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  1. I'm okay with less than a dollar. Ten cents... Fifty cents... Ninety-five cents... Anything will do. It's all about the gain.
  2. Iraqi president in a coma after suffering stroke, officials say Read more: Let's hope he gets well fast.
  3. Are they still talking about the National Meeting? I thought that was cancelled. Or is that the excuse for not moving forward on Erbil? We're hearing a lot about what SHOULD happen, but nothing ever comes to fruition.
  4. See this link for each states capital gains tax rate:
  5. I'm wondering why they point out that less than1/6th came through the Kurdistan province. Too bad the goods are generally substandard imports or food goods.
  6. So much for the Iranians getting backing from China and Russia. Can you say, "US/EUROPEAN EMBARGO"?
  7. Nice boys finish last. Nice boys don't get the girl. How many negative phrases do we have for the nice boy? We need T to toughen up and get in there. Don't act like M, but you have to toughen up if you want people to pay attention. Iraqi's aren't pacifists for goodness sake.
  8. How long have they been talking about this. Just pass the law already.
  9. I travel quite often around Europe and the Middle East an I have to say, I have never seen this coin. The link below the article takes you to Alsumaria news, which is a valid news station in the Middle East. You can see the newscaster in the picture on that page. I would venture to say this is a true newscast. Now if we could just lockdown what coins these are. Here's to hoping, GO RV!
  10. Oma, Thanks for the sale. What a great lady all. She was right on with her sale. Let's hope everyone is as lucky with their purchase as I was.
  11. Notice that the amount in dollar sales is slowly coming back up. The banks are finding ways to work around the new requirements. It's all about working the system to get what you want.
  12. I'm with MrWhiteWolf... Only the CBI is the source for any revaluation of the currency. Interpreting information from any other source is speculation.
  13. I'm not expecting any failure to communicate during this conference (meeting). I'm sure the ministers are already picked at this point and will just be announced at the conference. I don't think there is enough time to just now start the background checks and confirm before the conference. If not a lead-in to the pending RV, it's definitely a step forward in the right direction toward the RV.
  14. It does seem a little much to have a meeting just to schedule a meeting. With all of the powers in the room, is it possible that something more could be going on? Let's just hope it's something worthwhile.
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