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  1. 2 trillion in mystery revenue. Hmmm. If five billion in dinar was sold here (hypothetically speaking) and the dinar revalued at 1:1. Trump could collect half of that and balance the budget. Makes me wonder if he is somehow factoring in that windfall . I mean, he must know about the plan. not saying that will happen but just thinking out loud. 27% reduction in these programs over the next ten years, without revenue to replace those programs is gonna leave a Shiite ton more people below the poverty line especially when they start devaluing the dollar at the same time. I'm very interested to see that rabbit pulled out of a hat and have it explained to me so I understand
  2. Scary Mary thanks. lol I never made it to the Trump speech, the Saudi King put me to sleep. just want to say thanks to all the dirty neggers for the 18 cherries, thats rather Luigi like. I wonder what would happen if I said something offensive.
  3. Wow you learned all that about me from one little wisecrack? Impressive.
  4. Blah blah blah. I listened to as much as I could. What a snooze fest. Listening to that makes me want to commit jihad.
  5. You know, I was thinking the same thing. I thought, what Iraq really needs right now is another holiday. Revaluing the currency and rebuilding the country is important and everything but it must be tough being one of the 40% unemployed so let's give em a break and invent another reason not to go to work. It's flawless! Can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. Where's my head?
  6. Iraq will probably end up a three state country. It will most likely be the only way that the three different factions; Sunni, Shia,Kurds, will be able to achieve a fair balance within the government. Like Al Rubaie said though, address reconstruction and unemployment first then move towards a more autonomous region for sunnis and Kurds, ideally using the dinar as the currency of course. 🙂
  7. In the words of Al Bundy, "Why buy the milk when I got a cow at home"?
  8. No sudden movements Hader! You don't want to startle them, lol
  9. LMFAO! LGD that's exactly what I was thinking. I mean I'm all for the feminist movement but right now Abadi looks like he's outgunned.
  10. So help me out here cause it's 4:30 am where I am but didn't they just buy USD with IQD? That doesn't help the bank in case of RV. But maybe the CBI asked that bank to repatriate some of the local currency? Not sure they can do that but just thinking out loud with one eye open
  11. I have a feeling that the billion notes is representing 11,600,000,000.00 dollars worth of dinar. Otherwise each note averages a value of 11.6 dinars. At 11.6 billion dollars each note averages 11.6 dollars or approximately 10-12000 dinar. Seems a lot more reasonable to me. I do not believe for a second that there is only 9.5 million dollars of dinar in circ. Within that country. Not possible
  12. Tonygrasso

    In Country $7.21...Coins Are Out.

    It could happen.... and monkeys might fly out of my butt

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