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  1. This is more then likely the Annoncement.... Discuss ways to restore relations with correspondent banks Economy News / Baghdad ... Held Iraqi private banks association, consultative meeting with Arab and foreign banks operating in Iraq. The meeting which was attended by President of the Association Mr. Wadih Handal economic adviser and professor Samir Alnasiri outstanding problems with foreign correspondent banks. The meeting was attended by the following "TBI banks (TBI) and the Lebanese Bank of France and Bank of Lebanon and the Diaspora and Franca Link and Bank of Pylos and Credit Libanais Bank, the Mediterranean and the Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries and the Bank of InterContinental and Abu Dhabi Islamic, in addition to a representative of the German Bank of Commerce and Fraser Turkish bank , in the presence of Iraqi banks and the Warka Union and Assyria. It was agreed to approach higher authorities in charge of the two countries to overcome obstacles and restore relations to normal. Views 17 Date Added 02/22/2017 - 12:18 Last updated 02/22/2017 - 13:28 No. Content 6773 Attitudes are contagious..is yours worth catching...
  2. A member of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service stands in a military vehicle during a battle with Islamic State militants in east of Mosul, Iraq, Jan. 21, 2017. (photo by REUTERS/Alaa Al-Marjani) Iraqi special forces stand to gain stature with victory over IS The Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service's star is rising as it battles the Islamic State (IS). The unit's success is fueling its influence, which is only expected to grow now that Iraq has launched what it hopes will be the final stage of liberating western Mosul. Iraq has given the most important task of that operation to the counterterrorism force and its elite unit, the Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF), also known as the Golden Division. ISOF commander Lt. Gen. Sami Arda said Feb. 17, "Anti-terrorism forces will be responsible for undertaking the street battles in the [western half] of Mosul." They also have prepared the plan for the operation, according to the commander of counterterrorism forces Lt. Gen. Abdul Ghani al-Asadi. Now, they are moving toward the western heart of the city from the south. Al-Monitor learned from a senior source at the counterterrorism bureau, who declined to be named, that after the liberation is completed, bureau officers could serve in high posts, including the premiership’s military secretary, army general staff, military attache in Washington, the Mosul operations command and even the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) presidency. The counterterrorism bureau has already received increasing attention recently in both security and political spheres. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has been recommending bureau members for positions in both areas, including the new defense minister, Maj. Gen. Irfan Hayali. Hayali previously served as the head of the bureau's training and development unit for 10 years. Abadi has also assigned other bureau leaders to security and political positions. In July, Abadi instructed Maj. Gen. Jalil Jabbar al-Rubaie to lead the Baghdad operations, replacing Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir al-Shammari. Rubaie served as the head of intelligence in the counterterrorism bureau. After protesters stormed Baghdad's Green Zone in April, Abadi removed Lt. Gen. Mohammed Rida from duty and appointed Maj. Gen. Karim Abboud al-Tamimi in his place to head Green Zone security. Tamimi had been a leader in the counterterrorism bureau, serving in different positions there since 2007. This indicates that officers within the counterterrorism bureau are gradually taking up top security and military positions in the state, especially following the bureau’s achievements against IS. The most recent battles in eastern Mosul produced a field leadership that was accepted by both Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Pictures of counterterrorism bureau leaders were everywhere on social media. They have major support from the people, who recognize that these leaders are an extension of the former Iraqi army, which was disbanded in 2003. At the same time, some members of the PMU see these leaders as potential competitors. “I fear the ambitions of these leaders, amid the military support and flow of weapons from the United States," a PMU leader who spoke on condition of anonymity told Al-Monitor. After the liberation of eastern Mosul, the bureau, army brigades, the Special Weapons and Tactics team, and the federal and local