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  1. IMHO - This has M's name written all over it. He's up to his old tricks, pre election chaos .............................. Semper Fi GO RV
  2. I agree ChuckFinley, 1 to 1, just makes everything work so well. Semper Fi GO RV
  3. I'm liking what you are sayin' kjwayne, good analysis. $1.13 to $1.40 out of the gate works for me. Then ratcheting up to the $3.00 range, maybe at the pace of bit-coin in the past 12 months ? Semper Fi GO RV
  4. I agree, we have been through this every year since I have been on this site. IMHO - a few points to consider; The GOI and CBI have sold their souls to the likes of the World Bank, IMF, Wall Street + bond holders. They don't have 100% control of their future and or actions. Too many big time international players at the table to let this dysfunctional bunch dictate reality. There must be something in the 22nd ?? link of their DNA preventing them from working together for common benefit. Get over it and get to work. The Al - Abadi coalition and CBI have accomplished a tremendous amount recently to bring Iraq up to international status. I personally did not realize or understand what a mess, across the board Iraq was and how much was needed to clean it up. Semper Fi Go RV
  5. It's about time these guys figured it out and moved into the real world of global reality. WTF ? ...,,, Over ? .............. Semper Fi GO RV
  6. IMHO - One of the best and most accurate statements brought to this forum in years. O'bummer - What a bummer, so sad, yet so true, such a pathetic individual. Hopefully we are on the right side of the "Fix" and the RV will turn in our favor. Semper Fi GO RV A Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all ......... Cheers ....................
  7. Jordan's Deteriorating Fianances

    The financial situation in Jordan can't be that bad, with an exchange rate of 1 Jordanian dinar = $1.4079 USD. Maybe the neighboring Iraqi's will follow suit and RV at a similar rate ? ...............Just sayin' ........................... Semper Fi A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all ............................ GO RV
  8. I think this is from today, 01/Dec/2017. Either way this is great news, especially the "where did you get this" part. It is the same question the IRS will want an answer to, when paying the tax's,. after the RV. Semper FI ................. GO RV
  9. Why waste good Real Estate on the Moon, send them on a 1 way ticket to the stars. Call that Tesla guy E ????? M ????, he may have some seats available . Semper Fi GO RV
  10. I would not open Lemon Aid Stand with Iran much less a Bank. Just sayin'..................... Semper Fi GO RV
  11. IRS Foreign Currency Guidance under Section 987

    PS to the above ; My CPA also holds IQD. Just sayin' ........................ Semper Fi GO RV
  12. IRS Foreign Currency Guidance under Section 987

    Lots of prior discussion and consideration on this topic. I find the timing of this article Simply put and loosely expressed here ; my CPA indicated, If I was in the business of trading (buying and selling) currency frequently , any gain would be income and any loss treated accordingly. If I purchase currency on speculation, as a commodity or asset , and its value increases significantly over, say 24, 36 or 48 months, it is considered "long term capital gains". No different than gold, silver, stocks, bonds and or real estate. Considering the proposed new Trump Tax plan and rates, the difference between "ordinary income" and "capital gains" may not be significant. Either way I am going to pay what my CPA says is due and keep moving forward. Any input from others is welcome as we all have a vested interest in the topic. Semper Fi Go RV
  13. I'm there too, let me know when and where. Umbrella drinks and cigars for all @ .80 + - I'll take some off the table, pay the tax's, enjoy and watch the exchange rate going forward. Semper FI GO RV
  14. "Mess with the best, die like the rest" Anonymous Semper Fi GO RV

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