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  1. DONE! I managed to get the cert9.db file from my ff profile on my old laptop, copied it to my new ff profile and it created the exception. Good to go on FF again
  2. I had a security exception in FireFox unfortunately my laptop crashed and I had get a new one. Firefox 61.0.2 won't let me create a security exception though. Anyone have an idea? I was able to create the exception in edge and will probably be able to in chrome, but I use FF for everything. Any ideas/help is appreciated,,,
  3. NMP2017

    Expired Account?

    Mr Issa was away from the office but is back now so send him an email again. Probably just your password expired. Never heard of an account expiring,,,
  4. hmmm, no one interested in double the dinar for your dollar? Eventually we'll get access to our Warka funds again
  5. NMP2017

    Warka Bank Interest

    mine is in my account too but only half the rate that they have posted on their website. I got 1.25% on iqd for 6 months and .05% on usd Did you get their posted rates?
  6. hopefully you will be right on that
  7. Thanks! Post has been transfered.
  8. don't know. I probably f'd up. I thought I had posted it under the Warka-Iraqi Banking section. Can an admin move it there?
  9. 595 is half the exchange rate of 1190. 2X is 2 times the rate of 1190 = 2380. If a person exchanges $1000 USD x 595 = $595,000.00 IQD The same $1000 x 2390 = 2,390,000 IQD A better rate for the person exchanging USD to IQD
  10. According to Mr Issa an internal transfer of IQD can be done from one warka clients account to another warka clients account. Warka Bank would need a transfer request form and a copy both persons ID's. I am looking for anyone interested in doing an exchange of $1k or more USD for IQD at 2x the official exchange rate (1190x2=2380). What I would like to do is transfer some IQD from my Warka account to your Warka account, then you transfer USD to my US or Canadian bank account. Looking to transfer from $1k - $5k USD worth of IQD. If interested please send me a pm and we can email specifics. TIA
  11. CBI Official rate was 1184 now 1190. going the wrong way ain't it?
  12. NMP2017

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    A person hasn't been able to wire money out of their Warka account for years now. Right now you can see your account online and that is about it. Supposedly they are working on getting their Mastercard licence back, having CD's available in June, and raising capital via a subscription shares sale. And having a General Assembly meeting,,,soon. So we are still waiting to see what happens.
  13. NMP2017

    Warka in the News

    Aaaargh! There's that magic word,,, lol I'm waiting impatiently for Warka to get their Mastercard again,,,, Ramadan starting on the 15th so looks like it'll be a while still before any more happens.
  14. NMP2017

    Warka in the News

    I believe the "news" is real, they just used an old photo from Warka Bank.

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