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  1. 4.3 million barrels of Iraq's oil production 6/24/2017 0:00 Oil Minister Jabbar Laibi said that Iraq 's total oil production reached four million and 315 thousand barrels per day since the beginning of the current month of June. Among press statements, that "total Iraqi crude exports three million and 800 thousand barrels a day more than a barrier," he said , at the same time that " the current amounts June include shipments exported from Kurdistan region of Iraq." Among According to the statement that "crude exports from the Kurdistan region of Iraq amounted to about 530 thousand barrels per day , " pointing out that "oil prices will start to recover the end of next July , " likely that "the price of a barrel of oil to (54-56 dollars) by the end of the current year. "
  2. $ 1.5 billion investment in the «Ring Silk Road» 6/24/2017 0:00 Beijing / Xinhua Committee Beijing Trade revealed that direct investment from Beijing in 31 companies located state belt along the road and reached $ 1.5 billion during the period between 2013 and 2016. Yan said Li Gang from the Commission that the investment is mainly focused in commercial services, manufacturing and construction. The total bilateral trade between Beijing and the countries located along the belt and the road in the period between 2013 and 2016.489 billion US dollars, the problem of more than 30 percent of the total Beijing 's foreign trade during this period. Gang said that Beijing is actively involved in the construction of the belt and the road that could become a new engine for economic development of export - oriented. For his part , Deputy Chairman of the State Commission for Development and Reform, the highest economic planning body in China, Ning Ji Zhe recently that China 's direct institutions in the countries along the belt and road investments during the period 2013 - 2016 exceeded US $ 60 billion. Ning added that Chinese enterprises signed nearly a thousand contract for projects contracting in countries located along the belt and the road in the first quarter of this year, up business value to 14.4 billion US dollars, up 4.7 percent on an annual basis, make up almost half the size of contract foreign projects in decades this period of time. It is worth mentioning that the belt initiative and the road, is an initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, to draw boundaries and new prospects for international cooperation. China calls on countries and regions through which the active and effective participation in building the economic belt of the Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century.
  3. The global economy is witnessing fluctuations in the market 6/24/2017 0:00 Despite the rise in oil prices after falling capitals / follow - up to the morning of the world economy has witnessed several important events during trading last week, which included the relative recovery of oil prices after a wave of strong losses during the past few days. Global equity markets also recorded a mixed performance with investors went to the markets of safe - haven assets, and anticipation of economic and political data. Was the price of oil rose on Friday , recouping some of the sharp losses suffered earlier in the week , but crude is still heading to record the biggest drop in the first half of any year since 20 years , despite the current production cuts. By 0647 GMT , the global London Brent crude futures stood at 45.33 dollars a barrel , up 11 cents , or 0.2 percent from the previous closing price. The increased crude West Texas Intermediate US futures nine cents , or 0.2 percent , to $ 42.83 a barrel. Oil prices have fallen about 20 percent since the beginning of the year , despite efforts by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries "OPEC" led to the production cut of 1.8 million barrels per day since last January. This is the weakest performance of oil in the first half of any year since 1997 , when increased production has led the Asian financial crisis to sharp declines in crude prices. Prices are still down about 15 percent , also since extended "OPEC" on May 25 , the work of production cuts until the end of the first quarter of 2018 rather than the expiration of the agreement the cut end of the month. And futures contracts for agricultural commodities prices in the US stock market fell significantly, amid speculation a decline of inflation rates in the advanced economies. Also it saw the currency "Alaatriom" electronic sharp decline exceeded the rate of 99 percent earlier, before recovering to normal levels. The currency fell from the price level of $ 319 to 10 cents in just a few moments through "JD AX" special electronic trading platform currencies, before they regain their levels before the sudden drop. The officials pointed out the trading platform that stop - loss orders caused the decline did not last more than a few seconds before the return of the currency to its natural level. So the index "Nicky" record of Japanese stocks rose slightly at the end of trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Friday. The benchmark index 0.11 percent to close at 20132.67 points, while the broader TOPIX index rose 0.06 percent range to finish on Friday at 1611.34 points , as Britain 's leading stocks continued their performance weaker than the performance of the rest of the European markets on Friday , affected by the weakness associated with primary commodity stocks. The index came down Britain 's Financial Times 100 0.5 percent due to weak mining stocks and oil companies as well as shares of big companies that earn dollar revenue. While the stock has recovered much of the losses suffered in the wake of the referendum , but the dollar value of British equities are still weaker than its counterpart in Europe and elsewhere where reduced blur sterling from foreign investors appetite prospects. Stokes index fell 50 European leadership contributed 0.1 percent as French and Italian banks ' gains have contributed to the reduction of losses.
