it to his contacts 🀣 But I'm sure if one of your friends on here will gladly call you πŸ˜‰to help you out. I wouldn't want you to miss out either.
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