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  1. Good Morning Steve I can appreciate what you are saying I tried to inform the masses of something that had taken place and was treated like Sh@t. Therefore, I have decided that they can kiss the brown spot. I will not waste my time trying to inform them of anything. I have cleared my members’ information out and I await the end when I do not have to check this or any other forums. I know why most of them do it they simply do not have the sack to man up and say things in person so they hide in the shadows behind a computer screen and talk Sh@t. Me personally I will not say anything on the computer that I would not say to your face I will man up and walk the walk. Madman Out
  2. Thanks Poe and PVS F@CK the rest of you this was my last post. The Madman has left the forum......
  3. Good Evening Everyone. This is probably nothing but I felt it should be noted. As most of you know I spend a lot of time traveling around Iraq doing my job. I am in travel mode as I write this, I was sitting in a DFAC today with some friends, and SH@T POT load of high-ranking Iraq Military officials came in and sat down for lunch. As always, I never tell you where I am at, or what I am doing. It is probably nothing just sharing Intel with one another, But who knows. Unfortunately, the only person I know that would tell me the truth was suspiciously not in the chow hall at his usual time or location. Sorry but that’s all I can tell you for now if I learn anything else I’ll let you all know. Madman Out
  4. Quadra Why would you say that you have been at this as long as I have... You know it will happen when it happens no sooner. Madman Out
  5. I might be able to help you first I have Two questions. Question 1.) What will you be doing under you Duvet and can I watch? Question 2.) What do you want me to shout at you? Madman Out!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Damn it Brother Tell us how you really Feel. Madman Out.....
  7. 1234 Newbie Group: Members Posts: 4 Joined: 26-January 11 Posted Today, 04:24 AM or Ali his business is in some type of trouble.. Fraud? It doesn’t take a Genius to steal from people, it just takes Balls look at Berne Madoff. Me personally I got into it when I got here so there wasn’t an outside influence for me just the knowledge of what happened in Kuwait. I took a look around and figured it was a gamble but what the H@LL I bet on worse thing before and they have blown up in my face. I often sit and think about who these people actually are and where they actually came from. Adam Montana and Ali are ghost’s in cyberspace I have never seen a picture of these men or talked to anyone who has. This could be my fault keep a very small circle of friends in the Dinar World. Mostly the ones that are always in trouble, or lurking in the background. The movie Scareface comes to mind when I think of Adam for some reason the main character Tony Montana and his motto The world is mine. How much of your world does Adam truly control? Another point that could be made here in the Middle East Adam is considered the first Man it is also used in the Turkish language to define males. Therefore, if you want to start a conspiracy I have just given you a few blocks to build with. Me personally I don’t think the Feds are in cahoots with the Iraqis to take anything from any of you I just thing you all spent to much time worrying about something that you can’t control. (ie the RV) it isn’t rocket science when these people have had enough they will make their voices heard. Then and only then will something be done to improve the lifestyle of the masses. Madman Out
  8. Please Make them STOP Madman Out
  9. You’re all a bunch of Wieners. Madman Out
  10. Who cares how they were obtained? Madman Out
  11. This is Crap because if you have spent any time in Iraq you would know that nothing, I mean Nothing can be left out in the open unguarded with any kind of money in it. If it has any Value what so ever it can not be left unguarded. 98% of these people have no morals what so ever to them it is not stealing they simplify see it as change of location. I have personally witnessed 8 to 10 year old girl steal a super single tire from the tire rack of a moving tractor-trailer. These tires have to weight 200 lbs or more with a rim. So I would say a full grown man or two could figure out how to steal a cash machine. Or 3 or 4 10 yr old girls. So I tossin the brown flag on this one. Madman Out
  12. You all know me I have never lied and have always spoke the truth. So in recent times when I have spoke the truth the Mod Police have seen fit to delete my Statements.(This one probably Will not last long either.) So I do not share what I hear it does no good to someone will be offended and delete it anyways. Remember people I DO YOUR DIRTY WORK OVER HERE. I am the keeper of your dirty little secrets. If it weren't for me and the rest of these few brave souls you all would be living in a very different world. The Madman Out
  13. I have just one word!!!!! OPSEC You are all a bunch of loadmouth HillBillies. "Madman Out"
  14. I’ll believe it when it shows up on the CBI website or Forex not until. All this other crap that they have been spewing has absolutely nothing to back it up. It appears they are preying on peoples emotions. I hope you Jackoffs are having a good time. Madman Out
  15. Who Cares???? Why do I care what they do it is none of my business and it is not hurting me. Sounds to me like you weren't very smart and ran out and spent the house payment on Dinar before Christmas. Or you had a very Merry one and are stuck paying for it now. Madman Out Good One Dirk Off...... Madman "I am so Funny" Out
  16. So let me make sure I understand the post. If I tape a pair of wings to a Pumper and toss him out of a low flying aircraft I’ll get Bacon? Did I miss anything? Madman “Sucks to be a Pumper” Out
  17. Define "A" Hole. Please Madman Out
  18. Hey Keeps I see you are still making friends. Remember Young Brother 5 to 1 rule I talked to a friend at Base command last night and she told me no such order has been given. You all need to chill out before you give one another heart attacks. I have a reliable source inside base command that I see regularly if something breaks I will post any tiny tidbit I find out. Madman Out
  19. Wow you people crack me up. Hodgie does not care what you thing or say. He hates you simply because you are not a Muslim that is a fact. Remember I have looked into his eye and he will not stop until all none Muslim’s are dead or slaves to him that he can control. Sharia Law can be put off for a time being, But it is only a matter of time before they out number you. And guess what you will be forced to live by their law’s. and that thing about being a woman in their society and speaking your piece, yea let me know how that works out for you. Peace through superior Fire Power Madman Out
  20. Doc Why would you do that to me they have posted CRAP all day long I think to myself Doc's always got some type of information and I find a Blue faced smurf and an elephink. I am begining to wonder why I got out of bed this morning. Madman "needs a drink" Out
  21. That's because you don't listen to me 5 to 1 rule learn it, live it, apply it. Madman Out
  22. Well Said Girly man.... I want my Glory............. Madman Out
  23. Do It Do It Do It Do It now. Go ahead and do it so we don't have to hear you whine anymore. Little B#tch Madman Out
  24. Tis the season (for the Children to be at home unsupervised. Go to bed little loser. Madman Out
  25. Inheritance as a fellow Buckeye Trapped in the sands of Baghdad Thank you fot that LOUD and PROUD shoutout. Nothing but Love Madman Out
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