  4. Economic reform needs to be honest work for the management of public money teams 6/24/2017 0:00 In order to improve the business environment and the development of the banking system and the requirements of development BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb Despite the harsh conditions facing Iraq from the pressure of terrorism and the requirements of its cartilage, low oil prices, the tsunami of imported goods, the backwardness of all productive sectors, the overall and increasing economic stagnation and the continuous rise in the labor force of young people who enter annually without the availability of employment opportunities, the loss of the diversity of the non-oil domestic economy, And the inability to support, finance, diversify and increase the participation of the non-commercial private sector. All these are incentives for the government team to address these constraints in a process of change, economic reform and development with the assistance of private sector organizations and Civil society. A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Amer Jawahery said: We believe the need to take the Iraqi government historic initiative to organize sectoral workshops, including the competent minister and representatives of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Representatives and institutions of the private sector and civil society and the convening of a general conference to discuss the development of a rescue plan for the country is committed to implement. He said in an interview with Al-Sabah that a rescue plan includes developing practical proposals for managing and diversifying the economy of the country and moving to implement them through working teams, pointing out the importance of laying the foundations for managing public finances in a sound, productive and transparent manner. With the participation of private sector institutions, civil society and media, as well as establishing a mechanism for selecting the departments of the executive body from specialized technical competencies outside the system of quotas and impacts In its forms. Jeweler urged to lay the foundations and propose measures to diversify the economy and improve the environment of business and investment and the development of the banking system to keep pace with the requirements of development and investment, and to propose programs and projects according to priority and determine who does what? It is imperative to assume the implementation of each project? As well as the adoption of a national campaign led by the government in the manner of government implementation and partnership between the public and private sectors to develop infrastructure and address the housing crisis and its repercussions on the community situation as a whole. He stressed the need to make the most important decision to sign a national charter between all segments of society and political blocs that the politicians only the work of the parliamentary and the selection of administrative leaders of the technocrats of the government in accordance with the methodology of competence and experience and integrity and the history of practical bright and adoption of the national approach, and must be developed a rigorous and serious methodology to combat corruption and open protected channels To provide complaints and a robust system of protection tools for combating it, including the new and institutionalized entities created by corruption and climbers and the resulting societal values. He stressed the interest and attention in the field of external loans, which will be a future bottleneck for the country, which will enter the stage of reconstruction of the growing areas of liberated and will therefore increase the need for future funds and focus on loans, projects that produce revenue or services to support the economy and infrastructure, and grants and the manner of funding in accordance with the methodology of partnership with The private sector and the participation of private sector institutions and civil society with specific methodology and time programs in discussing the draft laws and recommending mechanisms for their implementation and activating the implementation of economic laws. Disabled. Al-Jawahiri referred to the adoption of the methodology of international and regional partnership and efficient participation outside the quota system in Arab and international organizations, thus enhancing Iraq's support and improving its reputation and international assessments. He pointed out the importance of focusing on the files of education, culture, human factor and long-term efforts to change the values and ethics of the community, so as to enhance citizens' sense of citizenship and active participation in all activities related to sustainable development and comprehensive change and reform, The actual. Al-Jawahiri concluded by pointing out that the move and the general conference to develop a comprehensive rescue plan for the country under the slogan agreed upon, for example, "Iraq first" with active community participation and through a major national campaign and a road map consistent with the interrelationship of all strategies approved by the dimensions up to 2030 to be approved by the plan By the federal government with the support of all local governments and the region and then approved by the House of Representatives to take the nature of the binding law for subsequent governments to have a comprehensive long-term program implemented, monitored, monitored and evaluated by a solid committee emanating from the above-mentioned General Conference Categories Community. We do not want to promote the justification and pretexts about the causes of failure and deterioration in the economy and reduce the productive capacity of the country to the frightening limits and the total dependence on the import of everything, but must be a correct diagnosis of the factors and reasons that led to this major economic deterioration caused mostly from the administration of the departments of non-efficient and far from professional and incoherent And the conflict between them and the system of quotas, which imposed a shift away from the incumbents of the various positions, which caused all this deterioration, which has a strong foundation and rooted in society for its impact on community values, which will require a generation at least to ensure the Reforms provided that those discreet and efficient and her will to focus on the ethical and moral factor in society, in order to change. That the status of the country after the "urging" gives the justification for the continuation of the departments and the methodology and the same trends will return the country to the first box, otherwise what delayed the flexible implementation of the actual government program and reforms and challenge the difficulties that require the faithful to find solutions, while the responsibility of development and reform and development procedures The diversification of the economy is a process ongoing.
