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  1. Transportation is preparing to set up counters for taxi vehicles 18/12/2017 12:00 am To prevent the exploitation of citizens Baghdad / Batoul al-Hassani The General Company for Private Transport Management is preparing to launch a system of setting up counters for taxi vehicles in Baghdad and the provinces in order to organize and prevent the exploitation of citizens. Meanwhile, the third stage of the mass transit project between Baghdad and the governorates has been started. The Director of the Public Company of the Ministry of Transport, Qais Salman Hashim Al-Mialy said in a statement to the "morning", that a decree issued by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to form a committee specialized in the membership of the ministries of transport and foreign trade and the Secretariat of Baghdad to see the Turkish experience in the field of adoption of the taxi , Pointing out that the recommendations of the Committee will be raised for the purpose of canceling the decision of the Revolution Command Council dissolved for the year 1989 in this regard and the adoption of new mechanisms and prices commensurate with the current situation. He added that following the adoption of the recommendations will be to apply the draft meter system on the taxi cars in Baghdad and the provinces through opening the competition between international companies and local competent for the purpose of submission of its proposals for implementation, noting that the company completed the feasibility study and technical procedures for the project as the body responsible for the private transport sector , As well as the draft declaration. The company's director revealed the start of the third phase of the mass transport project between the capital Baghdad and the provinces, which was implemented months ago with complete success, indicating that the company's imports rose to five and a half billion dinars a month after it was only three billion. He explained that this stage includes coordination with the Baghdad Operations Command to put the joint dividers at the entry points in Baghdad in order to account for private vehicles that work for wages in violation of the laws and regulations in force and to prevent the taxis from entering the capital without obtaining the (Manfest) officially. He pointed out that the project aims to regulate the movement of taxi vehicles in general and achieve high flow and reduce the traffic momentum in the ports of the provinces and eliminate the phenomenon of fragmentation lines and the random loading of passengers from outside garages and the negative consequences, as well as achieving justice in the download sequence For vehicles between all drivers of vehicles and on all lines, and guarantee the rights of all.
  2. Today .. 9 constitutional proceedings before the Federal Court 18/12/2017 12:00 am Baghdad / Al-Sabah The Supreme Federal Court (Monday) will hold a hearing in the presence of all members to consider nine constitutional cases on its agenda, "the court said in a press statement. He added that "the court will consider in its session two motions to challenge the unconstitutionality of article 2 of the law exempting foreign companies and secondary contractors contracted in the rounds of licenses of fees No. 46 of 2017," explaining that "one of these proceedings had been considered in previous sessions and commissioned the Court An expert to submit a report containing the technical aspects of the subject of appeal. " And the Samuk, that "the Court will consider a lawsuit to challenge the unconstitutionality of the continuation of the Governor of Salah al-Din in his office, and a request to rule on the unconstitutionality of Protocol No. 4 of 2016, and another suit to request the decision to cancel the text of Article 39/3 of the Personal Status Law No. 188 of 1959 amending, Including the provisions of arbitrary divorce, "and noted that" the agenda also included four suits to request the ruling unconstitutional some of the articles of the law of lawyers.
  3. Iraq calls on Qatar to form a security system to combat terrorism 18/12/2017 12:00 am Baghdad / Al-Sabah Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji urged Sunday the formation of an Arab and Islamic security system to fight terrorism and extremism, calling for the closure of extremist satellite channels and holding those responsible accountable. During his official visit to the State of Qatar, Al-Araji stressed the importance of forming an Arab and Islamic security system to combat terrorism and extremism in all its forms and address its causes, stressing the need to "dry the wells" Intellectual and financial terrorism and exposing its traffickers. " He called on Araji to "close extremist satellite channels that spread hatred and hatred among peoples and confiscate their property, and hold those responsible." "The importance of exchanging security information and mechanism of action of the security system between Iraq and Qatar during his visit to a number of security institutions, police stations, civil defense and public markets." On the other hand, the Interior Minister announced the arrest of 246 wanted in the large-scale search campaign in Al-Batawin area in central Baghdad. In a statement to the ministry, al-Araji said that "a number of detachments and specialized ministry formations carried out a large-scale search operation in the Batawain area in order to enhance security and stability and combat crime." The campaign resulted in the arrest of 246 wanted persons on various charges "He said. The minister "to form a committee to strengthen community security and fight crime from various joints of the Ministry of Specialist."
