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  1. I'm still patiently waiting for the day that one of these "Guru's" is actually right : )
  2. fixxxer

    Adam Montana Weekly 20 June 2018

    Thank you! Go RV!
  3. fixxxer

    We Wait...Another 48 Hours?

    I guess all the spewing guru's want to be the one to call the date & rate. It's actually pretty sad....The reality is, once this happens, nobody is going to be thinking about who called it, and how great they are. We'll all be too busy! Go RV!
  4. fixxxer

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    Thanks to you both! Coorslite21, is it possible to change my individual account at Warka to one that is compatible to use in with an IBC? I hope you're right about the sister bank possibility! It would be nice at some point to just clean out my account all at once and send it to a corp account in Belize.
  5. I realize that withdrawals cannot be made from Warka at this time, but I am trying find out if there was a previous daily withdrawal limit from Warka Bank. I found some posts that quoted $10,000 per day. If the RV is 1:1 , and the transfer limit is $10K per day, that would mean one would be able to transfer approximately $2.5M per year if one transferred $10K per day, 5 days a week, minus holidays etc.... For some this would mean many years of withdrawals to get their money out of Warka. Does anyone have any info on whether the $10K per day transfer number is accurate? If so, are there other suggestions on how to withdraw larger amounts from Warka? I thought about trying to change my personal account to a corporate account at Warka, but not sure if that's even possible, or if the withdrawal limit would be different. Is an IBC an option with Warka? Anyone have any suggestions?

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