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  1. It'll be more uplifting when it RVs. Lets' go.
  2. CBI News 10/19/2017

    Time to buy a house
  3. I’m so ready for this to happen. I’m about to move to a Phoenix this week. I could really use this!
  4. Thanks for your awesome post LGD. It gives me a lot of hope to think about it all in that way. I’m praying for that miracle now! May God bless us all.
  5. Market Movement !

    I can be satisfied with $3 haha. Lots of great news and movement for sure!! Thanks for the share buddy.
  6. I'm okay with October first being the start for that. One can only be hopeful for the best news!
  7. Things are heating up around there. I just wish they would heat up my RV because I’m hungry.
  8. Is there any excitement now? Is there any key date or anything we are looking at for good news or the like? It’s quiet
  9. I just want the RV already. Enough talk, more action and implementation!
  10. CBI News 09/20/2017

    This can be awesome if is true!!! Let’s go RV!

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