  4. Alaq: The next phase will witness cooperation between Baghdad and Riyadh 18/12/2017 12:00 am The Iraqi-Saudi coordination council is working to remove all obstacles Baghdad / Al-Sabah Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Mahdi Al-Alak, said that the next phase will witness great cooperation of economic and trade relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, which contributes to increase trade exchange. "The Iraqi-Saudi Coordinating Council, represented by specialized committees from the Iraqi side, held its second meeting in the office of the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers under the chairmanship of the Minister of Planning, Salman Al-Jumaili, and in the presence of a number of members of the Council, Of their representatives to the ministries of transport, industry, higher education, agriculture, and foreign affairs. " The statement added that "the coordinator of the Iraqi Iraqi Council, Mehdi Alalak, stressed that the next phase of economic and trade relations between the two countries will witness great cooperation that contributes to increasing trade exchange and provides investment opportunities in all fields, foremost of which are commercial, agricultural and industrial fields." That "the Coordination Council will work to remove all obstacles, and encourages the attraction of investment and strengthen relations between Baghdad and Riyadh."
  5. International report: Half of displaced Iraqis have returned to their homes 18/12/2017 12:00 am Return 0261 from camp in Syria to our liberated cities Baghdad / Al-Sabah The International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced on Sunday that nearly half of the Iraqis displaced during the fighting against the terrorist "Da'ash" gangs have returned home. A security source said that more than 4,500 Turkmen families returned to the city of Tal Afar, west of Mosul, Al-Hol camp on Syrian territory to their liberated cities. The International Organization for Migration said in a report published: "The number of returnees to their homes since the crisis began in November 2014 was 2.75 million people, compared to 2.88 million are still displaced," said spokeswoman Sandra Black, "It is the first time that The number of returnees is equal to the number of displaced people, "she said." If the situation continues at this pace, the number of returnees will be greater than the number of displaced persons. " "The largest number of returnees were registered in Anbar and Nineveh provinces, and about one-third of returnees reported that their homes were severely damaged, while 60 percent reported that the damage was moderate," the report said. "People who have greater difficulty returning are those who are not They have poorer title deeds, and their areas are not safe because of mines. " On Sunday, the German government announced that it had contributed 94 million euros to two UN assistance programs to help stabilize the newly liberated areas of Iraq. The United Nations said that "the latest German contribution has reached the total German aid to Iraq in both programs $ 263.2 million, which puts them as the biggest supporter of the work of the United Nations in conflict areas, especially in Iraq." For her part, the UN Resident Representative in Iraq, Lisa Grande, said: "Nothing is more important in Iraq now than the stability of the liberated areas of an advocacy organization," she said in a press statement, "The task is huge and the repair of electricity and water networks and the removal of rubble and the opening of schools and hospitals "" Support for Germany comes at the right time, with three million Iraqis still homeless, and we must help improve conditions in their cities, the first step in giving people confidence in their future. " On the other hand, a source in the police Tal Afar: "The 4522 families of the people of Tal Afar returned to the city coming from central and southern Iraq and northern Iraq," explaining that "the proportion of returnees represent about 14 percent of the population of the city before the control urged by mid-2014" "He added that" although the reality of service inside Tal Afar is not the required level, but the insistence of parents to get rid of the life of displacement is much greater, "he said. Moreover, the General Company for Passenger Transport and Delegations announced that it has been operating more than 37 buses to carry out two exceptional duties within the efforts of the Ministry of Transport in the Higher Committee for Relief and Shelter for the displaced. "The company has sent 30 buses to transport more than 1,620 Iraqi refugees with an exceptional duty of three days from Al-Hol camp in Syrian territory and to return them to their original cities in Iraq," the director-general of passengers and delegations Abdullah al-Obei said in a statement. The second included the operation of 7 buses to transport more than 350 displaced people and return them from the area of Tal al-Jarabiya northwest of Mosul to their areas of origin. " "All the duties were carried out under the direction of the Minister of Transport Kazem Al-Yamami and in direct coordination with the Ministry of Immigration and the chairmanship of the joint committee of the Higher Committee for Relief and Shelter for the IDPs, who paid for the role of the ministry. It is noteworthy that the General Company for the transport of passengers and delegations one of the formations of the Ministry of Transport announced previously implemented a transfer plan in cooperation with the relevant authorities to transport the families that have been displaced to the safe areas outside Iraq and inside the presence of gangs Takfiri and return to their original areas freed by heroes of the security forces.
