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  1. I forgot to mention that Texas and Connitecut are also states that I can help people in, as well.
  2. I have been getting several responses about Life Settlements for investments. Many want to explore this option, and are asking for information on where to go to investigate the investment. A great starter place is this web site: Here, you will see a tab for “news.” Click this tab and you will see several articles that have been published from Fortune magazine, The Weiss Research Group (Dr. Martin Weiss), Wall Street Journal, and many others. This should get you started in the right direction. Another question has been asked is how can I get involved? It depends on the state that you reside in. Due to regulations, each individual state is different. The following is a list of states that I can personally help individuals, companies, and Corporations get invested in. They are: Arkansas California Delaware Florida Illinois Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Nebraska New Hampshire New York Oregon Pennsylvania Virginia Washington Wyoming Puerto Rico Another question is, “how can I fund this investment?” You can always use cash (“cash is king” – Dave Ramsey”). However, it is not the only method. You can use 401K’s, IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, most Pension Funds, and SEPP (Simple Employment Pension Plans). The beauty of these “qualified” funds is that they are either tax deferred or tax exempt. Guess what? They still will be, if you invest them in Life Settlements with us. A trust account is set up in your name as 401K Trust, IRA Trust, Roth IRA Trust, etc., etc. Only you have access to these accounts. The Trusts are set up with Wells Fargo. They are one of the top rated banks in the U.S.. This is not necessarily the case for other investment groups. BEWARE of any investor who tries to have joint access to your account. This is can be very bad for you. You have to make sure that the account is set up to protect you and your future. I hope this answers some of the questions that are out there. ***EDITED DO NOT POST CONTACT INFO *** Enjoy the discovery! Shawn
  3. I recently talked witha guy who has been in this for just under 2 years and he had 1 policy payout in 1 year and another at 18 months. This year was very good for him. I love the concept of exponetial growth.
  4. Each state has its own licencing requirements. What state are you in? and I can check on that for you. There are a few other states that I can do this in with my license.
  5. For years, I have been looking for places to put my money for retirement and wealth development. Back in 2008, when the bottom dropped out of the stock market, I decided it was time to purchase heavily in stocks. Based on the principle of buy low, and later sell high. Well, I got in and everything was going well. My stocks started to go up. I was watching the market, things looked great! Then something unexpected happened. I discovered that my 1 of my stock had done a reverse stock split of 1:20. That means that for every 20 shares that I owned they reduced my ownership to 1 stock. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident. I have had other stocks since then that have reduced 1:12, and other stocks that just tanked. My father who has been investing in stocks for 25yrs, and who trained me on the techniques on assessing stocks, has made a discovery within the past couple of year, and that is the stock market has not behaving to the old rules of stock speculation. The insight that my father gave to me caused me to look at other alternatives for investment. So I asked myself the following questions: 1. Are there other investments out there that are non corollary (not involved with the stock market)? 2. Was the rate of return? Did it increasing in 2008 – 2009? 3. What oversight was there on the investment? 4. What was the risk on the investment? I looked at a multitude of investments, including, oversea investments. One research venue took me to some real estate investment in countries bordering Russia and the Middle East. They posted 28% annual returns in 8 yrs. However, they wanted a million dollars or more to invest, in an area that is potentially very risky. Then I discovered Scandinavian Income Certificates. It was promoted as buying into the Norwegian Pension Fund, and receiving annual benefits. Upon further investigation, I discovered that it involved buying stock in a Company called Statoil, and the benefits were actually dividends. The rate of return was only 4.46%. Not really that great. There were many, many more that I investigated, but nothing fell within the search criteria. Then I came across an investment called Life Settlements. Simply put, it is the purchasing of a life insurance policy that someone no longer wants or needs. You purchase the right from the policy holder to become the beneficiary. As I began to investigate this investment, I started to discover some interesting things. First of all, it has nothing to do with the stock market, real estate, Unemployment, Stimulus and TARP money. It is based on one thing, and one thing alone; the defined life expectancy of an individual. That caught my attention. As I started to look at companies that promoted this investment. There was one company that stood out above all others. It was Life Partners. They have been in business for almost 20 years, no debt, and good profits. The company sounded strong, I thought, but what kind of return could one receive. To my amazement, the 20 year average rate of return for investors has been 14.28%! This applied even to 2008 – 2009! I then checked into what regulated this investment. I discovered that the SEC, Texas Department of Banking, and Texas Department of Insurance all have a hand in regulating the product. With all these eyes watching this investment type, I concluded that this was a very safe investment. On top of all this, this investment type has been surfacing in places like the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and USA Today. In fact, August of 2009, Fortune Magazine ranked Life Partners as the fastest growing small company in America. This year in 2010, they were ranked the 20th fastest growing company in the world (two slots behind Apple, INC)! So, if you live in Texas and our interested in investing in this, just click on my profile to obtain my contact info. I would love to talk more about it with you, and answer any questions you might have. Thanks Shawn P.S. This is a great way to get your money to work for you after the dinar revalues, and insure that your children don’t get started in life by getting into debt.[/size]
