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  1. I believe in God's word and prophecy and you know that Kim Clement prophesized over the Dinar and God spoke and said that we have to help and feed and clothe the poor. We have to take this blessing and help those in need! That would bring me more joy than anything in this world. God bless you all. So, Iraq, let's move into this next economic phase and unleash the RV!
  2. I just want to be able to help others at a higher level and work for God. Of course, I can do so now but with this RV, the magnitude of giving and help I can offer is enormous. Praise God for all he does and Thank you in advance for the blessings we will all receive. The time has almost arrived.
  3. Must be great news if we keep waiting
  4. I was thinking the same. So much positive news regarding banking and economical development and much more! I'm sure this has to be it! GO RV TRAIN!
  5. Can't believe how close it feels now! Even knowing how Iraq is, it still feels amazing how close this is to actually coming to pass! God bless you all!
  6. Sounds like they are ready to set sail!
  7. If this isn't the TIME for RV, then what is??? GO RV!
  8. God bless you. I know that to those who have waited patiently for this to happen will be rewarded soon enough. This news is very exciting for us all.
  9. I also appreciate your comments as they make perfect sense! GO RV!
  10. I'm perfectly fine with SUNDAY! Let's get it please Lord let this come to pass.
  11. All this international banking news is getting me hyped! I like having some good news to start my morning.
  12. You're right about it all. Definitely will be a hall of famer for sure. It's cool you got to say a prayer and just have that experience man! Now, we just have to say a prayer that this Dinar will RV already, haha. God bless you brother.
  13. Haha! That's an awesome experience. He seems like an awesome and down-to-earth dude! That's cool you had the chance to meet him and do something for him. I'm sure you'll never forget that. Hard to see him already be past the halfway point in his career. He's always fun to watch. Those silky smooth handles and the way he moves his body around players. Awesome player.