  6. Politicians: The reference letter is a roadmap for building a civil society 18/12/2017 12:00 am They confirmed their stand with her call to be beaten by the corrupt Baghdad / Muhannad Abdul Wahab Political leaders stressed the importance of limiting weapons to the state, stressing the necessity of beatings at the hands of corrupt and corrupt and strong and firm. They called the reference speech "a clear roadmap for building a civil society that protects the state structure and the social fabric from harm." The head of the mass of the national masses, MP from the coalition of Iraqi forces, Ahmed Mashhadani: The speech of reference is realistic and necessary to build a modern civil state and promote community peace. A tribute to the sacrifices of the crowd and said al - Mashhadani, in an interview with «morning», the good reference urged officials and those in power on a real civil construction », indicating that« the popular crowd made a lot of sacrifices for the liberation of the land usurped terrorist gangs and deserve to cower all of heroism and sacrifices Big ». Mashhadani added that "the reference to arms control by the state is a necessary step to start building the civil state governed by the law." He pointed out that «the reference has put its hand on the wound suffered by the Iraqis and the chaos of weapons outside the authority of the state». Al-Mashhadani pointed out that «the popular crowd was found for the liberation of Iraq and in a certain circumstance and it is important and necessary to return the debt to his sons and heroes and integrate them in the official security establishment and honor the families of martyrs and a small part of the tribute to those who sacrificed himself for Iraq». Peaceful coexistence, while the MP of the Liberal Movement, Angham Al-Shamsi, said that the speech of the reference calls for building a civil state for a bright future for the sons of Iraq and for the generations to come, pointing out that in the inventory of arms the state has the power of law and prestige for the state to protect its citizens and maintain their lives in peace. In a speech to Al-Sabah, al-Shomusi said that "the reference in her speech called for maintaining peaceful coexistence, enforcing the law and caring for citizens." She pointed out that "the reference speech was balanced and is a call to build a secure and cohesive society." Al-Shomussi stressed the need for all political blocs and parties that have armed wings to abide by the reference demands because it is a road map to protect society from the fear and terror that can be caused by chaos or multiple armed forces. Great challenges while the researcher believes analyst affairs strategic, Rahim al - Shammari, Iraq is standing in front of the challenges is not easy, and speech and the recommendations of the reference Najaf immediately and the resolution of the positions, noting that after the end of the years of war with extremism and terrorism groups, the re - advancement of the state need for efforts uphill, the road is full of obstacles Including the proliferation of arms and the decline of education, the lack of financial resources due to global economic crises and the decline in oil prices the first source of income of the country. Al-Shammari said in an interview with al-Sabah that the position of the supreme authority came in response to necessity and the need for tools to overcome the current sensitive phase, which begins with restoring confidence to the members of the society by the existence of law and the state and reducing incitement to violence and hatred. The land is connected to each other in terms of stability and peace and the alleviation of the concerns, especially as the regional centers rely on local studies and research and have agendas implemented within the country to work to raise problems, classify the pros to act against them and turn them into negatives, while working on the negatives to be more difficult, The cycle of conflict and crisis and lack of advancement. " Al-Shammari pointed out that «after 2003 Iraq followed in several ways, and maintained the highest religious reference during this on the unity of the country, while called in its last position to preserve the sacrifices and the rights of martyrs and wounded people of the popular crowd and even the continuous also described his sacrifices as a glory and heroism is not above any name , And advised everyone not to make the occupation of your home, because it creates destruction, violence and chaos.