  6. Saturday, September 26, 2009 THE TIME HAS COME FOR IRAQ TO EXIT FROM CHAPTER 7 Safiya al-Suhail: We thank the State of Kuwait towards its new position to drive Iraq from Chapter VII Conscious / Baghdad 26/9/2009 Confirmed member of the House of Representatives Independent MP Safia al-Suhail said Maardh the Kuwaiti side in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations was the result of enormous efforts by the two governments of Iraq and Kuwait. Suhail said in a telephone call to the reporter (news agency, Iraqi Information / conscious) that the efforts of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and clear in this area as well as the efforts of the President and the President of the Iraqi parliament, which confirmed the exit of Iraq under Chapter VII, asserting that the time had come to Iraq out from under the Chapter VII and to start recovering, and that his life no longer be paying for the mistakes of others and bear the consequences of the injustice of former Iraqi people and the injury hurt him as Kuwait. She said Suhail thank the Kuwaiti position clear at this stage to support Iraq by arguing before the General Assembly of the United Nations in the emphasis this time officially it wants to help Iraq out of Chapter VII, must be shown to extend our thanks to the efforts of the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah and Prime Government of Kuwait Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber for their efforts during the three months to reach this stage, a claim before the General Assembly of the United Nations to drive Iraq from Chapter VII. Posted by Kel at 9/26/2009 08:28:00 AM forget this article. it is from last year. sorry joe
  7. iwanted to take the time to reply to this post because there are some facts that you are leaving out that could prove severe to the people who read this and impliment what you are suggesting. First, if a person has a SSN# you are a citizen of the "United States of America" and therefore not a foreigner which is subject to the federal law. What you a suggecting is that a Citizen of the "united States of America" is a foreigner and you are right the laws are different for them. Second, the person who wants to prove the second sentence will probably spend at least a million dollars and probably more attempting to prove it and most likely loose. In which case, you will probably owe back taxes and on top of that penalties. Remember, the US can out-spend anyone here on this web site. Meanwhile, it will exert enormous pressure on the individual and their family. Depending how far you go in the fight, you may divide your family (if you have one), and possibly loose them as well. This is something that i do have experience in. Do not persue this course! It is a loosing battle. I know!
  8. I just checked It had a low of 1163 today (about 1 hour ago)
  9. interesting site. I find it interesting that they have created a paper money with all the bells and wistles to protect against forgery. The redenomination of a currency would force them to totally print new bills. I wonder how much the ink and paper cost along with the labor and equipment to do the work. Would it cost 47 trillion?
  10. Thanks for the knowledge. The prudent thing for iraq to do would be to lop. The flip side of that is that i don 't really understand the implications of how that allows them to enter back into the world market even after they did a RV. There would not be a change in the perception of the money it would just be different paper print at a lower face value. It seems to me that money is all based on based on perception only and not true value.
  11. That is troubling when you think about it. However, i did post something along these lines before, and a got a bit of info that that might help encourage you in this area. The US has bought about 3Trillion dinar and are sitting on it. It does make sense for the US to do that unless they have some inside info that we do not. Another interesting thought that Adam Montana had was that Iraq could RV at a low rate and then let the market climb To a higher rate. That means that it start out at $.10 and then climb up from there. The people could cash out during the climb where ever they chose.
  12. thanks for the info Djcrzyc
  13. you are correct there is no article to base the fact on a 2 zero lop. i was decribing a senario. The April 1 date is a minium. It could be longer. That is part of the events to take place on that date that both THe IMF and the UN wil have both direct and indirect influence over. This has been discussed in earliy news posting throughout The news forum. I do apoligize if this has caused you some distress, that was not my intention. It just that someof the facts that are there make this a plausible outcome. It does not make it true.
  14. thanks for the encouragement
  15. no facts as of yet, however it does seem logical so that they can have a better place in the economy for purchases.
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