police were charged with preserving security there, according to Lt. Gen. Abdullah Yarallah, a commander of one of the liberation operations. Concerning the liberation of western Mosul, the counterterrorism bureau is in charge of securing the floating bridges from one side of the Tigris River to the other. The bureau, alongside its two brigades, is responsible for breaking IS defense lines along the Tigris, which runs through the city. In an exclusive statement to Al-Monitor, one of the prominent leaders in the bureau, Maj. Gen. Abdul Wahab al-Saidi, said bureau units neutralized large numbers of IS fighters and leaders in the battles for eastern Mosul, dealing a severe blow to IS morale. He expects the operation to retake western Mosul to be easier, given that IS has been hit hard already and given that the western part of Mosul is smaller. The counterterrorism bureau also has strong support from parliament. In August, parliament passed a bill defining the bureau as being part of the security and intelligence apparatuses and a legal entity linked to the general commander of the armed forces. The law gave the bureau broad powers, including the ability to establish a department for intelligence, military and combat pilot training. The bureau is also allowed to arrest terror suspects and can request telephone taps, monitor social networking sites and seek to have bank accounts frozen. “This bill has allowed the bureau to be completely independent from the Ministry of Defense, after having been associated with it administratively and in terms of salaries and appointments. This bill boosted the morale of the bureau’s fighters, as now they feel their rights are preserved and protected," Saidi said. Also, the 2017 budget allows for a $2.5 billion contract with a Chinese company for arms and ammunition supplies to the ministries of Interior and Defense, the PMU and the counterterrorism bureau. The bureau also receives direct support and training from the United States and other coalition members. A TV report on France 24 in November showed French special forces officers accompanying the counterterrorism units for advisory and training purposes in operations to liberate Mosul. not only at the military level, but also at the political and security levels. post-IS era All of this mounting influence indicates that the counterterrorism bureau will assume a major role in the
  3. Twilight News published details of what was discussed at the meeting of the Kurdistan Regional Government on Tuesday 16 Hours Ago Twilight News / Kurdistan Regional Government held on Tuesday, a regular meeting chaired by Naچervan Barzani and his deputy Qubad Talabani. The government demanded of all ministries and institutions to support the Ministry of Finance and Economy to provide information on expenditures and revenues to be organized in the financial situation of the province in 2017. During the meeting, assigned to the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Health to treat the wounded chemical weapons in the Iran hospitals. The meeting touched on the visit by the delegation to the region Sweden, who agreed with the concerned authorities in this European country to activate and secure medicines allocated for the injured to hospitals with chemical weapons in Halabja. In another section of the meeting of Ministers of the Council of the face of the province and the Ministry of Planning informed the Cabinet on a quarterly basis the developments and obstacles to implementation through economic reforms drawn up last year in collaboration with the World Bank team map.
  4. Aldhlki: a political settlement just secured free of title Anmar Journal February 22, 2017 Add comment 54 visit BAGHDAD - The Journal News He alliance "Iraqi forces" that all political blocs agreed that a political settlement project is just a free secured the title. The leader of the Alliance MP, "Raad Aldhlki" Wednesday's "Journal News" that "the political settlement project as the title everyone agreed, but the thrust of the settlement in which a lot of differences that are not agreed to this moment." He added that "the settlement do not vary from Atagafah Arbil and the Convention on the formation of the government and other previous agreements, described as a media speculations do not meet the real political will." The student, that there should be Hakiq climate to restore confidence and goodwill gestures toward Alngaarvalarac he has paper the most important of all securities settlement agreements and a constitution voted by more than 80 percent of the Iraqi people.
  5. Appreciate the Up Date Adam, I quoted the above just to point out that one word...Again Thanks Adam for everything and Have a Great Day DV...
