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  1. 5 cents would be less than I would like, but it would at least be a step in the right direction
  2. shows it at 1155.53
  3. I came across a site with some information pertaining to the eclipse on the 21st and thought it might be of interest. Thanks
  4. New CBI Announcement 08/09/2017

  5. Weren't they also planning to release the Ki card funds or something in June, or was it July?
  6. Based on that article the average annual income in 2012 will reach almost $6,000 (7 million IQD). So I think that's a little less than two days worth of income for the average person.
  7. I think 32 Trillion dinar would just be 32 Trillion dollars in a 1 to 1 exchange scenario. Still, that would be an insane amount.
  8. Google translates the title of the video as: Experts criticize the start in the project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi dinar Also, I don't know Arabic but I believe in the video when they say "al banke markazee" that means "The Central Bank" I know it's not much, but hopefully it helps a little
  9. The seventh month of the islamic calendar is Rejab. The year 2013 corresponds to the Islamic years 1434–1435 AH. Hope this helps.

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