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  1. IMHO - Pretty much nailed it, on this one, 3n1. I'm thinking the volume at the CBI auctions will drop dramatically with in place. Another big step closer to the RV and reducing the corruption . Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again ; "Mess with the best, die like the rest" anonymous Semper Fi GO RV GO USA
  3. Donald J Trump is my President ................. Semper Fi GO RV GO USA
  4. Hotcurl

    Adam Montana Weekly 28 March 2018

    Good evening/morning everyone, This line caught my attention earlier this morning and I'm a bit surprised no one has made reference to it yet. Maybe I am off base on this and will admit it, if so ! I'm not 100% clear as to the time line reference Adam is indicating to in the above, but as I recall the pre Kuwait Invasion (circa 1990) the IQD exchange rate was in the 1 IQD = $2.80 range. Maybe something, maybe be nothing, just thinking, hoping and reaching out. Semper Fi GO RV
  5. What is the significance and or sequence of events that relates to January 2019 timeline for monetary reform ?? Semper Fi GO RV
  6. Hmmm ..... This appears to be a direct contradiction to the story recently posted above from the IMF. Who to believe, the IMF or the GOI ?? Perhaps this is a subtle reminder to the GOI of who (the IMF) is dictating reality. Semper Fi GO RV
  7. Hotcurl

    Trading currencies

    Perhaps this is a reference to the Crypto currencies ?? Semper Fi GO RV
  8. Exactly ..... couldn't have said it better myself. Semper FI RV there yet ??
  9. I've got an idea ........ How about getting back the $300B (or portion of ) that Maliki stole ?? Then hang the SOB, just like Saddam ............... That would solve a lot of problems ................ Semper Fi RV there yet ?
  10. Hmmm, I've read this and other articles related to the $30B pledged at the Kuwait conference. There seems to be some ''fuzzy" math going on 'cuz, I'm not seeing the total of the "pledges" or any other figures that add up to $30B. It appears closer to $14-15B depending on the wording, translation and some smoke seen in the mirror. I may not be the brightest bulb in the box thus, I've been proven wrong a time or two but willing to admit it. Help me out and show me the $30B from the Kuwait conference. Semper Fi GO RV
  11. I find the timing, related to the release of these articles very interesting, considering the up coming Kuwait conference. Could it be a coincidence or a coordinated part of the plan ?? I am thinking President Trump is bluntly telling the Iraqis and the world - We know what you (IRAQ) did and we are not going to let it happen again. Makes me go Hummm ! I am hopeful the next few days will show positive results for us at DV. Semper Fi GO RV
  12. IMHO - As I understand it, Abadi is paying the real cost of the Kurdish salaries which is in the 12.6% budget. As I recall, the IMF required a 2018 budget number for the Kurds of 12.6%, as a condition for future financing. Again IMHO, the Kurds want the difference of 4.40% ( 17% - 12.6% ) to pay their "ghost" salaries and line their pockets. The greed of these people is beyond comprehension. Haven't they stolen enough from their citizens ?? The days of tribal graft and corruption are over. The GOI and CBI have sold their souls to the International Bankers, Corporations and Wall Street. Part pre -election hype, part smoke and mirrors and to the greatest part ignorance. Semper Fi GO RV
  13. Thanks for the emerald, Indy, tough crowd tonight ................... I owe you one in the future ......... Semper FI GO RV
  14. IMHO - A desperate man seeking political relevance and trying to avoid persecution for crimes against humanity and corruption. Semper Fi GO RV

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