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    I have been patiently waiting for 14 years I'm not about to give up now but everything is getting exciting 😎 My future is so bright I got aware shades.
  2. I RECEIVED THIS EMAIL TODAY. I am taking this as a good sign! Xchange of America is pleased to announce that you CAN NOW exchange IQD / VND / IDR for cash. The XOA Team is quite thrilled and confident this new policy will make our customers (and future customers) quite happy. You can now sell your IQD, VND, and IDR at any XOA store location and then walk away with USD...Yes, United States Dollars (in hand). This new policy is effective immediately at all Xchange of America locations across the United States. We thank you for your continued trust in XOA as we strive to make our brand better, and provide the highest level of customer service possible. Best regards, Robert M. Hoffman, Jr Chairman / CEO

    This Is Enought To Gag A Maggot.

    Actually one to one it would be me who decides who is a guru. All you have to do is post outrageous , Unprovable and most times just plain stupid stuff. And send half of your dinar in a plain brown wrapper To me FROSTYJACK and I will issue you a guru certificate. I have a computer full of them. And just so you know it is legitimate I will print it out in color I hope that clears it up for everyone. 😎
  4. Here here! I am with you on that one brother. That seems to be the universal truth!

    CBI News 06/28/2018

    I think they already popped the cork on a couple bottles. πŸ€“

    Alternate CBI Site

    You are correct that website has been active for over a year
  7. I am going back to sleep now. Have a Adam text me when it's all over. 😎
  8. Thanks Yota. Looking back at the thread I was referring to. Yes it was ha ha.I keep forgetting that we are living in an age of alternate facts πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

    Another Lying Guru Caught In His Own Lies.

    That would be GURU logic. Above my pay grade. 😜

    Another Lying Guru Caught In His Own Lies.

    Let me throw out a hypothetical situation. And of course this is just my opinion. Let's say that the Dinar revalues at $.10 American. (Or Pick any number) One of the mechanisms to allow that to happen would be for Iraq to become a single currency nation. And that currency would be recognized worldwide. So it stays there long enough for all the Iraqi people to turn in their American dollars for Dinar. And all the prices are reflected upon the Dinar being worth $.10 American. One price change one time. Now the Dinar is no longer worth $.10 American it is worth one dinar in country. And that will stay constant. As the value of the Dinar grows internationally it will be cheaper to import goods. The prices of those goods should drop to Iraqi consumers ( more buying power ). so in country the only fluctuation will be in the price of goods not the value of the money. (Unless you are exchanging for foreign currency ) again just my thoughts I could be wrong 😎
  11. The problem with this is that politicians would have to pass the law to make that happen. Now when it comes to passing laws for amnesty for crooked politicians. That's unanimous!!!πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ
  12. Don't hold back 10 YL tell us how you really feel about the guy. πŸ€‘
  13. If this doesn't happen soon I will be living in a van down by the riverπŸ™ƒ
  14. I was kind of thinking they maybe waiting until it gets down to the actual posted exchange rate on the CBI website which is 1184. And then flip it one for one.Of course that may be just wishful thinking.😌

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