  6. Agency: The Iraqi government calls on OPEC to discuss cuts in oil output Iraq needs to finance its budget and raise the price of a barrel of oil to $ 60 - the picture from Reuters Arabian Eye February 22, 2017 12:13 Direct : The Iraqi government has called, on Tuesday, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries , OPEC, to convene a new meeting to discuss reducing oil production, according to the Iraqi News Agency "conscious." He said the Iraqi prime minister, said that oil prices are still below the required level, pointing out that it will not achieve the required level until 2019, according to the "conscious". Said Haider al-Abadi, said Iraq needs to finance its budget through financial guarantees and borrowing; a result of what caused the low price of a barrel of oil, according to the agency. Abadi pointed out the need for Iraq to the high price of a barrel of oil to $ 60; for plugging the deficit in the state on the level of spending, noting that Iraq has been pressing OPEC to cut production to support prices, according to the "conscious". The sources in OPEC said in mid - February, said that the organization has extended cut oil supply with non - members agreement or applied deeper cuts as of July; if global oil inventories did not decline to the target level.
  7. Agency: Iraq plans to discover 300 billion barrels of oil Tanks and reservoirs of oil - the image of Reuters Arabian Ay February 22, 2017 12:41 Direct: A member of the Parliamentary Commission on oil in Iraq, said that there are plans for exploratory more than 300 billion barrels of oil, added to Iraq's reserves, after making sure expectations cursor so it is, according to the Iraqi News Agency "conscious." He said Mehdi al-Hafez, the number of wells that Iraq's oil reserves rose to 135 barrels of oil, after the recent discovery of oil wells, noting that there are hundreds of wells are still covered, according to the "conscious" The Iraqi oil minister, announced on February 19 th, on the high volume of Iraqi oil reserves to 153 billion barrels .
  8. KRG plans to review the compulsory savings system for its employees Wednesday February 22, 2017 14:31 Alsumaria News / Baghdad announced that the Government of the territory of Kurdistan , on Wednesday, its intention to review the salaries of the staff of the province's compulsory savings system, noting that the amendments will be in accordance with the volume of imports of the province. He said government spokesman Sven Dzy at a press conference held in Erbil and attended by Alsumaria News, " The financial KRG Ministry was reviewing the compulsory savings system for staff salaries , " he said , adding that he "did not specify a date for these amendments." He added that "any decision to be made must be in favor of employees , " pointing out that "will make adjustments according to the volume of imports of the Kurdistan region." And on the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil , the official spokesman of the government pointed out that "due to political and government delegation to visit the province and the federal government in Baghdad to discuss between the two sides of the problems , " noting that it " has not yet set a date for such a visit because of the busy Baghdad process Reverse Mosul" . The suffering of the Kurdistan region from a severe financial crisis since been unable Kurdistan Regional Government to pay the arrears of salaries to its employees since last September, and attributes the territory of the financial crisis officials to the decline in oil prices and the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil over oil files , and the budget and the war against "Daesh" and sheltering more than a million and a half displaced persons and refugees.
  9. Kurdistan Regional Government announces revision of the Employees Provident salaries system By Shunem Abdullah Khoshnaw 41 minutes ago Sven Dzia Roudao - Erbil spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sven Dzia, on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 to review the salaries of the Employees Provident by the competent committee system, adding no date to issue a decision on that yet. Dzia said at a news conference attended by Roudao Media Network: "The decision to issue salary savings beginning in 2016 difficult, and plans of the Ministry of Finance with the concerned authorities now to review the savings of salaries and strive to be no decision taken on this matter the interests of employees." Dzia He added: "I can not set a date for it, because the committee had not completed its work yet, and once that happens the results will be presented to the Council of Ministers and the issuance of a decision on a timely manner." He said the amendment payroll system depends on the three points is the revenue received by the government and the deadline to get those funds in addition to the proposals submitted by the Ministry of Finance and the relevant cabinet committees. He went on saying that " the government wants to distribute salaries on time, and what happened to now was not the will of the government , but against her will ."