  5. Generations Fund 6/24/2017 0:00 Haven secretary since 2004 , and so far Iraq lacks based to activate and update economic sectors based on the actual needs of consumers and the domestic market, which led to the march of undisciplined national economy during the past decade resulted in the market 's dependence on imports to meet the growing needs with the population growth of scientific data development plans . And invoked the relevant departments in sectoral ministries, their lack of a database or the lack of financial resources, and at other times to land is expected to oil prices in 2014, and often listen to justify officials as " the lack of legal grounds to require the contractor companies with them to implement the agreed projects . " In other times attached to the reasons for the failure rests with the neighboring countries and the lack of cooperation of regional countries. And indicates the observer fair to put Iraq 's economic, despite having the ingredients are not available in any country in the third world, an imbalance in the planning and the lack of clarity of vision available data to Iraq and the nature of which is integrated to create an upscale economic system believes in the future of future generations and provide annual profits with thousands of job opportunities, but the planning process during the previous years Tekzat on the illusions of oil revenues and dreams of investment companies, which resulted in increased indebtedness of Iraq 's failure to provide energy, the import of Iraq for all its needs of industrial and agricultural products in conjunction with the majority of the sectors stopped Generating income other than oil , which provides 93 percent of the budget that go later to buy products from different materials from overseas markets funds. We are in the midst of a new five - year plan 2018-2022 means the development of economic sectors including qualifies Iraq to install food security and enable it to provide a decent living environment for its citizens and lay the basis for economic bright future for future generations, it requires all ministries to study the reality in a scientific manner and put all the possibilities that might hinder plans do not lead to those bad possibilities to track implementation of the plan letter, especially that Iraq is preparing to celebrate the victory on the brilliant "Daesh" gangs, what is the argument the existence of terrorism dilator for the implementation of development plans in all economic sectors. Here we refer to the need to pay the electric power of great importance because it is the key to run the productive sectors with the development of legal frameworks associated with the particular time of completion and accounting lagging companies and the fight against corruption in contracts to prevent the waste of public money and look forward to what is supplied achievements may be considered the foundation for future generations to launch new plans to continue the life with dignity and safety. The events of real development in the agricultural sector and the provision of water, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides , and encourage farmers to better crop production enough to provide new job opportunities and make progress in the steps of food security with scaled imported crops amounts, which the use of technology should be to develop the reality of agriculture in the future and securing Iraq 's needs of food during the subsequent years. At the same time must take serious steps in the industrial sector and encourage capital to set up new plants and the modernization of production lines in factories built, so that they can be plugged part of the local need and check the profits with the trend to support the national product, whether food , including, textile, cotton and leather, electrical and mechanical construction, what reduces import levels and opens the doors to compete for export after covering the local need, which will open up new business horizons shrinking of the size of unemployment, and establish a love of work and the new generation system while providing an economic environment that could be adopted as a model for the future. And workers in the sectors of transport and tourism planning for maximum benefit from the geographical location of Iraq and the effects of religious shrines visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors, which requires a special environment to invest in these sites and make them national symbols and historical and the creation of infrastructure has to achieve financial returns due to supplement the general budget and the dimensions of its dependence on imports oil. As part of the strategic plans , we must create a viable economy depends on its infrastructure on oil imports, and then independently rely on imports of economic units to develop themselves and the opening of other economic units and gradually and after achieving successes will keep oil revenues in the Generations Fund, as a moral duty must be implemented by the Iraqi generation current towards future Iraqi generations.
