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  1. and from the comment section...Takiyah Thompson is a member of the Workers World Party, which is a communist party in the United States, founded in 1959 by a group led by Sam Marcy of the Socialist Workers Party. Don't think for a second that her actions were to fight the white supremacists. Her agenda is to topple the American government. All countries that had to endure communism had the exact same sequence of events happen.... first destroy all the statues and monuments. Then burn books and then make it illegal to speak out against the regime. DOn't be a..holes.... see what is happening and fight back.
  2. Deputies arrest woman who toppled Durham statue
  3. Durham Sheriff: We Have Identified Suspects In Memorial Destruction – It’s Arrestin’ Time BY COWGIRL ON AUGUST 15, 2017 Durham Sheriff Mike Andrews says that the vandals will be arrested. Durham Sheriff Mike Andrews Says That Many Statue Vandals Have Been Identified Durham, NC – Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews said on Tuesday, that there is an active investigation against the suspects who toppled a Confederate memorial statue, and that every legal option available will be used to charge those identified. The incident occurred on Monday evening in front of the courthouse, according to MyFox8. Antifa formed a march carrying signs that said, “Cops and Klan go hand in hand,” and blocking off roadways. The crowd became angry, marched on the confederate solder statue in front of the courthouse, put a ladder against it, climbed it, and attached a yellow rope to it. The protesters then pulled on the statue until it toppled to the ground. The protest was quickly planned after the tragic events in Charlottesville over the past weekend. Organizers of the event said that their goal was to “smash white supremacy.” In a statement, Sheriff Andrews said he was “grateful” that no one was hurt, and that county officials had made the decision to act “with restraint” toward the protesters. Many people had questioned why none of the law enforcement officers who were at the protests stood down while the statue was being toppled. But officials from Sheriff Andrews’ staff were there, filming what happened, according to The Herald-Sun. Sheriff Andrews said, “Collectively, we decided that restraint and public safety would be our priority. As the Sheriff, I am not blind to the offensive conduct of some demonstrators nor will I ignore their criminal conduct. With the help of video captured at the scene, my investigators are working to identify those responsible for the removal and vandalism of the statue.” The sheriff said that many suspects have already been identified and would be arrested. The monument was erected in 1924, and shows a Confederate soldier holding a rifle. The words “in memory of the boys who wore the gray” are inscribed on it. It has been vandalized once before, in 2015, when an unknown suspect painted ‘Black Lives Matter’ at its base. In response to the statue being toppled by demonstrators, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said “the racism and deadly violence in Charlottesville is unacceptable but there is a better way to remove these monuments.” Sheriff Andrews has also asked city and county officials to establish guidelines and ‘safe protest spaces’ to prevent demonstrations from becoming “disruptive and dangerous.”
  4. A London newspaper reveals unannounced details witnessed by Abadi meeting with the Kurdish delegation on the subject of separation Policy access_time 2017/08/16 15:00 Number of readings: 247 Baghdad today - follow up The Kurdish delegation, which visited Baghdad, failed to convince the federal government to support a referendum on the secession of the Kurdistan region to be held on 25 of next month. The newspaper said quoting a source in the National Alliance, which belongs to Prime Minister Haider Abadi, said that "the delegation tried to get support from Abadi on the subject of the referendum, but he expressed his absolute rejection, and asked the Kurdish delegation to negotiate with the federal government on outstanding issues between the parties." She explained that "the delegation did not receive during his meetings in Baghdad any kind of support or support for his move," asserting that "the task of the delegation failed to get support for the issue of the referendum." "The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, sought to alleviate the differences between Baghdad and Erbil after describing the meeting with the Kurdish delegation Balodi and deep." "The head of the delegation, Rose Nuri Shaways, said that his delegation refused to postpone the referendum, noting that" Abadi expressed his willingness to dialogue and reach solutions. " For his part, Iraqi President Fuad Masum, his support for dialogue and resolve the outstanding differences between Baghdad and Erbil. "The Iraqi presidency said in a statement after the Iraqi president's meeting with the Kurdish delegation that" infallible price of cooperation and dialogue and a sincere desire to resolve all outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil. " The statement added that "Masoum expressed his confidence that the serious and frank dialogue can succeed in reaching positive results in a manner that ensures the achievement of common interests and strengthen brotherly relations between the two sides and respect the principles of the Constitution." On more than one occasion, Washington expressed its concern about the referendum, saying it would "deviate from urgent priorities, such as defeating the country and stabilizing the country." US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Seelman told the Kurdish delegation during a separate meeting that "the time is not right to hold the planned referendum." "The time is not right, as there is still a lot of risk on the issue and it is possible to postpone the referendum after that," Seelman told reporters after the meeting at the embassy in Baghdad. The Kurdish delegation, which includes seven political figures, arrived in Baghdad and held a series of meetings with the Iraqi Prime Minister, President Fuad Masum, US Ambassador Douglas Soliman and Iranian Ambassador Erej Musjidi. It is scheduled that "the Kurdistan region will hold a referendum on secession in September amid Kurdish insistence to move forward in this step, which provokes wide differences with the central government in Baghdad.
