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  1. Most likely. Iraq is always looking for an excuse to do nothing. This should fall under the "security" excuse.
  2. They still don't have a handle on this yet. It's going to be a while folks.
  3. If Maliki regains the PM position, there will be no RV.
  4. It wasn't a world war. It was Maliki and Obama's incompetence.
  5. How can you save Iraq if it's collapse is inevitable?
  6. Let's hope they get a handle on this as well as coming to an agreement with the Kurds. If not, we may be SOL. Thanks for the post.
  7. This might be the straw that breaks the camels back. The Kurds will separate from Iraq.
  8. You could also diversify your economy morons. The IMF and World Bank have been telling you this for 14 years yet you choose to live or die based on the price of oil.
  9. If ISIS has almost a trillion dinars then there will be no RV.
  10. "Revealed the intention" What are we on now, the tenth year of hearing this? I believe this as much as the articles stating Maliki is going to jail. Thanks for the post

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