  10. Behind: Daesh the verge of collapse in Mosul Anmar Journal February 22, 2017 Add comment 10 Visit BAGHDAD - The Journal News Military experts stressed that the organization Daesh me big losses over the past few weeks and lost juniors important areas. He said the Iraqi military and strategic expert, Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf's "Journal News" on Wednesday that "the loss of the organization Daesh areas and important strategy led to the transfer of the battles for the cities in an attempt by the organization to restore the balance." He added that US forces limited their participation by four cannons smart addition to a swarm of Apache helicopters and a number of the thousands of 16 aircraft in order to accelerate the pace of the war through increased air strikes and special emphasis that the battle will be inside the city of Mosul, and this requires a precise strikes.
  11. 22-02-2017 01:27 PM Rivers announce the conditions for granting loans of 25 million dinars Rafidain Bank said on Wednesday, that the financial facilities granted to citizens and owners of small and medium enterprises amounting to 25 million dinars for the development of their work and to activate the national domestic product, industry and supporting the national economy. The press office of the bank, that the bank set specific conditions for the granting of financial facilities , including the applicant should be to get the facilities identity of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce and open an account in the nearest branch of the bank in his work area. The statement added that the bank identified $ 25 million maximum for the project , which is intended developed after its owner offers his vision for the project and to guarantee the mortgage property is divided, according to the powers of the branch manager and the extent of his conviction efficiently citizen Almalah.kma bank announced a grant of 15 million dinars , also financial as facilities for the entrepreneur while ensuring that the sponsor has banking facilities and to be a financial appreciation commensurate with the financial estimate of student facilities. The statement called for those who wish to get these facilities review the branches of the bank for the purpose of filling the form allocated for this purpose.
  12. Rasheed Bank proceed to activate the electronic government citizen service In the economy February 22, 2017 0 8 visit (Baghdad: SNG) Rasheed Bank began activating the government's electronic service of the citizen complaints of citizens based on the directives of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. A statement of the bank explained that the service will allow the citizen easier to communicate with the bank through a private e - mail address to receive complaints, noting that the complaints will be sent to the relevant departments and answered cut the time specified and then sent to the citizen through his e - mail or phone number.
  13. Parliamentary Economy: Amendment to apply for small business loans Terms In the economy February 22, 2017 0 5 visit (Baghdad: SNG) A commission of parliamentary economy and investment for the stakeholders loans small business studies to reconsider the terms of the introduction of the loans and the simplification of procedures due to the reluctance of citizens to apply. Committee member MP Najiba Najib said in a press statement that the support of small, medium and large enterprise initiative was a proposal of the Commission of Economy and Parliamentary investment after extensive dialogues study with stakeholders the decision was made to grant industrial and agricultural bank Trliunyen each, pointing out that the banks had a fear of the move because of the experiences of previous years where they gave loans to citizens and did not recover for the banks and set conditions and controls many instructions to reduce this phenomenon to ensure the recovery of funds.
  14. News and announcements To / licensed banks all ( members of the Banking Council departments ) 02/22/2017
  15. Oil announces discovery of huge reserves in the area of exploration tenth Economy News / Baghdad ... The Oil Ministry announced, Wednesday, for a tremendous discovery of crude oil in the exploration area of ten, indicating that the area was one of the fields that have contributed to add the amount to 10 billion barrels of oil reserves. The general director Karim Hattab explorations oil company said in a statement "the economy News" received a copy of "The tests carried out by a consortium of Russian Lukoil and Inpex of Japan has resulted in a huge stockpile of the discovery of oil in the reservoir Musharraf, and get a flow rate of oil more than 1,000 cubic meters per day, which confirms previous geological studies. " He Hattab "The oil reserves of the patch is a new addition to Iraq's oil reserves," noting that "this area was one of the fields that have contributed to add the amount to 10 billion barrels of oil reserves." Hattab said that "the development of this area for this year include the drilling and testing of exploratory well Laredo 2 plan." The consortium "Russian Lukoil and Inpex of Japan" had won the development of the patch exploratory "X" in the province of Basra. http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=6775 Views 5 Date Added 22/02/2017 - 12:54 Last updated 22/02/2017 - 13:37 No. Content 6775