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  1. Why waste good Real Estate on the Moon, send them on a 1 way ticket to the stars. Call that Tesla guy E ????? M ????, he may have some seats available . Semper Fi GO RV
  2. I would not open Lemon Aid Stand with Iran much less a Bank. Just sayin'..................... Semper Fi GO RV
  3. IRS Foreign Currency Guidance under Section 987

    PS to the above ; My CPA also holds IQD. Just sayin' ........................ Semper Fi GO RV
  4. IRS Foreign Currency Guidance under Section 987

    Lots of prior discussion and consideration on this topic. I find the timing of this article Simply put and loosely expressed here ; my CPA indicated, If I was in the business of trading (buying and selling) currency frequently , any gain would be income and any loss treated accordingly. If I purchase currency on speculation, as a commodity or asset , and its value increases significantly over, say 24, 36 or 48 months, it is considered "long term capital gains". No different than gold, silver, stocks, bonds and or real estate. Considering the proposed new Trump Tax plan and rates, the difference between "ordinary income" and "capital gains" may not be significant. Either way I am going to pay what my CPA says is due and keep moving forward. Any input from others is welcome as we all have a vested interest in the topic. Semper Fi Go RV
  5. I'm there too, let me know when and where. Umbrella drinks and cigars for all @ .80 + - I'll take some off the table, pay the tax's, enjoy and watch the exchange rate going forward. Semper FI GO RV
  6. "Mess with the best, die like the rest" Anonymous Semper Fi GO RV
  7. Moderator PLEASE shut down this thread. The original topic is long lost.
  8. Please remember, in the past, the translated term "next month" has actually referred to "this month". Here is to September and the 17% solution, cheers DV. Semper FI GO RV
  9. Wasn't there a similar story on DV, regarding a visit to Washington DC by Jubouri, in the past month or so ?? Semper Fi GO RV Our prayers to those in the path of Hurricane Irma.
  10. Well, for starters, let's see how good his math is, with these numbers coming his way ; .50 7.62 5.56 .45 "Turn out the light, the party's over" anonymous Semper fi GO RV
  11. How much $$$$$ is the Bounty on him ??? IMHO - He is long gone, this is just a propaganda ploy to motivate the dwindling recruits, just say'n . Semper Fi Go RV
  12. Sounds like more MOOOOLa, aka $$$$ Semper Fi GO RV
  13. Bump to the top, for this significant economic and security related news. IMHO - These guys are heavy duty players and would not be involved in Iraq unless there is BIG $$$$ to be made. Semper Fi GO RV
  14. 50 Cal. cranial ventilation. Claw back the stolen billions. Problem solved. ......'nuff said. IMHO - Forget the circus of a trial and all the blah,blah,blah. Just sayin'. Semper Fi GO RV
  15. Were they civilians working for and or aiding ISIS ? Or civilians caught up in the mess and or mistaken to be ISIS ? Semper Fi GO RV

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