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  1. Tigergorzow, I concur. After reading this, I am getting excited. The last report from the IMF that I read had iraqs GDP at 11% last year in the face of an ISIS invasion. I also read that oil production capacity will be at 5 million barrels/day by years end. Those two things alone have me doing back flips (well if I could do back flips lol) then this article reconfirming the worlds commitment to rebuild not only the liberated areas, but all,of iraqs cities. It just keeps getting better. I wholeheartedly agree with LB that when Mosul is declared fully liberated, this train will be shifting into high gear and then it's SUGAR city. Also thanks everyone who brings these articles to bear, I love reading all of your comments and thoughts on the process, it helps me get through the day. I also read about the post RV cruise. I want to go but can I bring my own boat lol?
  2. That's one way to get the rest of the people to put their money in the bank lol
  3. Iran made it look like Iraq to undermine our support for Saddam in that war. We put Saddam in there to fight Iran in another proxy war, and eventually it worked. Well... that and Saddam went completely off the reservation in Kuwait, and when you start messing with the money of a country we support, it's basically like Bilbo waking up Smaug!
  4. I agree I think trump is the most sincere president ever. Even though he has unleashed his federal task force on the people of this country and is hacking smart phones en masse to bust people for marijuana sales in states where it's legal, but they are probably terrorist too
  5. This is what Iraq needs to do lol.
  6. Figure out how money is being siphoned off Uncover all of the corrupt individuals Concentrate on reforming the necessary banking laws Kill the Maliki Open the doors to Financial Freedom
  7. I don't have a link but I am pretty sure the 1.13 rate was from a 2010 IMF report on Iraq
  8. And this is why we need to exterminate every last person who holds their belief
  9. Hmmm, let me think about that. Tourism agriculture customs he forgot manufacturing. These are all things that do well in a war torn region, NOT! First things first Jabouri! Let's stop the war, then do what Abadi has been trying to do for the last two years, then see how the economy is doing, okay? Just a thought ya booger eatin moron. Sorry DV I haven't had my coffee yet
  10. Lol, I meant to say Bartle Bull. He runs an investment fund and he has been promoting Iraq as a phenomenal investment for years
  11. 12 billion over 10 years. 1.2 billion a year plus interest. Britain must be very confident in Iraq to loan them that much money for such a short duration. Their confidence gives me confidence. Move that decimal point over three places to the left and I'll be the biggest believer EVER. Im not sure what I'm looking forward to more, the currency revaluation and becoming rich or the feeling of validation towards all of the naysayers over the las eight years. So looking forward to both
  12. Lol, Chuck, LB I hope for once in my life I am right. I do feel the sense of urgency to move to the new plan. I also think POTUS is fully aware and is doing everything possible to bring this to fruition. Interestingly, as much as they have been talking about all of the people left in western Mosul and the narrow cramped streets, we just went in and bombed six locations hoping to eradicate Baghdadi. This, also IMHO, is telling. We along with the coalition forces are ramping up the pressure on ISIS with maybe less regard for collateral damage. If true it's letting ISIS know that hiding behind the civilian population won't help to not get shot at or blown up. I hope we know more... Soon! the investment potential for the early entrants is beyond huge, ask Bartlett Bull, and Trump, business man that he is, has to be fully aware of that fact, in the word of LGD...Suddenly. That would work for me just fine
  13. Wow, the article above states that 24 trillion printed dinar in circulation, that's around 19-20 billion dollars of printed currency. If they were all 25000 notes, that would mean less than 1 billion notes circulating in their economy. Shabibi and Saleh stated years ago that the goal was to get the internal float down to 1.18 billion notes representing 25-30 billion dollars. That article is very telling because it says without saying that the central bank is at or very close to the note count that they were targeting prior to any significant revaluation of their currency. More recent articles have come out stating that once Mosul is liberated there won't be any need to use the dollar in the country, hence ending the dual currency practice and make the dinar 1.2 to the dollar. I think, IMHO, that we are waiting for the official announcement of the liberation of Mosul, probably a sovereign credit ratings upgrade and an end to the multiple currency practice within the country. Been in it since 09 and watching closely. This thing is picking up speed and a lot of things are falling into place. Mosul has been surrounded by local and coalition forces and Baghdadi has given the blow yourself up in martyrdom or run and hide speech so it only a matter of time before this thing blows wide open and then it's Sugar City!