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  1. I'll follow them all to the banks and take a 1:1 or more! haha
  2. RayRat Has A New Date.

    Nothing but lies, lies, and guess what? More lies.
  3. I can definitely pray that the RV is happening..:)
  4. I pray that a big change comes to fruition. So we can pay off debts and be blessed enough to where we can help others get back on their feet and show them the Lord. The almighty God.
  5. A good ole RV would make for an exciting birthday, huh? ;P
  6. I pray you are right kind sir. We need this to happen.
  7. I'll See You At The Bank This Afternoon.

    Who honestly believes this nonsense? I feel bad for the innocent souls who do...
  8. How about we see an RV now? I think everyone could use one.
  9. That is an awesome thing...Maybe a sign, indeed! Praying as always for the blessings to flow out upon us all so we can help others in need.
  10. O'Canada cashes out.

    Never gets old. Nothing but a good laugh from those lunatic gurus. haha
  11. Monday morning. Back to the ole grind. I thank the good Lord Jesus for my job and car and everything else he has blessed me with. I pray all here has a great week indeed. And stay safe today from the ellipse. 😉
  12. Approaching Monday, the 21st and nothing. Back to work tomorrow as usual. Any good news guys?

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