  5. Federal police: large reinforcements of the elite commandos and rocket battalions reach the Tal Afar mound Published on Aug 16, 2017
  6. Rafidain announces new guidelines on SME loans Readers Rafidain announces new guidelines on SME loans 16-08-2017 03:15 PM The Euphrates - Al-Rafidain Bank, on Wednesday, opened its branches in Baghdad and the provinces by adopting a letter of support from the sponsor's department, which guarantees the Borrower, which aims to grant loans of small and medium enterprises amounting to 25 million dinars. According to a statement issued by the Information Office of the bank, the bank directed the adoption of a letter of support from the Department of the sponsor supports the continuation of service and net monthly salary received by the sponsor. He pointed out that the bank has adopted a mortgage on a first class property in favor of the bank in the event that the borrower can not provide the sponsor. The Rafidain Bank announced earlier, the granting of loans to citizens to carry out small and medium enterprises amounting to 50 million dinars.
  7. Maliki meets the Kurdish negotiating delegation and sets a condition for acceptance of the referendum on independence Policy access_time 2017/08/16 15:07 Number of readings: 380 Baghdad today - Baghdad Vice President of the Republic of the President of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki during an interview followed by a meeting with Kurdish delegation negotiating negotiator to Baghdad that the referendum on the independence of the region to be held on September 25 next acceptable but on a single condition. "The status of the partnership between the components of the Iraqi people, the referendum and non-referendum and everything moved by brotherhood Kurds need a constitutional cover." "If the constitutional cover is available, the move will be acceptable, but outside the cover, the constitution may create problems for them and Iraq." He continued: "We do not want to return to the language of the problems between us and we hope that this trend will occur if necessary review of the Constitution, which gives the right in such a referendum and the right to self-determination." --- Source: Rudao
  8. Washington responds to Rohani: We will not allow you to take the world hostage Readers Washington responds to Rohani: We will not allow you to take the world hostage 16-08-2017 03:02 PM The Euphrates - "Iran must take responsibility for its missile tests, its support for terrorism, its disregard for human rights and its violations of UN Security Council resolutions," said Nicky Haley, Washington's delegate to the United Nations. The US official said in response to Iranian President Hassan Rowhani's threat that his country could withdraw from the nuclear deal with major powers "within hours" if the United States imposed any new sanctions. "Iran can not be allowed to use the nuclear deal to hold the world hostage, and the nuclear agreement should not be too big to fail," Halley said in a statement. "New US sanctions have nothing to do with the nuclear agreement with Iran." Halle will go to Vienna next week for talks on Iran's nuclear activities with IAEA officials as part of a review of Tehran's commitment to the principles of a nuclear deal signed in 2015. "President Trump is not a good or reliable partner," Rouhani told parliament in a televised address. Adding that the United States must remember that what he called the 'failed experience' of sanctions and coercion, is what prompted the administration of former President Obama to negotiate. Last month, Washington imposed sanctions on a number of Iranian companies that it said were involved in Tehran's ballistic missile program. On Tuesday night, the United States warned its citizens against traveling to Iran for fear of being 'arrested or arrested'.
  9. This is from the CBE site...was looking for auction C165, the below is the closet thing to it off by a day on the maturity. Will look futher into it and GM DV EGP T-Bills Announcement EGP Treasury Bill Auction According to the Primary Dealers System Type (days) Value (EGP mio) Issue Date Maturity Date Submission Deadline (11 A.M.) 182 7,000 15/08/2017 13/02/2018 Thursday, 10/08/2017 357 8,000 15/08/2017 07/08/2018 Thursday, 10/08/2017 91 7,000 15/08/2017 14/11/2017 Sunday, 13/08/2017 266 8,000 15/08/2017 08/05/2018 Sunday, 13/08/2017
  10. I said the same thing, but it is on the CBI site...
  11. A massive demonstration was launched in front of the building of the Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers to change the economic system Local Since 2017-08-16 at 13:24 (Baghdad time) Baghdad Mawazine News Dozens of citizens and civilian activists demonstrated on Wednesday in front of the building of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region, in protest against the system of saving salaries and delay the salaries of retirees and the economic system in the region. Kurdish media said that "the demonstration comes because of the situation of retirees and the distribution of salaries on time, and to cancel the system of savings and the rejection of the economic system in the Kurdistan region, which applies the World Bank's capital instructions to the citizens of the region." She pointed out "the start of a campaign to collect signatures for a while," adding that "the campaign has collected so far 51 thousand and 800 signatures in the Kurdistan region."