  7. Proposals for development projects 18/12/2017 12:00 am Saad al-Tai Government and private banks play a pivotal role in most countries of the world in activating and leading economic development in their countries with huge financial resources that can be employed in various types of projects and joints of the national economy, which will move it and develop it to serve as pumping blood in the veins of the economic body to sustain life , This role is not limited to a specific chapter of the joints of the economy, but extends to most of the projects and economic sectors in the country. In Iraq, there is a long-standing phenomenon that many citizens spend their money in their homes; some of them save their money in banks and make up very little of their money . . If the citizens are keen to save money turned into a very large monetary block at the banks may exceed hundreds of billions of dinars, except hard currency owned by some, which drives banks to have capital is large enough to be financier of giant projects of all kinds. This requires the development of economic plans by these banks to provide loans to economic projects of all types, whether industrial projects, agricultural, service or construction. The reluctance of citizens to save money and prefer home-based economy is due to a lack of awareness of the culture of bank savings, and some of them are afraid of risk or for legitimate reasons (such as ribatism resulting from the deposit of these funds), as well as other factors that increase the weak demand for bank savings Regulatory framework for banks. And the majority of banks have few branches concentrated in cities, while rural areas or far from the centers of cities there are no branches of banks, which means the absence of banking services for millions of people living in these areas that lack these services, which means the absence of billions of dinars from This requires the organization of campaigns to raise the awareness of citizens about the importance of saving the bank and what will be realized for them as a result of that and what will be achieved for the national economy in general if the banks are well managed the money by way of Which is in the interest of the economic development of the country by financing the projects that drive the national economy . If citizens' holdings become savings in banks, they will certainly be able to increase the financing of many and varied economic projects and help Big. And in this goes the French economist Jean Sai that the supply generates demand and this means that income must be spent all of it in consumption or investment; here it is the first, especially in the circumstances of our country and the necessities and needs of development, to be spent income that was converted to savings Banking to investments whose economic return is rewarding to savers and to the national economy in general, by supporting projects of various kinds with the necessary financing for their establishment through loans provided by these banks to projects. The process of spreading banking awareness among citizens and motivating banks to develop plans to finance various types of projects requires the cooperation of various institutions responsible for the management of the national economy and government and private banks with the media and economic institutions and centers to develop a comprehensive and integrated plan to increase public awareness of the importance of saving and its benefits. The organization of public awareness campaigns through direct contact with citizens. It should also work on developing the necessary plans to finance economic projects of various kinds by banks and setting priorities for them, Dah economic development in our country and the economy strengthens and stimulates the national.
  8. OPEC's oil reserves are increasing

    OPEC's oil reserves are increasing 18/12/2017 12:00 am Affect the price policy Baghdad / Emad Al-Amara The existence of proven oil reserves plays a certain role in the international crude prices because the policy of extracting oil in each country is affected by the size of the recoverable oil reserves over a period of time - according to an academic economist, under the growing international demand for energy on a yearly basis, Of the total conventional energy consumed internationally during the last decades of the last century. "The proven oil reserves of the last three decades are increasing," said Abdul Sattar Abdul Jabbar Musa, an economist at Al-Sabah. "The increase in international consumption, with the discovery of alternative sources of energy and competition in the cost, International consumption of energy ", but" this situation will not continue in this century. " Oil reserves and continued Moses "Despite the scientific developments that are expected to determine the final size of the total oil reserves in the ground, but the oil reserves of the countries outside the Organization of " OPEC "will decline , and will increase the importance of reserves of OECD countries, especially countries in the Middle East , which represented all of the " Kingdom Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Iran. " According to Moussa, "the oil reserve is one of the factors affecting the prices of international crude oil, at the regional level, the amount extracted indicate the size of proven reserves, and therefore the policy of extraction of crude in each country affected by the size of oil reserves recoverable within a period of time. Extraction costs The recoverable oil reserve means that the price of crude oil in the market covers the cost of extraction. There are non-economic oil reserves that are not included in the oil reserves within a certain period of time and at a certain price. Thus, the production becomes a function of both the size of the proven oil reserve and the price. . "On the international level, the changes in the size of the proven international oil reserves affect the changes in the overall supply of crude oil in the international market." He explained that "the oil reserve in general means the amount of oil wealth buried under the ground and scientifically discovered and estimated quantities in the light of information available from operations in the area subject exploitation or research, with the possibility of extraction of this wealth inherent in the ground with the means and equipment available. The quantities of oil and pointed out that "oil reserves classified - as defined by the American Petroleum Institute - as crude oil quantities of engineering and geological data available