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  1. also in part says it conflicts with other laws that exixt and wanted to be dropped hope i read it wrong...
  2. What! I clicked my heels three times and the Dinar didn't RV! There's no rate under 3.20 Theres no rate under 3.20 Theres no rate under 3.20 ...Wait let me try positive thinking I shall THINK the Dinar into reval....ommmmmmmmmm Hmm. ok..guess I'll just wait for the Facts to line up with the Truth...tick...tick...tick...tick...
  3. Iraq needs to step first with the RV before we go broke on their.....
  4. I am opposite from most of you. I believe Shabs is the one, not Maliki. M represents the evil unyeilding and volitile side of iraq IMO, and S represents global alignment and modern government... a greater chance for RV....just saying.
  5. More contracts are being made weekly, from outside sources. They need to restore value to their own people and their own economy. They would be trying to figure out how to do this without everyone else in the world draining their finances from their decisions, or minimizing their losses from "outside" investments taking all their profits. And using a new money could easily help that if they forced cash ins of old monies currently traded. After this, I cannot or will not think about until there is viable reason to. And hopefully I am stupidly wrong for suggesting what I thought.... no doubt will get some bad scores outa this... But income is rising. Price adjustments are being made. Volume is increasing. These are excellent markers for valuation to increase IMHO...........GO RV!!!!
  6. GI-Jane and Rayzur.... I only heard, did not see. But this story does seem to line up very well. And one of the"friends" listens to "that" source a lot. I'll just leave it there... Thanks guys for your help. Great job! I feel I have my answer.
  7. Thanks for the responses so far. I have noticed one constant. Nobody has stepped up to claim identity and verification. So this topic is not closed yet. Keep up the good work ev1. And I most of all, pray God's Grace and Mercy and Peace upon anyone/everyone that this may have really happened too.
  8. Excellent analogy. God is Good. God is Love. All God's Plans are excellent even when we cannot understand it all. Genesis2:7 And the Lord God formed man from the soil of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the Breath of Life and the man became a living being... Genesis1:26 And God said Let us make man in our image, after our likeness and let them have dominion over... Genesis1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them... Genesis1:28 And God Blessed them... Genesis1:31 And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was VERY GOOD. It was the 6th day.
  9. I'm just looking for verification... God Can Heal you of that wounded and mistrusting and antagonizing feeling. lol wow I've been called a pumper! Thanks.
  10. thx guys, keep em coming. I went to that OTHER site trying to find it but didnt
  11. I ASKED WHY DO YOU WANT TO TALK TO EME AND THEIR RESPONSE WAS THEY AHVE BEEN WATCHING US AND I THEY FELT I WAS TO BE TRUSTED WITH THIS INFORMATION Read more: LOL reminds me of when I was thirteen years old and thought I could make Anyone believe
  12. Short and Sweet Please. Friend of a Friend says one of their Intel was shot and Killed in front of their Family. Did you know them OR hear of it. Just a few days ago?No Disrepectful comments please.
  13. Welcome to America...(cheap joke)
  14. I am a vested VIP. I dont azz kiss. I treat royalty ppl and poverty ppl equally. But I AM TRULY grateful that someone like Adam Montanna would help common people like me be involved in what for me is a RARE opportunity. If he ever comes to Vidalia Louisiana he will have the Best Ribeye Steak and Shrimp he has ever had...Mick style. This could change my families lives and I truly VALUE IT.
  15. ---Darin---I'm surprised at the counterfiet articles though. If the NEW IQD was supposed to be harder to counterfeit than a $20, why would they waste their time and simply just counterfeit a USD bill? So I sometimes wonder about that*... Thats a very good point Darin. Why counterfeit what it supposedly the newest greatest technology? IF it were so easy our USA thugs would be doin it too...of course I dont know if they use the metallic ink and special paper and all dat.... just sayin'
  16. Adam, I feel like the dropping of the three zeroes can only be done in a healthy way if the value is concurrently raised during the transition thus allowing the value of the dinar to go back to its original pre war price of over 3dollars. Is this a fair and accurate opinion? IF SO, does that mean we would have to wait for the transitions periods publicized...2013? Thanks Adam for all you do. God Bless You from Louisiana!
  17. May not be your link, but they help me research news.
  18. i tried google translate but it dont do iraq only arabic and arabic didnt work.. i went to the web site to try...
  19. No, first I've heard of it...Take Suare Miles Owned and multiply time $100,000,000,000.00/ft (lol) I am more impressed with all the other income they are establishing as a global player. Must be nice to have so much money...
  20. RICK: yeah, I saw it....Central Banks all over the world....Speculation from reliable sources all over the streets.... Guess they forgot to tell Iraq
  21. all investments are based upon many evidences;some of which are: History Trends Past Performance Plots,curves,graphs of every possible intersection and sticeS AND MANY OTHER THINGS ... but most of all SPECULATION....INVESTMENT IS RISK CAPITAL LOOKING FOR A FUTURE.... C'MON YALL.....
  22. OK.... for all tha Bad Mouthers on this site Here is a chance to prove your disbelief GIVE ME ALL YOUR DINAR NOW. THANKYOU.
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