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  1. NMP2017

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    A person hasn't been able to wire money out of their Warka account for years now. Right now you can see your account online and that is about it. Supposedly they are working on getting their Mastercard licence back, having CD's available in June, and raising capital via a subscription shares sale. And having a General Assembly meeting,,,soon. So we are still waiting to see what happens.
  2. NMP2017

    Warka in the News

    Aaaargh! There's that magic word,,, lol I'm waiting impatiently for Warka to get their Mastercard again,,,, Ramadan starting on the 15th so looks like it'll be a while still before any more happens.
  3. NMP2017

    Warka in the News

    I believe the "news" is real, they just used an old photo from Warka Bank.
  4. NMP2017

    Warka in the News

    and yeah Sharjah wasn't a place I'd go to again for a visit but then again I don't feel a need to see Dubai again either
  5. NMP2017

    Warka in the News

    Read on another site the photo is from 2008. Email I have from Warka is they are working on getting their Mastercard licence back but it is not available yet. Warka has an upcoming General Assembly meeting, no date yet, which many are waiting for as well. I got the link from the other site
  6. NMP2017

    Post on Warka FB page 19 April 2018

    Email from Mr Issa says that the information the original post is about is only required by Iraqis and foreigners living in Iraq.
  7. NMP2017

    Post on Warka FB page 19 April 2018

    Copy and pasted the arabic from the table posted in this thread into google and they translated into: Sale of shares - Bank of Baghdad Sale of shares - Bank of Kurdistan Sell Buying Stocks - Commercial Bank Sell Buying Stocks - Baghdad Hotel Sale of shares - Bank of Assyria Sell Buy Stocks - Credit Bank
  8. NMP2017

    Post on Warka FB page 19 April 2018

    I'm probably wrong then, thought I had read here or other website a person saw their shares using their ISX number. I can't say for sure as I don't have any stocks.
  9. NMP2017

    Post on Warka FB page 19 April 2018

    Do you know which shares you had were still proxy shares? You can translate the arabic in your table and it looks like most are bank shares. That may tell you if it was proxy shares sold. I think you can access any shares held by ISX using your ISX number? Someone else will know more than me on ISX matters
  10. NMP2017

    Post on Warka FB page 19 April 2018

    I have read of one person having their proxy shares sold but not shares were held in the ISX. Email Mr Issa onsunday and see what his response is. I don't have any shares at the moment though I did send the info to buy some in the upcoming Warka share sale
  11. NMP2017

    Post on Warka FB page 19 April 2018

    My thoughts exactly, though apparently local iraqis have been able to withdraw around 500k iqd monthly.
  12. NMP2017

    Post on Warka FB page 19 April 2018

    apparently the other page is instructions for the client for when they go to fill out the forms at Warka Bank. how to give information, how to fill out the forms etc. Didn't get a number by number translation. I'm going to email Mr Issa on sunday and see if this has anything to do with foreigners
  13. another new post on the Warka FB page though nothing on their website yet. I've asked on the Iraqi Warka Victimes FB page for a translation and will post any that happens. Can anyone here translate the 2 documents? translation of 1st page: By Warka Bank for Investment and Financing, Department of Banking Awareness and Public Protection: According to the instructions of the Iraqi Central Bank concerning updating the clients' information, kindly visit us in order to update your information within a period of 60 days from the first of May 2018, otherwise your accounts will be frozen.
  14. NMP2017

    Warka Banking online

    shamalamma - that link works for me. If you are getting a security error or similar it's because their security certificate expired. you need to create an exception in your browser. google create security exception for the browser you are using and there should find the process. Hope this helps
  15. NMP2017

    Warka Online Account Access

    Sandinario, email the request for password renewal to Mr Issa at these 2 email addresses. Send the email sunday to thursday around 10am baghdad time as that is around the time mine have usually been read. Friday and Saturday they are closed. Good luck!

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