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  1. I taught College English so I know everything. LMAO I pay more in taxes in a week than your monthly pay cheque. I know the whole deal Francie. You are the one that is misinformed. Keep Dreaming
  2. Now I see why the Goats are nervous on lomey's trailer farm The dream never dies just the dreamer. RV is a scam LMAO
  3. Francie...not looking for friends here. I have plenty. Sorry to disappoint .......but the truth hurts The dinar is the biggest scam going. Keep on dreaming. Wake up Dorothy ...the land of Oz had no RV Go buy a lottery ticket
  4. Teddy, Now you need the tell the wife you mortgaged the trailer for the dinars LMAO
  5. Wake up Dorothy Wake up The land of Dinar was a dream Just ask all your scarecrow friends who bought them. If I only had a Brain
  6. Guillible Yankees....Get rich quick Scheme The dinar is a SCAM Your recession or depression is making you not think staight
  7. Some guys at work bought some. I laugh at them everyday. You'll see.......You've been scammed LMAO
  8. Simple .....The whole thing is a SCAM
  9. Seetrader is the alias for Okie. Buy more dinars so Okie can laugh at us
  10. I know the Rv of the Dinar has been diificult for many. I wish there were more truthful people in their opinions on the dinar. But that's freedom of speech. Let's hope this ride is over soon when 2012 is upon us. I believe there are some very fine people at this site and I hope if the RV happens they take the time to reflect. It's not all about money. I personally have a very challenged child and there are many like him. I will donate some of my money to help others. I wish you all a Happy New Year and may your dreams come true.
  11. PaPaJack....PaPaJack Not again...He fell into the vat of Jack Daniels
  12. Earth to my fellow Americans..... Earth to my fellow Americans Are you there Are you listening to my posts ...or are you in some fantasy land...or is it that BAD in America......Reality Check I'm afraid for you will get better........ I feel for the people that invested their life savings or lost their marriages ETC for the Dinar Listen you Americans are scaring me with your false hope. You don't like me because I tell the truth. Again it will happen ...just don't let the false hope prevail.
  13. I just got a post on my personal e-mail from Adam ......everyone knows Adam .....married to Eve.... He welcome my post but wouldn't challenge me. He's discreet now....after his .10cent screw up RV Bring it on Boys and Girls THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE
  14. TFK...Well said but there is always someone taken in by a fool. It's the Nature of the Beast. I just want things to be real. Not like Alice in Wonderland. I'm the real thing and as political as they come. I live and breath politics through out the world. Notice I haven't been challenged yet
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