is not possible doubt refer to the possibility to extract the future of the field, assuming the continuation of the technological and economic conditions present." "The probable reserve is the amounts of crude oil known and scientifically discovered but not estimated accurately and final quantities and types of crude oil," pointing out that "the proven oil reserve is influential in relation to the overall international offer, but that reserve is subject to continuous changes, And is associated with the opposite relationship with the volume of production, the size of oil reserves decreases as much as is extracted from crude oil annually. New layers and between that " the appreciation of the process of oil wells take place as a result of increased geological and engineering information more accurately, and that technological developments may add new oil reserves , through access to new layers or by reducing the costs of extraction." He concluded by saying that "high oil prices make some potential reserves proven and enter within the reserves can be extracted economically after that was not possible, and vice versa, the decline in oil prices make reserves with marginal extraction costs that exceed the new prices emerge from the accounts of the proven reserve and thus decrease the volume Total international reserve
  9. Kuwait Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq Yasser Al-Metwally 18/12/2017 12:00 AM Kuwait is expected to attend an international conference on the reconstruction of Iraq, especially the liberated areas that have been affected by the "aggression" of the terrorist in the first half of February 2018. The conference will be attended by several countries that are supposed to contribute to support the Fund, For the conference preparations and preparations for the outcome of serving the reconstruction process. And we are on the threshold of 2018, the preparations must be focused on the prioritization of projects and distribution of fair distribution between cities and according to the proportion of damage, which is not hidden on the parties that are managing the fund certainly. But important in the preparations process selection of relevant and high level of competence and experience for successful negotiation leading to the proper implementation of the real needs and necessary to restore life to the affected areas, especially infrastructure projects of importance in the concentration of projects and their useful life to be housing projects and housing And its priority services to reduce the cost of displaced persons. All agreed that the Kuwait Conference is the golden opportunity to support the epic of reconstruction and construction on it. The representation of the participating delegations must be highly experienced, as mentioned above, and up to the size and importance of the task and the ability to negotiate equally and up to the size and importance of the mission . And signals and messages we read between the lines of statements by officials of the World Bank mission that the involvement of the private sector, local, Arab and foreign and civil society organizations also in the conference and reconstruction of Iraq, for this must be the selection of representatives of the private sector and Iraqi private companies and representatives of civil society economic organizations With a high level of experience, knowledge and successful experience . In addition, we look forward to the reconstruction and construction of cities of the highest level, which amounts to the status of Iraq and its civilization. Since Iraq has defended all humanity in fighting the unjust Takfiri thought, the countries of the world must provide support to Iraq that amounts to the sacrifices of its people and that the donor countries take this into consideration.
  10. Putin Thanks Trump for CIA Tip-Off to Russia to Prevent Church Terrorist Attack By Jack Phillips December 17, 2017 12:27 pm Last Updated: December 17, 2017 2:36 pm Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow, Russia, January 15, 2016 and President Donald Trump posing for a photo in New York City on May 17, 2016. (REUTERS/Ivan Sekretarev/Pool/Lucas Jackson) Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Donald Trump on Sunday to thank him for information that allowed Russia to prevent a terrorist attack at a church, it was reported. The CIA provided information to Russian law-enforcement agencies to prevent a planned attack at the Kazansky Cathedral in Russia’s city of St. Petersburg, Reuters reported, citing the Interfax news agency. Russian officials were able to arrest the plotters of the attack. According to state-run media, the Russian Federal Security Service arrested members of a cell tied to the ISIS terrorist group. They had plans to attack other sites in Russia. Putin also said that he would alert U.S. authorities if Russia got any information about an attack that’s being planned in the United States, Reuters reported. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed Sunday that Trump spoke with Putin, The Associated Press reported. The White House stated that Trump also spoke with Putin last Thursday about how the two countries can work together to resolve North Korea’s nuclear program, Politico reported.
  11. Kurdish parliament issues amnesty: convicts on death row get 15 years in prison By Rudaw 49 minutes ago Photo shows the Kurdish parliament holding a session on a number of issues including issuing amnesty to convicts who are on death row, on December 17, 2017. Photo: Kurdistan Parliament ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Kurdistan parliament has decided in a majority vote to issue an amnesty to those on death row, reducing their sentence to a mere 15 years in prison, excluding those convicted of serious criminal charges. Convicts who carry the death penalty will have their sentences reduced to 15 years in prison, excluding those who have been convicted of terrorism, threatening national security or murdering women in so-called honor killings, the Kurdish parliament stated following a closed session on Sunday. Following the resignation of Kurdish President Masoud Barzani, the power to impose the death penalty has now been assigned to the KRG Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani. The Kurdistan Region, unlike Iraq, rarely implements the death penalty. The last known case in which it had been carried out was in December 2016, when then President Masoud Barzani approved the execution of a man found guilty of raping and killing a female child in the Kurdish city of Duhok.
