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  1. Thanks for the post Ron, appreciate your taking the time to bird dog info, gives me something to read whilst I awaits dee Dinar scenario to plays I agree with your assessment
  2. captl1 I agree, it seems like the perfect storm is seems that the Parliamentary legislation is very focused on the Financial/Economic issues (HCL especially) would be nice to see some passage of laws pic up pace, and not just yakking about it over there...
  3. But whatever would we do with the Boeing 777 that Adam has set up for us???? lol...jka...
  4. They are saying slightly higher sales at 69million, hmmm...they were doing auctions at 170M not so long ago, gee...wonder what changed (tongue in cheek)...again, news along these lines I think is a good indicator something is up in Iraq, but who knows...
  5. Like the low amount of sales at the CBI auctions...I think this is a positive sign...thanks again Yota :bump:
  6. This is very intriguing news...hope it is a harbinger for change in the Dinar's value...thanks for the post Yota!!
  7. This is pretty good thread...I just view it as very complex issue and since a fiat currency can be valued out of thin air, TX's opinion is as valid as the others. It is a combination and as SW said, going international requires an internationally traded currency. As far as Vietnam goes, their wealth potential does not come close to Iraq's, and they have had decades to develop their economic infrastructure where Iraq hasn't...however, I believe there is an overall CBI plan on monetary reform, but the timing of monetary reform is a moving target affected by the aforementioned macroeconomic influences on Iraq coupled with the political environment. Definitely making moves to improve internal issues within Iraq so that infrastructure can be built up (this can occur more quickly than you would think imo...just takes an influx of capital), but they are currently at a relative standstill regarding dealing with macroeconomic influences on the country. It is interesting to watch...this is a hobby basically imo, just one that can perhaps at some time be profitable (hopefully not like painting where you work on the hobby becomes valuable only after you kick the bucket as it were). Just my thoughts on things as they stand, they'll probably change for everyones thoughts tho!
  8. Changing the value of the currency is CBI and just a math problem for the the CBI will have solved for them when the IQD RV's...which I hope is
  9. Ahhhhh...the smoke an mirrors perhaps are starting....hopefully...we'll see :bump:yota for the post
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