  12. Close to Abadi reveals for "tomorrow Press" quotas of political blocs in the Electoral Commission 12:06 Last updated The time now is 12:21 PM 831 Watch BAGHDAD / Al-Ghad Press: MP on the coalition of state law, Jassem Mohammed Jaafar, on Wednesday, the new details on the new Board of Commissioners and the quotas of political blocs in it, but he denied the selection of any candidate so far. Jaafar told Al-Ghad Press that "it is natural that members of the Election Commission will be counted after they have not received assurances that their candidates will be selected in the upcoming election commission." MP Mohammad Nuri al-Abed Rabbo announced his withdrawal yesterday in protest against the measures taken by the committee. "It is natural that every person in the committee that will choose the candidates for the next council will nominate who is close to him and from his mass," said Abadi. He explained that "the new Board of Commissioners is supposed to consist of 9 members, (without the share of Turkmen and Christians) and therefore all members of the Committee prefer to be candidates and candidates of their blocks within these 9," noting that "large blocs may oppose the candidates of some members of the Committee of Experts and consider them A national issue, and therefore may withdraw new members in the future. " On the sharing of members in the new Commission, the Turkmen MP said that "the share of the National Alliance members including the share of Sadrists who will be limited to one seat, while there are four seats for the Kurds and Sunnis share them equally," pointing out that "there are moves to add two seats to the Turkmen and Christians to be The total number of the new council is 11 members. " In another context, he denied "the existence of tampering with the grades obtained by the 33 candidates in the exams," stressing that "not to choose any candidate so far." The member of the Committee of Experts on the selection of members of the Board of Commissioners, MP Mohammad Nuri al-Abed Rabbo, on Tuesday, his withdrawal from the Committee, indicating that this was an objection to "quotas and party blocs." It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives voted, eight months ago, to form a committee of experts to select members of the Electoral Commission in the country, the 28 members.
  13. Minister of Transport receives a new plane with the company "Boeing America" 13:26 Last updated The time now is 09:59 PM 422 Watch BAGHDAD / Transport Minister Kazem Al-Alami received on Wednesday a new aircraft for the Iraqi Airways fleet as part of the contract with Boeing. A statement of the ministry received "Al-Gharab Press" a copy of it, "Al-Hamami received a new plane of the Iraqi Airways fleet, which is the second coming from Seattle to the US International Airport of Baghdad, in the presence of a number of members of the House of Representatives for the Parliamentary Services Committee." "The new aircraft was a complement to the contract between the Ministry of Transport and the Boeing Company of America as a result of the efforts of former ministers in support of the Iraqi air fleet," Hamami said, adding that "the ministry depends today on the rehabilitation and development of Iraqi capabilities that add new touches to reality Sima Airlines services after the new young pilots were able to lead them from Seattle after they were given confidence in the pilot of the aircraft after foreign pilots were doing the task and costing the state huge sums. " "The plane will give Iraqi Airways another possibility in activating the navigational movement." A number of members of the House of Representatives praised the Parliamentary Services Committee during the reception of the new aircraft.
  14. The delegation of the Kurdistan Region meets with al-Maliki to discuss the referendum on independence By Rudao one hour ago Nuri al-Maliki when he received the members of the delegation of the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region in his home BAGHDAD - Iraqi Vice President Nuri al-Maliki received a delegation from the Supreme Council for the Referendum in Kurdistan (KRG), which has arrived in Baghdad since Monday. The delegation of the Supreme Council for the referendum of Kurdistan held a meeting with the Vice President of the Iraqi Republic, Nuri al-Maliki at his home. "The meeting came at the request of Nuri al-Maliki," said a columnist for the Rwandan media network in Baghdad. The delegation of the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region has arrived in Baghdad, yesterday, for the purpose of holding meetings with officials in Baghdad on the referendum scheduled to be held on September 25 next in the Kurdistan Region.
  15. The Integrity Commission directs its staff not to run for the upcoming elections By Rudao 30 minutes ago The Integrity Commission directs its staff not to run for the upcoming elections Ruudau - Erbil The head of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yasiri, the need to pledge its advanced staff signed a pledge not to run in the upcoming elections. A statement issued by the body, which was seen by the network Rowoudao media, that "the hope of the independence of the Commission and the removal of political disputes, the head of the Commission Hassan Yasiri about two weeks ago to pledge its advanced staff to sign a pledge not to run for the upcoming elections, Under the chairmanship of the Chairman, Vice President and General Managers, the Chairman of the Authority has directed the transfer of any of the advanced staffs outside the Commission in the event that they wish to nominate. The statement said that "this action comes within the Authority's keenness on the independence of its work and distancing itself and its employees from any political activity or party may call to question its independence." He pointed out that "pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution and its effective law No. 30 of 2011, which indicated in Article (2) that the Integrity Commission is an independent body, has a moral personality and financial and administrative independence." He added that, "As regards the public inspectors, the Chairman of the Commission asked them to submit this pledge, which proves that they did not run for the elections. The Commission received a number of these pledges signed by a number of public inspectors. However, these pledges are not yet complete. Those commitments on their details. " The statement said that "