  6. Abadi: the reconstruction of what was destroyed Daesh will cost $ 100 billion Number of readers: 56 Abadi: the reconstruction of what was destroyed Daesh will cost $ 100 billion 23-06-2017 04:19 PM Euphrates - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that Iraq needs $ 100 billion for the reconstruction of cities and provinces, which was dominated by the organization Daesh the infrastructure of public and private property destroyed. Abadi stressed that the countries of the region to cooperate in order to fight terrorism and eliminate it completely, adding that Iraq will play a key role in the new consensus between the countries of the region to create stability.
  7. The central government launches Diyala budget, amounting to 21 billion dinars for the year 2017 Hits: 342 The central government launches Diyala budget, amounting to 21 billion dinars for the year 2017 23-06-2017 03:23 PM Euphrates - Diyala Provincial Council announced the launch of the province's budget for the current year, indicating that the total projects stalled in the province of more than 360 projects and that the current budget is not enough only 2% of the work requirements in the construction and reconstruction projects. The council said in a statement that the central government launched the Diyala budget for the current year amounting to 21 billion dinars only after waiting for months, adding that the Council will hold formal meetings after the Eid holiday to vote on the distribution of funds to service projects mechanisms. He pointed out that the Council in front of a very complex task because the total stalled projects up to more than 360 projects, most of them at high rates of achievement, past to say that the current Diyala budget is not enough only 2% of the work requirements in the construction and reconstruction projects.
  8. Members of Congress make up "Iraq gathered": stand one-stop to remove Daesh from Iraq 56 minutes ago Last updated 03:09 PM 583 Watch BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow: he sent a number of members of the US Congress, who formed the "Iraqi Gathering", on Friday, a letter of support to the President of the House of Representatives, Salim al - Jubouri, which emphasize the standing one - stop to remove Daesh from Iraq. The letter , which received a "Tomorrow 's Press , " a copy of which, that "As as members of the US Congress and the Iraqi assembly, we write this letter to you to express our continued support for the Iraqi government, and our belief in the global security and the interest of the United States to continue to achieve a strong partnership between Iraq and the United States and to emphasize the values of democracy for Iraq and its people. " He said members of Congress that "continuing to stand by your side, next to all who helped the United States and risked their lives with American soldiers, and with Iraqi soldiers who are still far in the fight Daesh since January 2014". Benoit that "more than 27,000 Iraqi civilians were killed because of the brutality of Daesh and more than 14,000 Iraqi troops also died in the fighting against Daesh, we are fully aware of the size of the importance of removing this cancer from the region and stand one - stop for the continued support to remove Daesh from Iraq completely." He pointed out that " the Iraqi security forces have inflicted heavy losses in the ranks Daesh and with the help of US forces and they together liberation of the city of Fallujah in 2016, this city where both the US and Iraqi sides sacrificed in the past, and the re - control of the city of Mosul , was a big step in the right direction to eliminate Daesh, and we very much hope that Iraq will be completely safe from any threat. " They stressed that " the American people and the fighters who have spent their duty in Iraq are aware of better than anyone else the size of the sacrifices made by our brothers and sisters in order to bring about peace and the future security of Iraq, we have witnessed with their own eyes the size of the casualties of Americans and American women who were in the military service next to Iraqi citizens innocent by the al - Qaeda terrorism, and we look with appreciation for all these sacrifices from both sides, and assure you of the continued full support for the provision of assistance to Iraq and its people who are now expelled Daesh from their country and make sure not to re - formed again. " They note that "As members of the US Congress assure you that the United States continues to stand by your side, and we have established a partnership based on the sacrifices that Dhenaha together base and we are hoping to move to work together for a better future for Iraq and its people." The letter was signed by both "Adam Knzinger, Seth Milton, Mike Galegr, Dukan Hunter, Anthony J. Brown, Ruben Gallego, Susan Davis, Jim Banks, the Alice Hastings, Michael T Mkkol, Trent Kelly, Ted W. Liu." The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi met during his visit to Washington on Tuesday , March 21, at the Capitol gathering " in support of Iraq , " which includes a group of members of the US House of Representatives. It is said that a number of members of the US Congress, recently formed, a rally under the name of "gathering support for Iraq", in order to support Iraq in its fight against terrorism, through Mnbarham deputies in Congress.
