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  1. I say, Let the Arabs, OPEC and the Russians sell all the oil they want to Europe, India and Asia. The USA should be / needs to be self reliant, there should be no need to import oil for OPEC. There should be no need to be oil dependent and or held hostage to this group of ********'s Semper Fi GO RV
  2. This is great news, IMHO ................ The fan is spinning and the Shiite is rapidly approaching ... It couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. Get it on people, the rope that is and hang'm high. Maybe 'ol Maliki is headed for the fate as Saddam and Gaddafi (as 3n1 mentions above). Semper Fi GO RV
  3. Yep, SR, 3 card Monty for sure. Everyday it is something else or more with Rouhani and the Iranian Mullahs. Hollow threats and desperation for sure. I'm thinking that the existing sanctions, devaluation of the currency, future sanctions and riots on the streets at home are really taking its toll on Rouhani and the government. IMHO - They are throwing $1.5B Shiite up against the wall to see what sticks, again desperate acts by a desperate government. Big turban and no camels Semper Fi GO RV
  4. I'm thinking it may be more appropriate to send Iran some Zimbabwe dollars or their own paper, as SupraRacer suggested , if in fact Iraq ACTUALLY owes $1.5B to Iran for electricity (which I doubt). Semper Fi GO RV
  5. Hotcurl

    Alcohol Banned in Mosul

    Well, this will take Mosul off my must see post RV destinations list. I'm a pretty good tourist , willing to spend some cash and stimulate the local economy. Oh well, too many other places to go and see. Semper Fi GO RV
  6. "Good Evening Bartender, I would like to order one of your special Russian Plutonium cocktails for Mr. Maliki and for myself I would like a double, of the IQD RV 1.60, extra dry, straight up with a small umbrella and you can bring me the tab" Good Evening and a pleasant weekend to all at DV.................. Semper Fi GORV
  7. I'll take option # 2 for Maliki , Chuck. Semper Fi GO RV
  8. I have a two part question regarding this recount process. ( I realize this is the news forum ) We are (STILL) waiting on the recount process of a total of 6 / 8 provinces. Some completed, some remain in the process of manual recounting. It appears that the completed / released results of the manual recount, indicate that the original results of the voting machines are accurate. Here is my question ; How many votes are in dispute / what percent of the total does this represent ? Or how many Parliamentary seats, out of the total are disputed thus being recounted ? I am sensing this is, as the old cliché states - " the tail wagging the dog" thus a "red herring" and or a huge distraction. Thanks in advance, Semper Fi GO RV
  9. IMHO; The solution to this is so obvious ; Give these people a share of the oil proceeds via the HCL and Art. 140, thus putting money in their pockets. Give these people Jobs and dignity. Give these people consistent electricity to run the AC, the 'frig in the summer, heat their homes in the winter and clean water. Give these people sense of pride of country and acknowledgment. Semper Fi GO RV
  10. I'm sure you meant ' a dollar waiting on .00086 IQD' - Semper Fi GO RV
  11. Duhhh ............. no Shiite and finally someone has the camel chaconnes to step up and state the obvious Semper Fi GO RV
  12. IMO and ; This is an opinion piece at best. Lots of smoke and mirrors on the political side recently. Fantastic news on the banking/CBI side recently. We must be close to seeing a real rate of the IQD. Semper Fi GO RV
  13. IMHO; Rouhani needs to take a dirt nap. Desperate threats from a desperate leader. Semper Fi GO RV Happy 4th of July to all .................
  14. I've got a bottle of California's finest Champagne in the 'fridge for the event and some Dewar's on deck for some future sippin'. Semper Fi GO RV
  15. Turn off the lights, the party's over for speaker Jubouri and his cronies . See' ya, hate to be 'ya. No more immunity for 'ya. Semper Fi GO RV

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