  12. The Kurdistan Parliament approves the easing of the rule on the fugitives .. in this case Iraq News Now 21:29 Last updated The time now is 09:34 PM 761 Watch Tomorrow Press / Salah two doors: A member of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region, on Sunday, commutation of sentence for fugitives from justice in the case surrendered to a maximum of four months to 35% of the sentence. "The parliament of the Kurdistan region is still discussing Article 8 of the draft amnesty law until now," said the member, who asked not to be named. "This article is very complex and took more than two hours to discuss its points, Who are not covered by the pardon. " He pointed out that "was approved to reduce the sentence on fugitives from the judiciary to only 35% of the sentence on the condition that they surrender themselves within a maximum of four months." Noting that "the discussion on Article 8 of the draft is due to be concluded soon after, and then the other articles will be easy and the project is due to be voted on today."
  13. Iraq wins official recognition of practicing law before the courts of England and Wales Editorial date:: 2017/12/17 21:56 • 277 times read BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Iraqi Bar Association announced on Sunday that it had obtained an official recognition to practice the legal profession of an Iraqi lawyer before courts in England and Wales. "The Iraqi Bar Association has obtained the approval of the Bar Association of England to introduce Iraq as one of the countries with (Recognized state center) in England and Wales ". He added that "this came in a formal response to the British Embassy in Iraq, in addition to the address issued by the Iraqi Bar Association, after several meetings and dialogues were conducted to achieve this purpose." He continued, "I think this is a tremendous achievement for your esteemed union and also underscores the strong bilateral ties between the UK and Iraq," said John Wilkes, the British ambassador to Iraq. It is noteworthy that this remarkable step has introduced Iraq in the ranks of the developed countries among the countries of the world as an official recognition of the weight of the Iraqi lawyer, without going through a large series of study for several years and pass intensive tests to be recognized qualified to work in England and Wales or accept the programs of mutual rehabilitation between the two sides, It's just simple tests. Done
  14. Abadi stresses the importance of securing the road link between Basmaya complex and the center of Baghdad Editorial date: 2017/12/17 16:47 • 487 times read (Baghdad: al-Furat News) Prime Minister Haidar Abadi, the importance of securing the road link between the complex Basmaya housing and the center of Baghdad. A statement from his office received the agency {Euphrates News} copy of the day that "Abadi received a delegation of the company Hnwa Korean headed by its Chairman and Executive Director Joy Kwang Ho." "The meeting discussed the progress made to achieve more housing units in Basmaya housing complex. Abadi stressed during the meeting the importance of securing the road between the residential complex and the Baghdad center, in order to facilitate the relocation of the residents of the complex." Abadi said, according to the statement, "the relevant authorities to expedite the completion of the measures that have been directed." "Abbadi also listened to a detailed explanation by the company representatives about the completion plan for the coming years with emphasis on the quality of housing units and services necessary, including maintaining the cleanliness of the environment and spaces within the complex." And "directed Abbadi to hold a meeting between the representatives of the company and the Iraqi banks to reach appropriate formulas to secure the marketing of units under appropriate lending conditions."
  15. Boshhari: Electricity link between Kuwait and Iraq paves the way for Turkey and Europe Part of the meeting with the Iraqi delegation 17 December 2017 09:02 PM KUWAIT: The agreement with Iraq on the formation of a joint technical team to study the interconnection between the two networks of Iraq and the Gulf linkage system. A meeting was held today with Iraqi Undersecretary of Electricity Adel Al-Dulaimi, during which it was agreed to form a joint technical team to study the electrical connection. The results of the study will be discussed at future meetings, Between the two networks. He pointed out that the most important achievements of the Gulf linkage system since its establishment to maintain the stability of electricity networks of Member States. Boshhari said that the link with Iraq paves the way for linking with Turkey and later with Europe. "This is what the Gulf Cooperation Council aspires to the process of linking the Gulf countries and neighboring countries," he said. The meeting was attended by the Executive Chairman of the Electricity Interconnection Authority of the Arab Gulf States Ahmed Al-Ibrahim and Assistant Undersecretary of the Electrical Transmission Networks Sector, Engineer Jassim Al-Nouri. The project was signed in Muscat in 1995 with the approval of the electrical link between GCC countries. The Authority was established in 2001 to establish, operate and maintain the project. The minister of electricity, water and oil, Bakhit Rashidi, said that negotiations with the Iraqi side on the import of gas has reached an advanced stage, and work is under way to agree on the final price and expected to do so within two months.

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