  9. Commission approves the establishment of five new parties 6/22/2017 0:00 Baghdad / Al- Sabah said a member of the Board of Commissioners at the Electoral Commission Sirwan Ahmed Rashid, the Council approval for the granting of the license to five new parties.Rashid said, in a statement to the Commission, received the "morning": "Five new parties have completed all the procedures and instructions issued by the Commission and the rules of conduct in accordance with the paragraphs of the legislator 's political parties law by the House of Representatives , " noting that " the Board of Commissioners approved the granting of the license of incorporation of these parties , which is ( a renaissance generation rally, Hezbollah Islamic revolted, mass victorious, combining cooperation, loyalty and block change). " The student council member, "all the advanced parties for the purpose of incorporation which recorded and cut off the legal period, for the purpose of completing the procedures for registration in preparation for granting them licenses of incorporation."
  10. A call for the establishment of the Economic Council as a representative of the private sector 6/22/2017 0:00 Baghdad / Mustafa al - Hashemi of the current phase of the requirements of the existence of an effective private sector to achieve economic development, but there is the problem of the representation of this sector in international forums and events require based on the economic file to take abold step to declare a party representing the Iraqi private sector , which would bring investment companies to set up projects infrastructure and start the process of economic development. In this regard , President of the Iraqi Insurance Association Abdul Hassan Ziadi student based on the economic profile of the country to speed up approval of the adoption of theestablishment of the Supreme Economic Council as a representative of a real Iraqi private sector , which will be inclusive for all economic activities to be effective in theirmanagement. Ziadi said in a statement the "morning" was set to start preparations for the establishment of this Council during the year 2014 , but the conditions of the country and the implications of the emergence of "Daesh" terrorist prevented its launch to take its real role in the process of development. He explained that this board will include membership in many economic organizations working in Iraq as a consortium of Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Contractors and the Iraqi Federation of Industries and the Iraqi Insurance Association , along with travel, tourism and official representations of the private sector , which represents a certain segment under Law Association. He pointed out that there are many opportunities and global conferences and an international mission to the private sector of Iraq did not take part because of the absence of the true representative of the Iraqi private sector, Maeugb accelerate the approval of the establishment of the Supreme Economic Council to make up for missed opportunities on our national economy. He saw Ziadi that the formation of the Council would have a role in reducing the waste of funds allocated to projects being will work mechanisms thought far from routine as well as referral of implementation to companies sober known good reputation, noting that the establishment of this council will play a role in reducing the dumping of commodity and import random what would improve the performance of the Iraqi trade balance , which suffers an imbalance evident. He said the process of economic reform requires the establishment of hand , representing the private sector because the Iraqi economy under the current situation needs to activate, requires finding appropriate solutions to reduce the preference of personal interests on the benefit of the country 's economy through the right man in the right place. He pointed out that the formation of Economic Council to include specialists in the executive and administrative areas would achieve rapid renaissance in the national economy that will strengthen the trust between the public and private sectors and reduce skepticism that this Council may intersect with the institutions of economic and governmental committees and other relevant institutions problem for this purpose as it will be ring the official link between the two sides. He stressed Ziadi that the Economic Council will have the power to support institutions and other means effective in the maturing of economic reform concepts and change required by the current stage, through the benefit of the owners of the accumulated experience and broken explains the formula required solutions from the government and the possibility of reversible in economic reality and thus usurped the time required to achieve economic development which leads us to the well - being of our society through optimal investment for the country 's resources and wealth. He added that such economic formation exists in the majority of developed countries , which includes a group of economic experts mission evaluate the economic performance of the country and submit it to the government for the purpose of addressing the imbalance, and can save our economy from the distortions which also suffered due to the wrong policies enacted by previous governments over the decades past.
