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  1. It's interesting that on the 31st there will be a very rare moon known as a Super Blue Blood Moon. 2nd full moon this month, aka blue moon, happens to be a super moon so it appears larger than normal and will also be a lunar eclipse, thus the blood moon.
  2. CBI News 12/03/2017

    You have a few options. Purchasing from funds in your bank has a weekly limit of $5,000 I believe, but it takes about a week to get the coins in your coinbase account. Using a debit card you can buy the coins and they will instantly be in your account but that is initially limited to $300 per week. That amount can be increased by using that method to purchase over $700. Another option to get the coins instantly is to wire transfer money into your coinbase account. The wire transfer can take up to 2 days but make sure you do everything exactly as they say otherwise the funds will get kicked back to your bank. I don't think there is a limit with wire transfers. I hope this helps.
  3. CBI News 12/03/2017

    Hey there, have you verified your accounts with coinbase? If you haven't or don't know what I'm talking about check your email to see if you might have missed something. Once you verify your bank account and a debit or credit card, (you will be asked to verify two small transactions they send to your account. Each transaction will be $1.xx and you have to give them the $.xx amounts) after everything is verified you will be able to make instant purchases up to $300 a week using your debit/credit card. I also had trouble getting them on the phone but due to the large influx of interest in bitcoin lately it's understandable. I called probably six or seven times last week before I finally got someone. Hopefully they improve their customer support soon to meet the increased demand. I hope this is helpful.
  4. Delta - Breaking Currency Auction News !

    Most of you don't know me, I don't post much just check in from time to time and full disclosure I am not in any way a financial adviser so please do your own research, but in my opinion it's a good time to get into bitcoin. Last night bitcoin hit $11700 then pulled back some and is sitting at $10599 currently. Fortunately you don't have to buy a full bitcoin, you can buy fractions of one. When I first started I only bought $100 worth. The site I use to buy bitcoin for anyone interested is coinbase. Coinbase is a US company, is FDIC insured and has over 13 million users currently. If you use this link they will deposit a free $10 in your coinbase account. As for bitconnect, it is more of a gamble and isn't part of bitcoin, it's a cryptocurrency of it's own. The way it works is you buy bitcoin then exchange your bitcoin for bitconnect coin which is worth about $300 each, again you don't have to buy a full coin. Then you lend your bitconnect coin back to bitconnect and you are paid daily interest for that loan. I have been paid every day since I joined anywhere from .41% to 1.5% (they average .9% but you get a bonus .1 to .25% depending on how much you invest) daily and you can reinvest the interest you make to compound how much you are earning. Basically doing that I have doubled my money every 3-4 months. Starting with a $1010 loan if I reinvest everything for 2 years I will have approximately $1,400,000 and be making about $14,000 a day. google bitconnect spreadsheet to see what I'm talking about. The link to bitconnect for anyone interested is Most of the investors I've talked to about bitcoin think it could hit $40,000 in 2018 and possibly $100,000 in 2019. Bitcoin has gone up in value 1,332% this year and there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins so as more people hear about it and invest the price will continue to go up. I hope this helps.
  5. 5 cents would be less than I would like, but it would at least be a step in the right direction
  6. shows it at 1155.53
  7. I came across a site with some information pertaining to the eclipse on the 21st and thought it might be of interest. Thanks
  8. New CBI Announcement 08/09/2017

  9. Weren't they also planning to release the Ki card funds or something in June, or was it July?
  10. Based on that article the average annual income in 2012 will reach almost $6,000 (7 million IQD). So I think that's a little less than two days worth of income for the average person.
  11. I think 32 Trillion dinar would just be 32 Trillion dollars in a 1 to 1 exchange scenario. Still, that would be an insane amount.
  12. Google translates the title of the video as: Experts criticize the start in the project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi dinar Also, I don't know Arabic but I believe in the video when they say "al banke markazee" that means "The Central Bank" I know it's not much, but hopefully it helps a little
  13. The seventh month of the islamic calendar is Rejab. The year 2013 corresponds to the Islamic years 1434–1435 AH. Hope this helps.

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