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  1. Larry....Don't worry most of us here in fort liquor dale are dolphins but still love NY dearly.....always kick our buuutts..We suppose to get better this year after RV... Dont wait for the RV sell books....GO HURRICANES
  2. Im gonna try my hardest to make the Q & A with Mr Montana on WED.But i doubt it.Can someone ask the Question for me About his intel if he could give a time frame 1-3 months?.What do they know? down to - 2 some people still slurping away
  3. You cant pull this thread.I keep the action going
  4. Thanx Bro I just tell it how it is. Larry....Amen! Anybody with any sense can see what your point is, others just don't want to see that point. but yes math is math Read more:
  5. BROWN NOSER's keep giving me minuses your the suckers.Figure it out already.Just like Egypt,Iraq did with there goverment.They new they were being played with.And took action.Same stuff is going on here. My 4 minus step up 4 mods
  6. MODS ill beat you to the punch.If your asking why am i still coming to the site if i feel this way.I like seeing what people post,read a little and find out who the real BS are.
  7. I am confused by your comment. You are saying "Intel" is bogus yet you say that Adam pays "big bucks" for his. So does it go out to the highest bidder or is everyone out of the loop? Just wondering what you mean by your comment. Bro there is no intel we have been jerked around for a while now.He created this site to make $$$$$ off our sorry a$$'sVIP,BOOK,New Book.What have we gotten out of it.Nothing more than what you and i know.If there were Intel,we could have a guessed time frame.I could sit here and BS everyone too.I know it will RV i just cant say when,buy my books and get VIP info. I
  8. I doubt it.We didn't get a call from our leader Adam.He does pay big bucks for his intel.Just cause he cant share his secrets that only he and his intel know.He and his intel would know first after M and S about the RV.Come on now!!!! . Confrence call 8 pm Wed.will be buzzing. People are gettn tired of the "I cant share everything line".Its cause there is nothing to share.Give us whatu got bro.
  9. First of all, you are assuming that Adam has hired his contacts. Meaning, he pays them a wage for their information. How do you know that? I don't even know that. I know he has paid for lawyers and other tax consultants for post rv. Adam is not a PUMPER, far from it. It you are that disillusioned by this investment, I advise you, to get out now. First off Adam has said it himself he has paid for his intel,and i never said anything about any person being a pumper your being delusional.All i said is can you say pumper.Where in that statement you see me calling out anyone.
  10. Dogmatic Why on earth, would you think anyone would know in advance (other than the people directly involved)? If that were the case, don't you think the IQD would have been purchased out? We probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to purchase IQD, if this was public knowledge. Did you also not know that this investment is speculative - it may not happen. Many things could happen to derail the revaluation of the IQD. I think it is going to I sit patiently waiting for that day, to count my chicks that just hatched. Be patient, if not, I'm sure you could sell back your dinar.
  11. just like i said in january when it was time and close.i said it will take about 6 months at very least.and i got bashed now who was right?
  12. graml on day i will share something with you buddy.true intel
  13. Thanx adam By the way i copied and pasted the 1st question from another members response Adam has all these so called contacts providing him intel, how is it not one of them has any sort of projected date/rate this may happen? You did say your intel/contact has shared info with you.Can you at least give us a realistic frame time.Not like from now till 2022.If your Intel is right and knows so much give us an estimated time frame.Not asking for a date or rate,just a timeframe.
  14. Ok here is the question Adam has all these so called contacts providing him intel, how is it not one of them has any sort of projected date/rate this may happen? Is it really going to happen?or are we being strung along? Thanx Adam
  15. Any reason why the other post to the rest of the dinar family was taken off.Just cause they are not vip doesnt mean they cant read the post. im Not trying to be a jerk
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