  11. Strategy to combat money laundering and terrorist financing 6/22/2017 0:00 For the years 2017 - 2021 Baghdad / Tariq al - Araji , the Central Bank of Iraq announced near the submission of a draft national strategy to combat money laundering and terrorism financing for the years 2017 2021. The first strategy since the founding of the Iraqi state and become binding for all after approval by the Council of Ministers. In this regard , said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords "morning": " The past few days have seen the establishment of a meeting of the anti - money laundering and the financing of terrorism , which was established by Law No. 39 of 2015, as it has during the meeting to discuss the draft strategy of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism for years 2021 2017 that have been developed on the basis of the involvement of all relevant institutions , the issue of money laundering and future work plan and all areas. "
  12. of Dhi Qar does not officially celebrate Eid al -Fitr one hour ago Twilight News / Office of Dhi Qar province said on Friday canceled the official ceremony of the celebration of Eid al-Fitr and apologizes for receiving congratulations on this occasion. A statement issued by the Office of the province, it was reported to Twilight News, that "in solidarity with the sincere efforts of the sons of our armed forces and the National People's crowd and in recognition of the sacrifices of the martyrs and the fulfillment of their lives pure and consolation to the wounded of them." The statement added that "In view of the suffering of our people, the children in the hot areas of operations and the displacement of qualifying bloody and killed at the hands of identity Daesh gangs and terrorist groups", decided to cancel the celebration of the holiday. And he decided to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Thursday disabled official working in government departments and institutions during the next week on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. According to a statement issued by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers that Abadi, disable the face of the official working near the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, effective on Sunday 25/06/2017 until Thursday 29/06/2017. The statement added that the service and security ministries shall ensure the continuation of services through its staff during the mentioned days. Keywords:
  13. GMT 9:14 2017 Friday, June 23 : Last Updated Qatar is seeking to acquire a stake in a US airline to counter the boycott American Airlines described Qatar's offer as "undesirable at this time" AFP Qatar made an offer to acquire a 10 percent stake in US airline American Airlines, under diplomatic and economic boycott of Arab countries continued. The country presentation without a request from the American company that did not come up whose names for sale. The American Airlines said in a regulatory statement that Qatar is seeking to buy shares worth $ 808 million, which represents a share of 10 per cent. However, it has not taken its decision so far and confirmed that it would respond to Qatar's offer "timely." Shares of American Airlines, which is the largest airline in the world, by 5 per cent in early trading rose but fell with the end of trading to 1.1 per cent. For its part, and Qatar Airways announced, owned by the Qatari government, he sees the American company a good investment opportunity but late want to intervene in management or operations. In 2015, Qatar Airways acquired a 10 per cent stake in a group of international airlines (IAG), the holding company owner of British Airways and Iberia. And Malbutt that increased its stake in July of the same year to 20 per cent, to become the largest contributor to the international community, which faced disruptions later. The Qatari investment moves come at a time when Qatar is facing diplomatic and trade and economic boycott from several countries, led by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Libya, Yemen and the Maldives. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt announced that it will stop its flights to and from Qatar and close its airspace to Qatar Airways. US pressure US companies also pressured, including American Airlines, on the White House to take action against Qatar Airways and Gulf Air companies, because of "unfair competition". Said Seth Kaplan, a partner administrative magazine Aviation Weekly, he said that Qatar Airways hopes its investment will help to reduce the obstacles faced in the US market. He said she had also looking to strengthen Qatar's relations with the United States, which seems uncertain amid diplomatic conflict in the Gulf. "It is almost certain that it is not just a financial investment." The alliance Hnaak already exists between American Airlines and Qatar Airways through an alliance One world Allianz. Kaplan said that this investment may strengthen that relationship, but it is unlikely to have a significant impact on consumers. He is pointing out that it is not clear at this stage how the US would respond company. According to Qatar Airways in a statement that it will not get more than 4.75 per cent of the shares without obtaining permission from the Board of Directors of American Airlines.